Friday, 23 July 2010

++IPCC backed manslaughter prosecution++

Well, well. The INDEPENDENT Police complaints commission wanted a prosecution for manslaughter against PC Simon Harwood who violently assaulted an innocent man at the G20 protests.

I'm not surprised. PC Harwood has a violent history. He used to work for the Metropolitan but ten years ago was forced to resign (on medical grounds, of course) after a violent road rage incident. Naturally, this was ignored when he then applied to work for Surrey Police, where he also got into hot water for aggressive behaviour. Amazingly, he then simply transferred back to the Metropolitan Police who had "eased" him out three years previously.

It was a miracle he was even identified. He covered his ID numbers on duty and had to be reported by fellow officers for him to come forward. He has since been suspended and is relaxing on full pay until, eventually, he will be found not guilty of anything.

This is not a bad apple spoiling the system. The system is the bad apple. How can the Met accept back a known violent employee? How can the Met defend a violent known thug in their ranks?

Simple. The Metropolitan Police know they need never account for the actions of their officers. Not one Met policeman has EVER been prosecuted for killing a civilian whilst on duty. The CPS is designed to protect the Police and by default their political masters in Whitehall from us, the public, the very people they are sworn to serve. It conspired to ensure that no assault charge could be brought "due to time restraints".

Our Police force is no longer fit for purpose. It ignores the 9 principles of policing as set down by Robert Peel. It protects and defends the criminals within it's ranks. It abuses the powers invested in it by you and me, the people paying for it. It usurps the judiciary and is accountable only to politicians, elected by minorities.

If PC Simon Harwood was a nightclub bouncer, he would now have lost his licence and be sitting in prison, repaying his debt to society and the Tomlinson family. Instead, he is sitting at home in Carshalton on full pay, will soon be free to resume his State sanctioned thuggery and can look forward to a fat pension at our expense as his reward.

Never let it be said again that a copper's lot is not a happy one. I can hear the laughing Policeman from here.

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