Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Beast is hungry....

Like others this morning, I was floored by the news that the State may take ALL of your pay directly and then hand you back what it thinks you may keep.

It is, I suppose the natural step for a state that wishes to control ever tiny aspect of our lives. Seven million work for the State, most of us now bank with the State, most of our hard earned money is already taken by force by the State, it does have a twisted logic that the Slavemaster takes control of the issuing of rations and clothing as well.

How to avoid it? How to take back ownership of YOUR labour and YOUR wealth from this vicious, brutal slavemaster? How to get and keep your hands on what you've earned before the State Mafia takes it all and throws you back some small change?

Not as difficult as you might imagine. But you are going to have to take the responsibility of working for yourself seriously if you want to starve the ever growing tumour that is the State.

Talk to your HR department about becoming a contractor, not an employee. Work out an hourly rate that will cover holidays, NI, sickness and suggest to them that you simply invoice them for your services instead of being part of the "machine". Many already do. It is extremely tax efficient as you take your wages as dividends from your own limited company (£60 or less to set up) and only pay corporation tax instead of income tax. If you can, ask to be paid weekly in cash. This keeps the State control of banks in check and allows you to put your money where YOU choose. I suggest Switzerland.

Let's be honest. Job security is zero anyway these days, pensions can be obtained privately and you'd be free to offer your services to other employers as well. Your taxes would be paid annually and a good accountant will minimise them to the level where you may laugh when you eventually pay your tax bill (in cash, in person) to the howling starving Beast.

We can expect more of this as the bloated Beast of Government finds ever more ways to ensure that instead of going on a diet, it continues to wallow in your cash, as it always has. If all else fails, remember, there really are only 650 of them AND we know where they all live. Now get back to work, that cotton isn't going to pick itself (due to the Tube trains you paid for being on strike, you'll need to walk to the fields. Don't be late, the beast is hungry)

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