Thursday, 29 July 2010

Personal Bullying by the State

I often wondered about the ASBO. To be frank, I never understood them and am more than happy to see the back of them. I don't believe they reduce crime simply because an ASBO is issued for something that isn't actually a crime. If it was, you could charge the "offender" under current laws and they could have their day in court.

Instead, the ASBO was created to be the most unjust "punishment" for behaviour that someone decided you and you alone were not allowed to display and if you ignored them, you went to prison.

Think about that for a moment. You go to prison having commited no crime and with no jury to judge you. Anyone else can display the same behaviour as you and will face no punishment but you and you alone, will go to prison.

Some examples of the state bullying an individual can be found here

We already have laws against anti social behaviour. We don't need the state making up new ones to pick on individuals. Good riddance, Asbo.

A 60-year-old man from Northampton was banned from dressing as a schoolgirl.

Peter Trigger dressed as a schoolgirl

Peter Trigger's Asbo stopped him from wearing skirts or showing bare legs on school days between 0830 and 1000 and 1445 and 1600
a bid to ban an 18-year-old from wearing low-slung trousers was dropped earlier this year. Ellis Drummond, 18, from Rushden, Northants, was instead barred from using threatening behaviour and demanding money.
A "militant atheist" who left explicit images in a prayer room at Liverpool John Lennon Airport was given a five-year Asbo in April.

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