Thursday, 23 September 2010

Anti socialism and socialism

14 million crimes of anti social behaviour reported last year. We all see it every single day from foul mouthed louts on public transport to the strangely unique Britishness of seeing security guards patrolling the aisles of supermarkets in market towns and policemen in our schools.

How do we tackle it? How do we, the people take back our lives from those who out of simple selfishness decide that they will not leave us in peace, those who will bully their way into your personal space, those who have made the conscious decision that their needs are greater than all others? How do we teach self discipline to the undisciplined, violent, vomiting, drunken vandals that blight our towns and cities? How do we tell a generation of benefit bloated wastrels to keep their hands off our person and property?

Step ONE:

Accept that we have made a humongous mistake. The last 40 years to be specific. We have trashed the family and the education system and we are financing through the benefits system an entire culture of bad and violent behaviour. Accept that the individual has rights AND responsibilities. Each and every one of us. Being unemployed is no reason to wander the streets drunk, shouting at passers by or beating strangers to death, no matter what the Socialists told you.

Step TWO

Police the streets. Not sit in a BMW in a paramilitary uniform for 15 minutes. Get out there and start arresting people. We already have ancient laws to stop drunkenness, vagrancy and breaches of the peace. Use them. With a rod of iron. No "penalty charges" for shoplifting or vandalism. Gaol.


Encourage the family unit. It brings stability, respect and discipline. Lower the tax rate for married couples and penalise those who abandon their offspring. Abolish benefits that encourage reckless behaviour. Have as many kids as you want, just don't ask me to finance it.


Empower schools. No more "suspensions" for dealing heroin or hitting teachers. Throw the little shits out and force the parents to pay privately for the education instead. Schools are for education, not gang warfare. Sit down, shut up and learn or get out.


Don't pay any benefits to criminals. No housing, no dole. Make an arrest something to be feared, something that could lead to a life of disadvantage and poverty. No "cautions" or ASBOs. Gaol followed by poverty should make little Connor think twice before he decides to rip the wing mirrors off your car because he had "nuffink to do"

Step SIX

Empower the individual. Give us back the powers that the State has stolen and we will learn responsibility instead. We managed 2 million years before a few hundred politicians decided they could live and control our lives better than we could. Oh, and start killing lawyers...

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