Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dressing up Time

Right you lot. It's been a while but it is time to put on the boots, dust off the cloak, adorn the mask and tell the powers that be that enough is enough.

Join me and others (including *gasp* people who may not hold the same Political view as you) at the offices of the Criminal Prosecution Service on July 30th at noon to protest at the CPS and Mr Creedy himself, Kier Starmer.

It is unacceptable that the Police may assault the public and face no charges. The Police are our servants and do not belong to Politicians or quangos. If you feel the death of Ian Tomlinson was an accident, he shouldn't have been there or he somehow deserved it, feel free to decline this invitation. If you would like to remind those who are entrusted by us, sworn by oath to protect us and paid by us to behave in a civil manner to us, their employers, then join me at Noon next Friday in Southwark.

Bring cameras, drinkies after in the now famous Boot and Flogger followed by oysters in Borough Market. It is our city. We built it. It belongs to us. Be free to enjoy it, no matter what the CPS or the Police might think.

We need to nip bad behaviour by our employees in the bud. It is our duty.

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