Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Rubbish Police

When I purchase something with money I have earned, I was under the impression that it belonged to me, to do with as I wished. It is my "property".

Apparently Brent Council do not agree. With recycling now being big business, the London Council has decided if you don't want it anymore, it belongs to them and failure to hand over valuable aluminium, glass and paper will see you the recipient of a £1000 fine. No, really.

What interested me was the manner by which your enforced recycling is monitored by agents of the Council:

Three week monitoring:

  • recycling advisors to follow recycling collection crews on their rounds
  • recycling advisors to check if household puts out a green box with recyclable material in it. If green box is out the household is considered to be recycling and therefore complying with the scheme.
It gets better

If a household does not put out a green box for a three week period then:

  • first advisory letter and leaflet are hand delivered by recycling advisor
  • recycling advisor to discuss with household why they are not recycling, how to recycle, and why they must recycle.

For households that have received the first advisory letter and visit:

  • second letter hand delivered by officer
  • officer to discuss with household why they are not recycling and remind household how to recycle
  • officer to remind household that recycling is compulsory and further interaction between household and officer

Firstly, anyone called an Officer needs to have sworn an Oath last time I checked. Secondly, anyone demanding my property under menaces can expect to receive very short shrift. I'm sending an FOI to Brent to find out how much money they make by demanding other peoples property with menaces.

Bastards. I prefer not to be forced to recycle by the barrel of a gun.

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