Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And away with Myers

So I see that Guidos campaign to expose the hypocrisy in hiring one of the unqualified Yorkshire Mafia to drive William Hague around has succeeded and Myers, the 25 year old "Special Advisor " to our Foreign Secretary has resigned.

The blogosphere has exploded today with Mrs Dale first on the bandwagon (a "gay story", to be expected) with others jumping in from the Looney Left to outraged Tories.

Let me explain a little about Guido. He hates Politicians. Full stop. If they are going to use OUR money to support their private agendas, then in his opinion (and mine) they are fair game.

I am going to ignore the rabid shouts of "homophobe". You do not, as a millionaire Foreign Secretary of this country invite 25 year old gay men to spend the night in your hotel room. The CEO of BMW wouldn't do it because his shareholders would throw him out. I see no difference.

PS:I now reserve the right to shout "heterophobe" at the top of my voice. Right back at you

UPDATE: Fat Poof Mrs Dale is "inconsolable" that a young gay man may have lost his job due to the awful Guido Fawkes and is ashamed to be a "political blogger"

He forgets to mention his own hate campaign against someones career earlier this summer, of course. God help whoever ends up as his *cough* personal assistant

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