Thursday, 1 July 2010

Give it back. Now

A politician, a policeman and some citizens, yesterday

I see our new masters wish to be loved by us more than our old masters were and are asking us what we didn't like and what we would like back again.

Here's a starter:

  • Coroner Inquests with Juries
  • No torture
  • No "control orders" without trial
  • No imprisonment without trial
  • No stop and search without reasonable suspicion
  • No detention without charge
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the UK
  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to a lawyer of MY choice
  • The right to freedom of association
  • The right to Free Speech
  • The removal of RIPA powers
  • Freedom to communicate in private
  • The right to receive unopened Mail
  • The right to freely leave the UK
  • The right to check into a hotel anonymously
  • The removal of all surviellance databases, including fingerprinting children
  • Removal of RFID chips from documents
  • Removal of the National Identity Register
  • Ridiculous CRB checks
  • Forcing private companies such as banks to record "terrorist like" behaviour
  • Criticism of sexual behaviour is not a hate crime
  • The right to peaceful protest
  • Police able to disperse "groups of people"
  • Bailiffs able to "restrain" people in their own homes
  • Terror laws used to freeze Icelandic bank accounts
  • Civil Contingencies Act
  • Removal of ANPR tracking software
  • Trial by Jury
  • The right to defend myself on my own property
  • Curfews for entire communities
Bet you thought we had all of these anyway eh? Wrong. For further details, read this

What we want is less government. Fewer laws, fewer taxes and more freedom to live our lives as we see fit. We don't want war. We don't want to be spied on by the State and we want to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. We want to be treated as people, not cattle. We want to be heard and we want our wishes considered above yours.

In short, we want OUR Parliament back from the endless waves of Party politicians that have ruined us and we want our country back. We want an end to your "social and financial experimentation" at our cost, we want an end to your endless interfering and law making.

We want the State to uphold fair and just law and protect our borders. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now get to it.


Anonymous said...

Agree with almost the whole list. Not so sure about the banks reporting terrorist type activities.

Road_Hog said...

"Bailiffs able to "restrain" people in their own homes"

You're getting madder by the moment, Old Holbonkers.

Most bailiffs (not the county employed bailiffs but the private ones) are no different to the private car clamping thugs.

Smoking Hot said...

lf you don't comment on this governments site and voice your opinion ... you're part of the problem. Keep commenting too, don't just do it once! Blogged it too!

microdave said...

"In short, we want OUR Parliament back from the endless waves of Party politicians that have ruined us and we want our country back."

For that to happen we need to be out of the EU.

Mickey Geggus said...

"Freedom to live and work anywhere in the UK"


Old Holborn said...

"Freedom to live and work anywhere in the UK"

the Secretary of state can ban you from leaving an area. No. Really.

the Russians used to call internal exile

Old Holborn said...

Road Hog

For the first time since 1604 bailiffs may enter a home to seize goods in the recovery of a fine owed as result of magistrates
court conviction and use reasonable force to restrain or pin down those present. Bailiffs
may also enter on a High Court or County Court warrant for unpaid taxes and social security contributions. Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

Mickey Geggus said...

You must have run up a few court fines by now OH after stopping paying council tax, road tax, TV licence etc.

Any visits from recovery agents yet?

Old Holborn said...


Peperbarmi said...

Cracking post Holbonkers,

How about * a dividend from the banks we now own.

ampers said...

The website is soooo sloooow, must be hundreds of thousands logging on. I'll go back in a few days.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

One half of Dick Cleggerton was on BBC Breakfast this morning attempting to hype up their Great Repeal Bill and it’s associated website. All was going swimmingly until Bill Turnbull asked him:
“So if everybody said for example, ‘get out of Europe,’ the Government would have to do it, right?”

Dick’s answer? “No.”

Broxted said...

Make Cottaging legal.

Obey the Marper ruling on retention of innocent peoples DNA samples.

Lower the age of sexual consent to fourteen years for apple cheeked young boys.

Stop males suspected of rape being publicly identified prior to conviction.

Must get on with my packing now as Magaluf beckons, now where did I put my butt plugs?

vilmace said...


The confusion regarding bailiffs is that it is worded as if you *want* bailiffs to have that right when you want the opposite.

In other news: Peter Connelly's social worker wanted him putting into care but was over-ruled.

bofl said...

there are several hundred thousand laws that need to be repealed.....

clegg talks out of self interest...

only when we have people who will work SELFLESSLY for the country will things really change.....

but i guess the vested interests would NOT like that?

having nobody to bribe or help them avoid the laws we have to put up with wouldn't please them very much.

looking on the bright side we have at least got rid of mcmental.does he have a crb check? always in schools?

so where are his own kids that he adores so much? in jockistan or in school in london?

or are they with an 'auntie' in canterbury?

what a guy!

bofl said...


Road_Hog said...


If I misread it, then I apologise, if you are against bailiffs being able to *forcibly* enter and use force to restrain people.

I'm going to go away and check, but I seem to remember that Jack Straw and Veira Bird, backed down at the last minute on the 'bailiff's act' (I can't remember what it was called). Consumeractiongroup followed it for quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

Repeal all legislation enacted since May 1997. What could be simpler than that?

Chuckles said...

May 1997? About 1960 would be closer to the truth.

European Communities Act 1972.

Money Laundering laws

Gun and knife laws - publics right to defend themselves.

Any Strict Liability Legislation

Any laws with a presumption of guilt or compulsory self incrimination - DVLA stuff, accuracy of speed equip, breathalysers etc.

Any laws with arbitrary numbers - speed limits, DUI etc.

Any spot fine & 'decriminalised penalties, particularly those with hugely increased penalties for contesting - presumption of innocence again.

All disproportionate penalties for 'thought crimes' and victimless crimes - smoking fines, penalty fares, seatbelt laws, mobile phone etc, and all the 'knee-jerk' focus group stuff, where perfectly good existing laws already exist, particularly where the new laws are simnply to make an almost automatic conviction easier.

I am Sick said...

Of course you all realise that the "Great Repeal Act" is just that don't you?
It's an act, a charade, a con, a canard. There is not ONE law that has eminated from any EU directive / order and most of them have, in one form or another, that can be changed unilaterally, by ANY member state.
Nearly all rules, regulations and laws since 1997, have been part of the EU harmonisation process.
None of these can be altered or ammended in any way without the consent of the other 26 states. Cameron and Clegg are leading a merry dance to nowhere, they know it is all spin and hype, unfortunately, the British public can't see beyond the bullshit.
At most, they will tinker at the edges, however, unless and until we summon up the nerve to leave the fetid club, we shall remain impotent prisoners, of a foreign power.

yardarm said...

The Civil Contingencies Act alone terrifies me. With all these toys in the cupboard sooner or later some bastard will be tempted into playing with them. Fuck help us all then.

caesars wife said...

very good OH , some nice touches in yer list.

The right to publically berate know socialists and call them liars without prosecution and preferably an award for getting them to agree socialism is wonk.

fabian solutions has now been renamed "totalitarian solutions"

Guido has it that the ruin has 6th floor penthouse room at portcullis house mmm not quite the attic but awfully close .

A second credit crunch ?? so we are still running out of money then ?? Thanks Liam

Betty Swallox said...

Broxted do you find you get more hits with the new title? "His real name is Andy, no its Ferguson not its Keegan" you look a right fucking dolt, no change there then. See you have Rons appearance on TV too. Glop off whilst you watch it you retarded old queen? Fnnr Fnnr, Oooh Matron Free Tibet.

Twat Spotter said...

Sweaty Bollocks, or in your case Sweaty Bollock. You do make us all laugh with your comments. Appearance on TV? You nonce it was the Telegraph E-On road show you thicko not TV, you poor thing. Wakey Wakey you cunt, you are a nobody.
Now fuck off to Magaluf you Chav.

Twatt Spotter said...

Sweaty Bollocks or in your case McEgan Sweaty Bollock, you do make us all laugh with your comments, although that is not your intention. TV appearance? It was the Telegraph E-On road show you nonce, not the Jonathan Ross Show.....Wakey Wakey shit for brains, when will you realise you are a fucking nobody? Now fuck off to Magaluf you Chav. Fnrrr Fnrrr.

Brian Walsh said...

So true you had to say it twice. Well spotted Twatt Spotter. I understand he is a PSNI police informant. The boys have been informed on the Falls Road.

Betty Swallocks said...

BEZ 1321 Grey/Silver Ford, outside Queens University Belfast at 10am. Unmarked B Specials/RUC/PSNI vehicle. Not any longer!

Grass Spotter said...

How utterly pathetic Betty, the fact is those that matter now know you are a PSNI registered grass. Shopped any ALF members lately McEgan. We all know what you look like.

Anonymous said...

Haslam, BORING.

Grass Spotter said...

Botanic Gardens Belfast yellow Chopper Bike Frame number ZZZC-3436532/1002. Being ridden by a short fat poof and little grassing dwarf called Chris Ferguson, with an IQ in single figures. Thought his grassing a brown envelopes were a secret...Not anymore.

Katz said...

I see from Broxted avatar picture his deformed head bears the sign of the 'W' a wanker indeed.

Naked Gerbil said...

Would that be the same "Chris Ferguson" whose "real name" was "K MacEgan"? Or "Andy O'Connor"? It was up to about half a dozen at the last count. Jesus Haslam you are great comedy value, now let Uncle Holborn put that gimp cozzie on you from "Pulp Fiction".

Hellion said...

Which Broxted Katz? Ferguson, MacEgan, O'Doherty, Haslam?

Larry Bakewell said...

Katz, he does have a deformed head and a really squeaky little cockney voice along with little stumpy arms and legs. What a cunt. Have you seen his twitter page. Broxted Twitter? He must have been starved of oxygen at birth, or his old lady had measles badly when spawned up with the little cretin.

Brian Walsh said...

Your ugly face is all over the internet loser, who gives a fuck what you call yourself. We even know which gym you hang around the changing rooms snurging. Queens University Physical Education Centre Botanic Gardens Belfast.

Naked Gerbil said...

Just took at look at the losers twitter page

"When I tried #yourfreedom the site either crashed or was frozen. A Great idea by the way. Pity that it doesn't work, I'll tell my secretary."

Secretary? Mental Health Outreach worker more like. What is this twat on for fuck sake. He is along term state benefits claimant. You couldn't make it up, well he can!

Anonymous said...

When looking at this list you soon realise that the bastards hate us an have bigger plans for us, seeing as almost mono of the measures are needed and certainly not wanted!

so what was/is the plan that needed all these totalitarian systems?

The deliberate collapsing of the economy, imperialist war mongering and then the enslavement of the masses by transfering all the remaining wealth to the corporate elites and bankers.

In short when they won't to robe you and destroy you they have to make sure you are defenseless, broken and controlled first.

That is the process we see, think of Stalin on a global scale.

Funny how the extremes of Stalin are almost unknow yet he was one of the biggest murders in recent history!

All part of the NWO agenda!

Anonymous said...

Repeal all legislation enacted since May 1997. What could be simpler than that?

Do you want to repeal the Freedom of Information Act 2000?

Anarcho S said...

Is anyone else confused by what that whole tizzy going on above is about informants??????


Rid of the Monarchy
Facial recognition in CCTV
ANPR system


half the bloody terror laws that have just been arbitrarily used against protestors and anyone the pigs just don't like.

caesars wife said...

Ah ha so Andy Burnham gave Andrew Niel a fair game , and admitted that Labour would have had to cut jobs to reduce deficet , butCW thought back to this weeks Andy Sky interview and he denied Labour were responsible for deficet , very strange indeed .

QT was interesting in part because Alan Johnson seemed to be sucking a lemon and his telfon special spin powers had deserted him ,IDS seemed to be struggling with restraint at blasting what Labour have done , but none the worse for that. A few new ideas to contemplate , so let me get this right you get best education , public school , oxbridge degree , go into politics proclaiming you are the creme de la creme of our country ask us to vote for you and then when you get in ask us to tell you what laws (that you made) really piss voters off .
I always thought bottled water was a bit of unique money maker , but clegg takes the biscuit .

wonder if pickles has spotted council jobs being offloaded to private sector (selected firms) on same terms on 10 yr contracts in none conservative councils , hope it springs to mind when councils are wailing council tax needs to go up .CW is wondering if private sector companies employing people on same terms as public will go bust ?

Climate Scientologist said...

As well as lying to you about Climate Change, the left-wing, biased BBC is
also engaged in a massive cover-up concerning the activities of Muslims in the UK, probably due to the fact that Islam is effectively the official religion of the BBC (as well as the Labour Party)

This is how foreign broadcasters have been reporting on recent events in the UK which, unsurprisingly, the Biased BBC have chosen to completely ignore.

Islam and the UAF abuse British Troops on Our Streets

Time to wake up and smell the coffee people...

Evil Muzzie who wants to destroy the U.K said...

Time to put your tinfoil hat on more likes........

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