Saturday, 21 August 2010

Save the effort

Well, it's Obama time again as he lines up talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians to solve a problem that has no solution. Frankly, if there was a solution it would have been reached by now, so I thought I'd add my perspective to the fray.

What do they want?


Israelis to stop building on their land.
A harbour and an airport so they can trade.
The right to govern themselves


The Gazan gas fields
the Lebanese gas fields
Syrian water
An ethnically pure Jewish state
All the land they say God promised them
American taxpayers to pay all their bills
No observance of International law

Why bother? How do you convince a people who believe themselves to be racially superior to us all and chosen by God himself to behave in a civilised manner to the people they call scum? I would have suggested that we simply boycott Jewish banks but our Jewish Lords and Masters in Parliament simply decided to give them our money anyway. So it looks like it's up to Obama to force Israel to stop being a psychopathic rogue State. As I said, save the effort, it is never going to happen and the Palestinians will continue to live in the worlds largest concentration camp until, well the Israelis get everything they want. Namely everything. As God's gift to the chosen people.


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