Monday, 19 July 2010

What did Raoul Moat teach us?

Raoul Moat is gone; shot to death.

He died face-down and surrounded by armed police. It’s not yet clear whether he was killed by his own weapon or by the projectile from a Tazer rifle.

But Moat’s death does clearly illustrate the futility of our Nanny-State.

During the hunt for Raoul Moat, the police cordoned an area of some 12 square miles. The best advice that they could give to the residents was “lock your doors and hide”.

We have never seen a more effective demonstration of the way in which the British people have been dis-empowered by Government. The safety of those people within the cordon, was wholly dependent upon the police; and a healthy dose of luck. And luck played a big part, because “luckily” Moat had no interest in killing randomly. We know that, during the manhunt, he broke into the homes of the public and was seen walking in the streets of the village. Had he wished, he could have taken lives.

The people of Rothbury got lucky. Moat was not a madman. He carefully chose all three of his victims.

It seems to me that we have made a very bad bargain with the State. We have relinquished our right to effective self-defence. We have been sold a deal by successive Governments. It’s not a very good deal, but it goes like this, “Guns are dangerous. You are unfit to own them, even for your own defence. But, you need not worry, for the Police Force shall take responsibility for your safety.”

The Moat debacle has revealed the lie. The State is incapable of protecting the individual. The hunt for this man involved 600-odd armed police, dogs, helicopters, armoured cars and even fast jets. Yet, he evaded capture for 8 days…one man, with a double-barrelled shotgun. He “tied-up” one tenth of the UK’s armed police and brought a community to a fearful standstill.

Imagine what ten such men could do. Or a hundred.

And the police’ own estimates reveal that there are some 4 million illegally-held guns in the UK. That’s despite the banning and the legislation and the amnesties and the confiscations. The bad guys are well armed.

There is just one policeman on duty for every 1800 members of the public. How can we be so dumb as to demand that they be responsible for our personal safety?

Firearms legislation in the UK is ill-conceived, but it is the supreme exemplar of Orwellian double-speak. Because the real message from Government is this … “ your personal safety is predicated upon your being defenceless.”

That’s where we are at in 2010. We are a nation of adults, none of whom has the right to effective defence of his self, his family or his neighbours. And, if that makes perfect sense to you, then pat yourself on the back; because you truly are a “Progressive”.

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