Saturday, 28 August 2010

Compare the NHS Market

I see the Mouth of the Humber is now creating a small storm in his "vision" to protect NHS Direct from being scrapped.

This is the NHS Direct that costs the taxpayer £45 a call when some fat ugly sofa dweller decides that instead of going to the doctor, he would prefer to call some talking head in a call centre and explain that after a night on the vodka, they have woken up with a headache, a thirst, ruffled clothes and an empty wallet and seek advice.

The NHS is the largest employer in the world after the Chinese Army, Indian Railways and Walmart. No other country in Europe spends so much on Healthcare yet most of them provide a superior service. Even those who work for the NHS want the system scrapped as a monumental waste of money and resources.

Sorry, scrap it. Dismantle the NHS and rebuild on a German or Swiss health care model. Without MRSA, without nailcare and haircuts free at the point of delivery, without the outrageous waste, without the health tourism from most of the world, without free gender reassignment ops, without diversity councillors, without translations into the Cherokee language (no, really) and without the impression that the NHS is somehow the Son of God and to be worshipped at the alter of the taxpayer. Get healthcare out of the hands of Politicians, the least qualified people in the world to look after your body.

For those who wish to involve themselves in the #hashtag war on twitter, get stuck in on #savenhsdirect and know that Sally Bercow and John Prescott are reading your abuse.

PS: Off topic, but a fascinating little read on a remarkable woman here

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