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Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Common Sense Appeal

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am no bleeding heart liberal with any sympathy for those residing at her majesty's pleasure. Their actions and inability to take responsibility for those actions are largely what put them there. A generalisation I am prepared to admit but none the less, this caught my attention.

When Ben Gunn was 14 and living in care, he killed his friend after a row. To reflect his age and evident remorse, Gunn was sentenced to 10 years in prison. And yet 30 years later he is still inside. He will be 45 this year.

I know prison is full of people serving long sentences but Ben is slightly different in that rather than demand Playstations, snooker tables, Sky Sports or bogs that don't face Mecca, he has been financing his own PhD through his blog. The Ministry are refusing to supply him with writing paper whilst supplying everyone else with tobacco, fully fitted gyms and TVs.

He needs just £1600 to finish his doctorate. As and when he is released, he will be a PhD rather than an uneducated ex con and he has chosen this path instead of wallowing in his sentence.

You have an opportunity to create something worthwhile after 30 years in jail. An ex con with a Doctorate. I'm happy to donate. You are free to ignore this request to a man to leave prison with a first class education, paid for by himself and donations, not the taxpayer.

There is a Paypal donate button on his blog.

UPDATE: Lots of readers are asking why he has served 30 years. He answers here

UPDATE 2 : Target reached. Well done

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