Saturday, 24 July 2010

Africa couldn't give a shit.

Gordon the madman has broken cover and is now advocating an "African Century" where presumably we plough yet more money into the basket case of humanity called Africa.

You would think that by now the lessons learned from Africa would be apparent. In case they aren't, allow me to outline a few of the "issues" with Africa.

They are a tribal people. Lines on a map mean nothing to them, democracy means nothing to them. What the chief says, the tribe do. If that means slaughtering the neighbouring tribe, so be it.

Wealth is to be plundered. if your tribe is better than the rest, then you need to show it with Learjets, diamond encrusted AK47's and 300 wives.

Work is for idiots and women. Your job, as an African man is to fuck as many women as possible and sit under a tree all day whilst they do the menial work.

The White man is the source of all wealth. Grab as much of it as you can via email scams, corruption, "aid" or simple theft. It is your duty. It will bring you many women and a diamond encrusted Learjet

Africans do not consume. This is because most Africans are perfectly happy sitting under a tree all day. Not for them a plasma TV or an iPad, a mortgage or a summer holiday. the only need for money is to buy diamond encrusted AK47's to impress the women. So you can fuck more of them.

Africa is the most resource rich continent on the planet, yet no one cares. Sitting under a tree is more important than playing golf or human rights.

Yes, people starve in Africa because their favourite tree is not near a water hole. That does not mean however that Oxfam drill for water nearer the tree. It means find another tree nearer water.

Gordon is upset that less than 1% of Africa has access to broadband. A quick look at my junkmail folder tells me this is a GOOD thing. If you give Africans broadband, they will sit under a tree on the Internet. They have as much use for Internet as an Eskimo has for a steam iron.

In summary. Africa is good for nothing because Africans are good for nothing in our twisted view of human "perfection". It is our "guilt" complex that send billions in aid to be swallowed up by greedy tribal chiefs. Democracy, consumerism, peace, entrepreneurship, rights and harmony mean absolutely fuck all to an African. It is not OUR problem that Africans think this way. Ironically, it isn't even their problem. They simply couldn't care less. Just keep sending the money, eh, you evil white man?

Further reading here: Africa is giving nothing to anyone - apart from Aids

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