Monday, 19 July 2010

the healing power of Bonjela

Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North of England feeding, yesterday

Today could be a big day for the fat spoiled brat that is society. Dave is promising to start weaning the ever hungry state baby off the Welfare tit in a bid to get huge offspring of 13 years of Labour to start taking it's own steps in the big wide world. About time too.
Weaning conflict occurs when the mother wishes to stop nursing but the infant wishes to continue. At this point, the mother tries to force the infant to cease nursing, while the infant attempts to coerce the mother to continue. From an evolutionary perspective, weaning conflict may be considered the result of the cost of continued nursing to the mother, perhaps in terms of reduced ability to raise future offspring, exceeding the benefits to the mother in terms of increased survival of the current infant.
Go for it Dave. The petulant screaming monster Labour created will scream, it will holler, it will throw all it's toys out of the pram and wriggle and shake it's way through tantrum after tear filled tantrum. It will bare it's teeth, the ones that have caused so much pain as it sucked greedily at the benefit nipple. It will scream "abandonment" and tell everyone it meets that it is a victim of child cruelty and neglect and that it should have a new foster parent that feeds it twice as much to keep it from "poverty" and "starvation" whilst like a cuckoo, it attempts to silence the competition.

It will keep us up at night with nappy changes, it will continue to demand our full attention until one day, it will pick up a spoon and feed itself. As ALL children do. Before w2e know it, it will be walking in the garden and planting seeds in a little patch to watch things grow all. Nurturing it's own future, tidying up it's own room and putting things away all by itself.

The rod has been spared for a generation or more and we are left to deal with the frightful result. Sack the wet nurse, ignore the red faced screams. It's time this bastard child of social engineering fended for itself.

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