Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not a leg to stand on

Libertarians are often accused of "being selfish" by others of a different political persausion. Usually because we ask quite nicely if we may be allowed to keep the fruits of our labour instead of simply handing it over to those who assume they know better than us how to spend our money. It is assumed we are millionaires who have exploited starving African children or kept whales in battery farms. It is assumed we drive Jaguars and evade taxes because we simply ask others to leave us alone.

I can't speak for others, nor would I wish to but I would compare my values as very similar to the Amish community. Without a sky pixey or a bible though of course. Leave me alone, I need little to get by with, I won't try to change you if you don't force me to live the way you live. I respect honour, hard work, values, peace, simplicity and honesty. I don't need a Ferrari, golf club membership, a three piece suit or stomach ulcers. And of course, I take responsibility for me and my family (cue ex wife to jump in. Forget it bitch, I gave you the six bedroom house and the car when you threw me out for asking you to push the hoover around a bit)

Jack Straws son, Will, in his desperate attempt to find a cause now that we know Labour were nothing more than warmongering authoritarian spendaholics using our money has decided that you and I, and the good people of everywhere are bastards because we have withdrawn some funding from the Mong Olympics due to be held here in 2012. Money that of course we would have to borrow and ask our grandchildren to pay back, even though they will probably never see the joy on the face of a deaf, dumb and blind spectator in a wheelchair watching dribbling Africans play wheelchair ping pong.

In his latest post, I saw the classic doubleplusgoodspeak. People are either disabled or non disabled apparently. Non disabled people are bastards and should provide rose petal strewn wheelchair access to every facility in London. And we should pay for it too. Because it is our fault. Even if we have bought them 8,000 new buses, huge bogs, installed lifts in playgrounds and sheltered bungalows and produced driving licences in braille.

And to cap it all, I have offended some disabled readers by calling myself "able bodied" not "non disabled".

Thank FUCK this lot are no longer in power. I choose what I call myself and you remain free to be offended. I already know you will be offended that people can climb Everest whilst you can't. I accept you will be offended that skiing is off limits to you. I sympathise that you are offended that you will never join the Parachute Regiment. But don't you ever, EVER tell me I cannot call myself "able bodied" because you are not and that "injustice" offends you.

I am off to punch a Lesbian dwarf

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