Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Get ready for Cold Turkey

We all sat back and watched Labour build a client base of the feckless, the idle and the worthless. Thirteen long years of watching the pubs on council estates grow ever more busy at lunchtimes, a rapid rise in the number of amusement arcades and betting shops in the high streets, along with row after row of Dominoes Pizzas and Fried Chicken shops blighting our towns. In a word, shameless

What was financing this destruction of civil society? Where was the money coming from to allow people to simply squander their time and cash on well...nothing?

Readers, I give you incapacity benefit. The pay rise for the useless. £89 a week instead of £64 on the dole. And naturally, Labour were keen to make sure it's core vote were rewarded so at the slightest ache from pulling on one arm bandits all day or the groggy headache from six pints of White Lightning, a visit to Dr Onwonkwe would see a raise of 50% in your benefits.

Naturally, businesses were instructed that we were becoming a nation of cripples and were forced to install ramps and lifts, handicapped bogs and disabled parking so that the kebab bloated unemployable were not in any way inconvenienced by real life.

Guess what. You've been rumbled. That limp you picked up playing five a side soccer is no reason for you not to earn your own wage. That anxiety attack you have every time you realise you might have to get a job is about to get very real for a change.

76% of those claiming incapacity benefit have just been found out as fraudsters and are now looking at a 30% reduction in their beer and fags money. All 1.8 MILLION of them, including the 2,000 who were simply "too fat" to work.

I have no problem with you not working. There are plenty of Poles happy to take your job, pay their taxes and integrate into British society. Where the problem lies, is in me funding your idleness, so that you can vote for the Party that promises to wipe your arse for you. I can hear the screams of outrage from Wales as I type. I can sense the fear in the faces of the tattooed football shirted shaved apes as they drizzle into their Stella.

When we have finished with you, you will have responsibility, an income of your own, some self respect and some money in your pocket. We will break your addiction to free (other peoples) money and hopefully you will value the cash in your pocket because you earned it. It won't slip so easily into the hands of Kebab sellers or scratchcard booths.

You can of course opt out by simply not claiming any benefit. I'd encourage it. You'd be amazed how little you can get by on when you concentrate, and this will focus your minds perfectly

Get ready for cold turkey, then freedom from welfare slavery.

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