Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ban this evil filth

Do you find this "frightening, intimidating, segregational and an affront to the liberty of women?"

Me neither. I see two consenting adults doing as they please and not adversely affecting the lives of anyone else. However, 67% of the population want to ban people dressing how they like. They want to introduce LAWS that prohibit people dressing as they choose. Now of course, as a democrat, I will defend both the right of people to dress as they wish and the opinion of the majority in wanting to ban them from doing it. But if it leads to less of this, then expect me to take sides.

If you see the burqa as a problem, treat the symptom first. And when you're finished, go after the Amish, Hassidic Jews, Punks, plate lipped Indians, Sikhs, Tuareg's, Aborigines, Eskimos and anyone else who chooses for whatever reason to dress differently than you.

PS. It's been tried before. If you want unity, don't dictate (with laws) what clothes you think it should wear in public

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