Sunday, 18 July 2010

Give us a hand, Infidel

Further to my post below on State funded (taxpayer funded) "charities", I awoke to the dulcet tones of some Indian ex foreign minister telling me that India would be astonished if the UK were to simply hand out £250 million in aid to them. They do after all, have a space program and whilst they have always been grateful for our surplus taxes, it wasn't really as much as a drop in the ocean that is India's finances.

Then we were rushed over to BBC Kabul (live) where the beeboid dictated to us that we simply MUST send an extra £400M to Kabul instead as the head of corruption had sorted out the problems caused by the leader of the 2nd most corrupt nation on Earth handing out billions to his brother and other cronies and had appointed the head of corruption himself. So there.

Just last month, the Americans decided not to send any more tax dollars to Kabul, as the regime simply bundled them straight back into chartered jets and deposited it all in private bank accounts in Dubai. Billions of them. So it was refreshing to hear that every man, woman and child in the massively indebted UK is now being forced to hand over £7 each to a ruthless and corrupt warlord in Shitistan, whilst our soldiers soak up the excess bullets keeping him in the style to which he has very much become accustomed.

The NWO is meeting in Kabul on 20-21st July to make sure that YOUR money is redistributed to those who need it most. Whether you like it or not.

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