Friday, 9 July 2010

En Vacance

I'm reading today that despite being in a recession, mongs are borrowing money to go on holiday, in case the Joneses next door come to the conclusion that their neighbours are not sailing through this recession with ease.

I give up. I realise that we need holidays when our consumerist lifestyle demands that we work 12 hours a day, six days a week, ignoring our children and families so that we can proudly park the new BMW on the drive for all to see, but borrowingg money to sit on a beach? what does that say about the society we live in? A 52" plasma and a "I've been to Disneyland, Florida" sticker are more precious than the company of good friends and family and a long, healthy, happy, contented life?

FFS people. Go to the dump and have a look at the stuff people are throwing away. Stuff they did overtime to buy just a few years ago. Yes, they might have missed their child's first steps or read them bedtime stories but at least they could brag to their "mates" about the Bose sound system in the front room.

Anyway, the Old Holborn cut out and keep cheap holiday guide. You are going camping. No, not with the caravan club, not to a "mobile home park" but proper camping. In a tent, with the kids.

You will need:

A car that will not break down. Available on Ebay for around a grand. Chances are you already have one.

Right, so for around £125, you have everything you need for two weeks holiday with three kids, anywhere in the UK.

Chuck in another £100 for a ferry ticket and you're in France, where camping is what people do (never see French youth puking all over Greek resorts at 3am, do you?). On a French campsite where people are civil to each other, the beach is ten metres away, the food is fantastic and the weather stunning, the facilities great, internet, swimming pool, wine, pastis, fresh bread and real coffee. And the best of all, not a nylon football shirt in site. For the princely sum of about £7 a night. No need to book, just drive about until you see one you like, apologise for being English and get stuck in

If that doesn't recharge your wage slave batteries, fit for another 11 months of 60 hour weeks to pay for the hot tub so you can finally see the neighbours wife in a bikini, what will? You owe it to your kids. Remember them?

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