Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Johanna Kaschke hat nicht alle tassen im schrank

UPDATE 23.07.10 : the mad kraut moonbat LOST and has been refused leave to appeal. Good

I won't bore you with the details but tomorrow sees Alex Hilton of the Labourhome blog up in High Court because a known and thoroughly documented kraut ├╝berfruitbat, Johanna Kaschke has decided she is offended by something someone once wrote in the comments section of his blog about her. He took it down and apologised but alas, she is still not happy.

This is the very same fruitbat that took another left wing blogger, Dave Osler to court and had her arse handed back to her on a plate by the judge. She also blogs and is upset because nasty rumours have been circulating about her once being associated with the Bader Meinhoff gang (prior to being a member of Respect, the Labour party and now the Tories) or something. Probably

I couldn't give a toss about her but I do care about freedom of speech. I would hate it for people to write nasty things about her on my unmoderated, uncensored blog. I mean, I cannot be held responsible for what people write in graffiti on my nice clean white garage wall whilst I'm away, can I?

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