Friday, 6 August 2010

The working class can kiss my arse

There was a rather good comment in my thread regarding "the Valleys"

Tony Benn was on the radio last night trying to incite a ‘general strike’, no-one has the heart to tell him that the working classes have not a shred of power any more. A general strike? Of what? Nail ‘technicians’? Party planners?
The General Strike has always been the way to cripple the State and remind them who is boss. It never fails, costs participents very little and there is no redress by the authorities. That is, of course, when the working classes had power. They could close the ports, empty the mines, shut down the steel plants, slam the doors on schools and public transport.

Where are they now? Oh, yes, either stacking shelves at Morrisons or sitting on the sofa watching daytime TV subsidised by the taxes of the people stacking shelves. And there's a good chance millions of public sector workers will be joining them as we once again attempt to live within our means.

Are we headed back to Victorian labour rates where bosses exploited the lack of real jobs and those who couldn't work landed up in the workhouse? I think not. What we will see is an ever reducing dependence on the welfare state. Ireland is already reporting mass emigration once again as graduates AND peasants head out to Australia and America in search of gainful employment, rather than sit and watch the dole pot slowly empty.

This is nothing new. Canada was founded pretty much by starving Scots, America by hungry bog trotters and Australasia by sunburned bread thieves. We simply exported our poor. And haven't they done well, freed from welfare slavery or handouts. Given the chance to thrive, they thrived. They've built entire countries.

In essence, we no longer need the working classes. Labour does, for their votes, but the State certainly doesn't. Neither do you or I. It's not like they make anything we need, is it?One of the reasons the state has grown to such enormous proportions is that the working classes demanded it, like soviet peasants demanding housing, free food and bumper grain harvests. The Labour Party gladly took up the cause (if it meant they could get rich eh, Mr Blair, Lord Mandelsnake?)

The Coalition has realised that importing poverty from the third world is not helping either us or them and we are beginning to see immigration controls, lest the competition for social housing and benefits become too great. The great Social experiment of post war Marxists has failed and I believe we have a once in a lifetime generation to discard the 100 year cul de sac we thundered into under the leadership of communists and Fabians and get back to what has allowed the human species to climb to the top of the tree. A bit of hard work, self reliance, confidence, respect, discipline and ambition. And very little government.

And if the working classes want a chance at the cherry, they could do a lot worse than look at Frank Whittle for a little inspiration instead of belching stella, getting tattoos and breeding dogs for fighting.

Slash the welfare budget, Osborne and set the poor free. Let's be honest, there aren't enough of the idle buggers left to start a national strike anyway.

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