Monday, 2 August 2010

Ever the Victim (part 2)

Readers of this blog will now that I have little time for Pakistan or Islam in general. Today's announcement that the British High Commissioner has been summoned to see the Pakistan foreign Secretary for "causing offence" has set my blood and now my blog boiling.

So I'm going to tell you why I detest the Pakistani government and Islam in general. You can feel free to rant in the comments. No censorship, no moderation. Ever.

Pakistan. You are not my ally. Your country was the reward not slaughtering your rivals when India was handed back. In return, your terrorists are creating havoc and carnage throughout the world.

You have every right to exist as a democratic, multi faith, multi cultural society. But you are not. You have decided that Pakistan exists purely to serve the followers of Mohammed. Exclusively.

You condemn millions of your own people to slavery, bonded labour, and poverty. You offer them no protection and no rights. You have collectively enslaved them all under the flag of Islam. All in the name of your new country, founded exclusively for a club no one is allowed to leave. Islam.

You ignore international law whilst demanding funding from the International community to continue your undemocratic apartheid experiment. You develop weapons that are capable of killing those from whose very hand you feed and spit in our faces when we demand accountability.

You claim superiority over every living person on this planet on the basis of a sky pixie you have invented. And you back it up with murder, torture, espionage, subterfuge and malevolent influence

You demand that my fellow countrymen protect you with their lives whilst your countrymen shoot us, blackmail us, steal from us and pour scorn on us. We are excluded membership of your club whilst you DEMAND to take ownership of ours.

Money taken by force from me is used to support your supremacist agenda yet you deny any accountability of either your actions or your deeds.

You actively create hatred of anyone who questions your motives, whilst screaming "I am the victim" in every ear.

Your single contribution to the world has been horrific violence waged upon innocent people and your justification is simply to claim defence your vile sectarianism.

My country has enabled nearly a million of your citizens to flee your regime. In return, you have exported your violence to us. You have turned parts of my country into the shit hole you impose on your people. Honour killings, forced marriages, murdering jihadists, enslaved women are now part of my country's culture because to criticise you is to "offend" you and whilst you are intent on creating hell on Earth for the infidel, we are allowed to say nothing and are forced to watch you export your barbarity to my country.

Pakistan, you disgust me. I realise that you have no interest in peace, harmony, rights, equality. You are the enemy of Free Men. Therefore I reject your rabid utterances, your cries of "I am offended", your claims of victimhood, your violence, your terror, your torture and your defiance of international law. I will strive to ensure that not one penny from my earnings is either spent unknowingly by myself or knowingly by our elected leaders on your future.

I await Pakistan's pleas to the filthy infidel for billions in "aid" to repair the damage caused by the recent flooding of Pakistan by Allah himself. Whilst continuing with your nuclear programme of course.

Israel and Pakistan. The only two countries founded on religion, both nuclear armed and both intent on the destruction of anything and everything that isn't them. In the name of sky pixies.

Right, over to the comments. No moderation, no censorship. Defend this filthy pariah state and you will have my attention.

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