Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Complete Destruction of Labour

Notice the word cloud from Ed's speech. "Country must change People" "Generation Government" Wonderful stuff from the son of a Marxist...

Sorry to have been so quiet over the last few days. I have been watching in awe as the Labour party utterly destroyed itself. From allowing the unions the free reign to throw David Miliband to the dogs via a ridiculous voting system, to the utterly useless conference itself that did nothing to even attempt to understand why Labour are no longer in office let alone about what to do about it, to a dismal attempt to proclaim "a new generation" on the back of endorsements from Neil Kinnock and Tony Benn.

Sure, they have a million trade unionists who will soon be even more skint and unemployed as a crash diet hits the public sector. Sure, they will always have the fanatical Jontys and Clarissas who's parents were made very comfortable working for Labour sponsored charities, quangos or media and yes, they will always have the undying love of various unqualified immigrants who have seen their hopes and dreams of owning more than an AK47 and a mud hut realised by free handouts from a burgeoning Welfare State bigger than John Prescott's dinner plate.

But the rest of us? The millions of people who work, don't break the law, don't drive too fast, pay mortgages, care about the education of their children and just wish to be left alone by Government?

Labour can offer us nothing but more of the same shite they subjected the country to for 13 long years.

Will I mourn the Labour party? Nope. I intend to piss on its grave, dig it up, set fire to it and bury it again. The beast is dying, I heard the death rattle on stage this afternoon...

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