Friday, 9 July 2010

Take your medicine....

How they squeal, these communists

It has always been the dream of the authoritarian state to dictate your very existence. What better vehicle than complete and utter control over your health?

A quick search on the Internet will show trillions of pictures of beaming Secretaries of State or various ministers proudly stood next to the multimillion pound MRI scanner just installed at a "local" hospital for the good of "local people" (whether they asked for it or not) and the left wing press is full of stories of impending redundancies of millions of critical "front line service staff" who have dedicated years of service to providing er.. front line service (whilst playing golf).

Now we hear that the great behemoth, the NHS is to undergo a radical change that will take power away from administrators and accountants and give it to the people who actually make the decisions about your health. The General Practitioner.

£60-80 Billion is to be taken away from the people who get paid if you have an operation or need treatment and given to the people who will decide if you need an operation or treatment.

Or to put it another way, the garage that services your car no longer gets to say how much of your money is spent, the MOT inspector does.

No wonder George Osborne was worried

Once again, I return to a tale I once experienced. Little OH's wanted a rescue kitten so off we trooped to a cat rescue centre, who promptly refused as they only had one kitten left and if they had no kittens, they would close. Instead of this being a success for cat rescue people who no longer had cats that needed rescuing, this was a failure. Without abandoned cats to house, they would be unemployed.

Now that the local GP controls the purse strings, let's see if he is so keen to simply pack you off to that gleaming new hospital Uncle Ed spent all your money on to have your photograph taken with a Politician.

I suspect not. I suspect if you want a tattoo removed because you have decided it is no longer "pretty", the GP is likely to suggest you pay for it's removal yourself. About time too.

Your health belongs to you. Look after it, take responsibility for it, insure it and protect it. It is the only one you will ever have and has absolutely nothing to do with an administrator in Whitehall.

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