Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Activate the Miliband

Tonight, the Labour Party will have elected a new leader to help the party recover from their recent defeat at the General Election. I say defeat only because they got slightly less votes than the party that came first who needed to cuddle up to the party that came third to form a government and rule us, even though combined they still didn't get the majority of votes in this country and are therefore applying minority rule to all of us.

I digress. The leader will be of a Political class, totally insulated from real life. He will have trodden the path of Damien in the Omen. Protected from birth by those who wish to use his influence for their own ends when he eventually reaches power. Millions of pounds have been invested in securing his position by willing donors, anxious to assert their interests, completely unrelated to you or I. Our lives are of no interest. The wishes of his donors, his supporters, his yes men are to come first.

Should this man become Prime Minister, like all other Politicians, he will instantly control the levers of power and the enormous wealth of the state. He will squander your money protecting the interests of those who enabled him to climb the greasy pole. He will suppress opposition, sometimes brutally, he will lie, he will cheat, he will make false promises whilst he grins at you. He will take as much money from you as he can and he will use the threat of violence to do so. He will take away the rights you were born with and replace them with whatever he feels you are entitled to. He will pass laws that hinder your freedom. He will manipulate the media to inform you of what he feels you should know and no more.

His every action will have a direct impact on you, your family, your property. From the size of the lightbulb you may use to how much of your hard earned wealth your family may keep when you die. He will decide, quite literally, whether you live or die. Whether you prosper or fail will be in his hands.

Hyperbole you say? Again, look around you. Stand still and just look around you. If you can find ONE thing that is not regulated, monitored, taxed or measured by the State, I will publish it here

Total government is here. Somewhere lies the body of a jackal in a mothers grave.

UPDATE: Tides cannot be regulated by the State. Although they do seem to think the weather can (using all your money of course)

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