Thursday, 8 July 2010

We don't need no educashun

Well, well. After 13 years of socialist education, resulting in the devastation of the hopes and aspirations of a generation, where are we?

Knife patrols, metal detectors, bullied teachers, untouchable feral yoof, stabbings, murders, drugs.

Shattered lives, useless qualifications, dumbed down exams, certificates for all

Thanks for that, Labour.

We have 480,000 teaching professionals in this country yet our children have never been more stupid, unprepared and unqualified for a productive and happy life. Millions of our kids are sat at home, unable to earn a living, unwilling to contribute and dedicated to a life of fast gratification, benefits and crime, whilst our once revered universities are full of wannabe nail technicians, apprentice aromatherapists and pet councillors

It. Stops. Now.

We have the chance to get it right at last. All it takes if for the State to get the hell out of our children's lives and leave the most important job in the world to the people trained to do it. Teachers.

Remove the last 30 years of State meddling, targets, quotas and agendas. Allow children to visibly fail and then give them the support they need to succeed. Allow teachers to become teachers and authority figures again instead of impotent riot control officers. Allow shit teachers to be sacked on the spot. Allow the discipline that we are no longer allowed to instill in our children at home to be instilled at school. Allow teachers to call thick kids what they are. Thick.

Prepare children for life. Not as celebrity footballers or fat catwalk models but engineers and scientists. Don't pull punches. If Ephraim will not attend unless he can wear his hat backwards and suck his teeth every time he is asked to perform a simple task whilst txting his bros for more weed, then out the fucking door Ephraim goes.

If wastrel parent(s) can't be arsed to get their offspring to the school on time, in u.niform and with completed homework, then slam the door shut in their faces. Let Conner smash up their front room "to relieve the boredom" instead.

Will it create an underclass of feral, unteachable yobs? Yes, it will. Much, much smaller however than the one Labour left us.

Oh, and sack this headmaster immediately

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