Sunday, 22 August 2010

Violence in the name of the Planet

I've had great fun today following the events at the Climate Camp at the Scottish HQ of the bank we now own, RBS. The usual rabble of faux anarchists, skinny vegans and socialist workers all ready to lay the boot in to the evil banks. The very same banks their illustrious leader bailed out instead of simply letting go bust.

Things took a turn this afternoon when armed with hammers they decided to smash some windows at the bank you and I now own in their quest to "save the planet"

I spent a good while having informed and constructive debates with some of the protesters. Some are genuinely concerned for the planet, some were fruitbats, some were just simply ecoloons. Of course, to them, I was an evil heretic, a "denier", a BNP nutjob, a Tory.

Their argument was always the same. We must save the planet. My argument was always the same. Prove the existence of your new god, explain how you intend to stop the climate changing (something it has done for 4 billion years) and don't ask me for a penny until you have ALL the answers. After all, mankind has been here in fluctuating climates for the last 2 million years and survived them all.

Obviously the organic lentil wine at the camp cut in and bingo, we have the tweet I was looking for. Nothing to do with saving the planet, nothing to do with the climate, but an admission that global Warming is an opportunity for unelectable marxists to grab power, raise taxes, create new laws and control us all.

Well done Sophie, you big fat Lesbian Fabian. The Ballot box and democracy are not of interest to you. Hammers, violence and blackmail are. Thanks for clearing that up, once and for all.

Remember, the next time an ecoloon lectures you, ask them if they have paid for the windows they broke yet. It is, when all is said and done, YOUR bank they stormed today. And certainly not in the name of the planet.

Sophie? Meet a Polar Bear

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