Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Going for gold

Whilst the powerful and the good pat themselves on the back this morning over their "success" at the progress of the Olympic village, it might be worth reminding the people paying for it all what exactly is the price of a British Olympic medal.

  • Gold: £19 Million
  • Silver £19 Million
  • Bronze: £7 Million

And that's without building an Olympic village or Stadiums. That's just what we spend on training athletes to beat other athletes to show the world that the British way of life is the best in the world, rather like the East Germans, the Chinese and the Russians used to during the cold war. Even if they haven't got any legs.

Why are we building a whole new complex? To prove that we can. Even if we can't fucking afford it, there is no way on God's Earth we are going to let the Joneses next door know that we are skint and will be handing our debts on to our grandchildren.

Has anyone been to East London lately? Apart from being the world's largest buidling site, it is also a suburb of Bangladesh. The only local regeneration is the building of Mosques and five a side football pitches so da local yoof have somewhere to stab each other whilst dealing in heroin.

Why couldn't we have done Greece a big favour and said "you have it". You've just built everything needed, you're skint and it seems a shame just to let all that stuff go to waste. Nope. Political ambitions come first. So Boris will take his seat on opening night and beam at the world whilst handing you and I the bill for his place in history.

When the party is over, the canoe courses, the velodrome and numerous other purpose built structures will slowly fall into decay or be converted to halal abbatoirs or Madrasses to cater for "local needs".

What a bag of shite.

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