Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Cancer within

This morning sees Eric Pickles going on the attack against Councils and their wasteful use of both council tax funds and central government funds (ie Taxpayers money)

Personally, I am a great fan of local democracy and would like to see elected Mayors with REAL power instead of faceless unelectable Whitehall bureaucrats dictating how my money is spent.

Wouldn't it be great if the county you live in had the power to make laws instead of Parliament? Local laws that apply directly to the way citizens around you lead their lives instead of a one size fits all policy that can only be challenged once every five years by a change of Parliament?

Imagine being able to block huge payments from the people of Suffolk to subsidise the Welsh because a Scottish MP said the Welsh "need help"? Isn't the current UK just a smaller version of the EU where regional "countries" get to bail out the lazy and the feckless in other parts of the UK?

Billy Blofeld posted yesterday proof of what we already know. Socialism has created great swathes of Britain that are feeding off the productive parts of our society and like a tumour within, are happy to continue doing so, even if it means sacrificing the host.

Just by analysing my own council Tax bill, I managed to reduce it by HALF. It now only includes what I am happy to pay for, instead of what my local town hall thinks I should pay for.

We need to take back power from the EU and Parliament and use it to improve OUR lives. We cannot do this when we have four levels of authority over us (Crown, EU, Parliamentary acts and council byelaws).

My recommendations:

No more council tax. Set an income tax level that pays a small premium to the state for the provision of national services (Armed Forces) and the rest is divulged to local level to be spent within the county for the benefit of the county and it's citizens. Not shipped to Wales to support a fat army of mobility scootered socialist voting wastrels. If they want funding, they will be free to attract business by offering low income tax rates to employers and employees (as if).

This is not a unique model. It works perfectly well within Switzerland, where local democracy means you can shout at the mayor and no one knows (or cares) who the Prime Minister is.

We all complain about Parliament and the State and our lack of representation in a system that only favours the vested interests of Unions, big business, the EU and lobbyists. It has been built that way because it excludes us (until it is time to pay the bills, naturally) and ensures that a pitch fork waving mob do not turn up at Westminster.

It's time to starve the beast. We have to stop funding Central Government and stupid local councils. It's easier than you think too:

Don't move: No stamp duty
Don't drive: No petrol duty
Brew your own: No duty
Stop buying shite: No VAT
Claim every benefit you can: Drain the coffers
Challenge everything: Bog them down in their own expensive, inefficient bureaucracy
Use cash or barter
AVOID tax wherever possible.

Whilst we are seen as mere cash cows to be farmed, we will be milked for all we are worth. It matters not to the Council or the State where they spend our money as long as it is being spent and they can come back for more. And they always will come back for more. Always

Oh, and attend a local council meeting and watch them in action. If you can change anything, that's the place to start. Take stink bombs to remind them it's your money they're wasting on five a side football pitches for unemployed Somali asylum seekers.

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