Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Le doigt sur les legume - How to Blog

Ever wondered how us bloggers always manage to get good stories really quickly whilst it takes the dead tree press a day or two to catch us up?

I want to encourage as many of you as possible to start your own blogs, so here's a short guide to keeping your finger on the pulse.

1. Facebook - Yup, we all hate it, but let's be honest, I can't monitor news from Israel or Canada better than an Israeli or a Canadian and most of my friends on Facebook think the same way I do. I can join Libertarian groups and the info just pours in all on it's own. I can post a message and know thousands will see it in an instant. Except Iain Dale 'cos the fat poof keeps blocking me. His loss.

Anyway, leave witty or inciteful comments on other peoples posts and they will start following what you have to say and visit your blog. I am registered as Aulde Holborne because people keep getting me thrown off for calling Iain Dale a fat poof.

Next...Twitter. If you had asked me a year ago if Twitter was going to be a force to be reckoned with, I would have laughed. Now, it is the fastest way to info and listen to what is going on in the world. Plus call Iain Dale a fat poof of course. You'll need a twitter account and you'll need to start following people so that what they tweet is visible to you.

Again to gain followers, you have to be funny, inciteful, abusive or a respected source. Yes, there is plenty of noise on Twitter but instead of just using the standard Twitter page, get yourself the free and very useful Tweetdeck or Journotwit. Both of these let me see what people are saying about me or any topic I can think of. Plus, all the press releases in the world are now tweeted in seconds.

Here's the version I use. Info I want to see is seperated into columns that update immediately. I can reply to a tweet with the click of a mouse or keep an eye out for what is popular (or trending). Tweetdeck is an entry level version of this. Both are free of charge, as is Facebook. you can follow me by following @oldhoborn (note spelling. NOT Oldholborn, it was gone. Bastards)

Next. Read other peoples blogs and leave comments. You HAVE to leave comments if you want people to read your stuff. If other readers like them or agree, they'll head over to your place to see what else you have to say. Yes, I have my favourites and you'll often see me abusing other commentators there. Except Iain Dales, of course. The fat poof.

The great thing is that all of this is available on laptops or mobile phones, so instead of sitting on a train reading a tatty copy of Metro, fire up the tweetdeck and read what really interests you online.

Well? What are you waiting for? USE YOUR VOICE.

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