Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Big Society

There seems to be some confusion over Dave's new "initiative". Allow me to explain.

A big society starts with a small group of people doing something good for other people for free. It is not forced upon others, no one is charged for it, you cannot claim it as a human right, you cannot sue if you do not receive it. It is "a choice" whether you take part in it or reject it.

So, if some people decide to start up a free to join youth group which teaches children confidence, authority, respect, comradeship, essential life skills, tolerance and fun, you call it "Scouting".

If the government however starts up a compulsory youth group which teaches children obedience to authority and respect for the Party, you call "Young Pioneers"

Now of course under Labour, we saw 13 years of publicly funded young pioneers in the shape of Crucial Crew roadshows, Urdu Rap concerts, Rasta five a side contests, Jamaican graffiti workshops and African breakdance equality collectives. Because if anyone is going to control da yoof, it's going to be a Socialist government. Using your money and employing the worst qualified people to do it.

So now every town has astro turfed playing fields where da yoof can stab each other, street volleyball courts where drugs are dealt and the ever popular "drop in centre" where every teenager can get an unqualified fat middle aged lesbian to fill out the forms for "entitlements" from the taxpayer who is busy hiding behind a double locked front door in suburbia.

Dave is suggesting that if you want a football pitch for da yoof, you ask the parents of da yoof to pay for it, instead of government via the taxpayer. Likewise, if you feel that da yoof absolutely requires a graffiti sprayed "fun bus" to travel around the county handing out condoms and advice on how to survive homophobia in the classroom, you raise the money yourselves.

It is not about "fending for yourself". It is about finding people who believe in the same cause you do and getting them to put their money where their mouth is, instead of other peoples money. You see, when you put your own money in, it's an investment. When you use other peoples money, it is merely funding (something labour still have to comprehend).

So let us imagine a situation where communities have built their own leisure facilities. They are free from state cutbacks, free from political interference by 650 MPs, free from"management", free from equality bollocks, don't need to have Muslim only swimming days or athletics competitions that don't allow anyone to lose and everyone needs to get a medal, even the kid with no arms and legs. They are free to run what they decided (and paid for) is the best for them.

More to the point, if they don't like how it is being run, they can go and shout at the mayor relaxing over a pint instead of facing a wall of bureaucracy and vested interests in the Ministry of Everything in London and Brussels.

Start to take back what the State decided you were simply not qualified to own. Your life.

Motto of the day: The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least. Including government

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