Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The weapons delivered by "the enemies of Israel"

Toys, mobility scooters, childrens puzzles and medicines. No bombs. No guns. 10 "filthy Goyim" killed by IDF in order to er...stop delivery?


Anonymous said...

Yeh Toys,

AKs / Rockets, via the tunnels south of Gaza city...

Anonymous said...

No wonder OH liked George Galloway,
same fuckin' ilk.

our donations said...


ranter said...

You sad bastard OH.

John R said...

100% hindsight is a wonderful thing.

But then in your twisted view I'm sure the x-ray specs issued to all Israeli soldiers would have told them exactly what was in the hold of this "aid ship" crewed by 600 happy singers of intifada songs, wouldnt they?

RantinRab said...

Mobility scooters?

They must be as fat as the land whales we have. You know, the ones so fat they cannot walk and need scooters.

Sir Lewd-Webster said...

Yes OH,

We can we see some transparency regarding the publication of your expenses. A bus ticket for £1.70 just dont suffice old friend.

A nice little earner....
A bit like Zero Mostel in the Producers...nobody checks the books of a failed show, do they?

Must try it myself ..

Glsoman said...

Scooters = Chariots of Fire,
(also a kebab special in Cardiff)
useful to launch Rockets from, and double as a quick get away.

FFS OH - you are getting SAD!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard back from the council re your refusal to pay council tax?

Scrigg said...

Bloody murdering Zionists!

Anonymous said...

100% hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Except the only people who believed that there were weapons on those ships were the 0.02% of people who are either Israeli, Jewish or an obedient goy.

Those ships were loaded by an accredited charity in Turkey, a country with some of the most stringent anti-terror and anti-Islamist laws on the planet and also a country which is Turkey's closest ally in the region.

If you believed there were weapons on those, you are the stupidest motherfucker ever to stain the face of this planet.

Ampers said...

Personally, If I was a Jew just before WW2 I would never have travelled to Germany. Why? Because I could easily get killed.

Now I am older, I wouldn't work for a charity or any other organisation delivering any kind of goods to Palestine, because I might be killed.

In other words, they took the risk and paid the consequences.

And before a few of you go ape, I haven't condoned Israel in any way here! I was just talking about facts of life.


Captain Ranty said...

Did anyone else spot these "weapons of peace" on the vessels?


There is nothing humanitarian about this cutlery.

Just sayin'.


Henry Crun said...

OH, you are starting to sound like that fat fuckwit Terry Kelly.

If you lay into a couple of Israeli soldiers with iron bars, don't be surprised if they shoot you. Those on board the ship got it horribly wrong. If they wanted to embarrass the Israelis, then they should have stood back, let the IDF search the vessel and they would have been on their way.

But no, the morons decided to take on the Israelis and paid the price.

caesars wife said...

cementex ?

Katabasis said...

@Anon 17:49:

"Those ships were loaded by an accredited charity in Turkey, a country with some of the most stringent anti-terror and anti-Islamist laws"

"Accredited charity" eh?

Why don't you read what the Danish Institute for International Studies had to say about them? Skip to page 10, last paragraph and start reading....

Old Holborn said...


Both you and I know the Israelis were never going to allow the ship to dock in Gaza.

The whole point of the mission was to break the siege. Whether you or like it, the indigenous people of Gaza are being held captive in the worlds largest prison camp. They have not been put on trial, they are just condemned to a miserable existence by a neighbour intent on ethnically cleansing the region.

I am no fan of Hamas or radical Islam but what is required is for Israel to start acting like a multicultural state (much like Lebanon)

But it can't. It's very existence forbids it. It is full of machine gun armed pyschos who believe that anyone who is not Jewish deserves to be thrown off God's land. That includes you and I by the way.

Israel has every right to exist but not as a racist, supremacist state and certainly not one that inflicts such brutality on its own indigenous population.

Tomorrow, anb Irish ship, laden with concrete and paper arrives. Both of which are forbidden in Gaza by their neighbours, the Israelis. Not guns, not bombs. Concrete and paper. The IDF has already declared it will be more brutal if it tries to dock in Gaza.

Israel is out of control and clinically insane.

Kit said...

Old Holborn, asking Israel to act like a 'multicultural state' is basically to ask Israel to commit suicide.

Israel is surrounded by people who want to kill all Jews in the name of the child molesting false prophet Mohammed. The Israelies can either fight back hard against the Islamist loonies or else they can die.

Unlike the multiculturalist leftie tossers in the West, the Israelies are not self hating and not wiilling to commit suicide.

The 'aid convoy' was completely bogus, purely sent to stir up as much trouble as possible. They asked for trouble, they got trouble. Tough shit.

Think This said...

Your distinct anti-Israeli sentiment is extremely off putting, especially considering most people who share your political views would ally themselves with Israel.

As for finding weapons on the ships:


Old Holborn said...

I don't blog to appease my readers. I blog for my own amusement.

I am fully aware that most of my readers will back Israel, the State.

Jews are not killing humanitarians. Jews are not killing Palestinians.

The State of Israel is. It MUST. It is why it exists.

The same applies to Pakistan. The second nation founded on a religion

I keep warning you all of the dangers of the State. No jew can stop Israel any more than no Muslim can stop Pakistan.

Out of control and no one at the helm.

Anonymous said...


Catflap said...

All I know is that the lefty scum sucking shitcunts will back any horse except mine.

Old Holborn said...

Anonymous said...


I rest my case. It is not about Jews or Palestinians, it is about the STATE.

Old Holborn said...


Jews live happily and peacefully in Iran. In fact Jews live peacefully and happily pretty much everywhere.

Except Israel.

Now ask yourself what Zionism has done to Judaism.

Rebel Saint said...

OH said ... "the indigenous people of Gaza are being held captive in the worlds largest prison camp"

What, bigger than prison camps a.k.a North Korea or Saudi Arabia or Zimbabwe or countless other places around the world?

Last night hundreds of entirely innocent people will have been murdered by oppressive regimes all over the world ... many of them murdered by the blood-thirsty cult of Islam. Yet why do we focus so much attention on this tiny (i.e. about the size of Cornwall) piece of land, ruled by relentless, deranged terrorists.

Of all the poor oppressed people in the world, the largely self-inflicted suffering of the Palestinians are the most undeserving of our sympathy. They are surrounded by Arabic neighbours who don't even want to take them in.

They like to wallow in self-pity in order to inflame the self-righteous indignation of the Ummah who hate to see the offspring they consider to be the bastard child of Abraham prospering more than them. This battle isn't about a tiny strip of land or aid or blockades. It's about a 6,000 year old festering sore that has been codified by a deranged lunatic on a par with Ron Hubbard called Mohammed.

They will not rest until the whole earth is under their submission - starting with the Jews and the humiliation they feel at see the "sons of Pigs & Apes" prospering more than them.

And when can we expect to see your campaign expenses published? I'm sure I remember reading some pledge to the electorate of Cambridge about your expenses being published monthly or even weekly.

Rebel Saint said...

Doesn't this actually DISPROVE your accusation of heartless Israel. Isn't that the IDF checking the items then waving them on through?

And "Humanitarian Aid" ... pull the other one. Are the people in Haiti begging for supplies of mobility scooters, children's ride on toys, jigsaws or they in need of things like food, clothes, water, shelter, medicine. I'm waiting for my humanitarian delivery of a 50" plasma.

Rebel Saint said...

And another thing ... why have you turned your article rating system off? A bit touchy about the fact that your rabid prejudices aren't proving as popular as your more interesting domestic political stuff?

Old Holborn said...


I haven't turned anything off

I don't censor or moderate or carry adverts.

Try reloading the page

Anonymous said...

OH, usually agree with you, but on this you are so wrong it hurts. Israel have to defend their citizens, from Hamas, who, given half a chance would love to commit genocide against the Israelis. Hamas commit war crimes on a daily basis by firing unguided rocketry into known populated civilian areas, without military targeting.

Its in their "Charter" to obliterate Israel.

They even deny the Holocaust , which, having been to Belsen I find utterly bonkers, it being hard to deny rows of mass graves.

Your main reason for supporting Hamas seems to be the fact that the State is powerful in Israel. Take a look at how free the Hamas state is: extrajudicial executions and torture of nonconforming individuals, persecution of minorities, police state brutality, the whole spectrum of Orwellian state control deployed by the Islamists against their population. The terrorists are in charge there and their world view is emphatically not a libertarian one.

J Demetriou said...

Oh dear, Old Holborn.

Seems like your adoring fan base has turned on you. Might you be boring them a little bit too much with all this left wing hand waving and pious gesturing about nasty, evil Israel?

Perhaps your readers are better off over at my place. They won't read pious stuck up pro Palestinian bleatings over there.

Old Holborn said...

Yeah, get over to Johns. quick

I am not a supporter of Hamas. I am a supporter of people in Gaza to live the lives they choose. Not the life the state of Israel imposes on them.

It's called being a Libertarian

If you want right wing pro Zionist, head over to the Greeks place. He HATES the Turks (obviously, his masters told hom to)

Rebel Saint said...

OH said ... "I am a supporter of people in Gaza to live the lives they choose"

If you can't see the irony in that statement then the blood really is rushing to your head.

Do you think Israeli's should be able to live they want to live?

And on the small matter of campaign expenses ... when can we expect to to see them published. There's lots of us interested to see how much you raised for your aborted scantily clad women through Heathrow appeal?

Anonymous said...

The point is the people in Gaza apparently chose the Hamas government, and the Hamas government is seriously repressive, quite thoroughly evil and dangerously unscrupulous. They seriously threaten the freedom of all free thinking individuals worldwide. When you get body searched and Xrayed getting on a plane, it wasn't because of dangerous Israeli hijackers targeting airliners full of civilians.

Hamas are happy to ignore the accepted Law of Armed Conflict which exists to protect everyone of us from the wars prosecuted by the State... Isreal is unhappy if it fails to reach that high standard, Hamas positively wallow in the cruel acts of suicide bombing of pizza joints, school buses etc. If an Israeli blows up a school bus he is probably going to get prosecuted. If a Hamas jihadist blows up a school bus he is lionised and adored. That is the crucial difference, and that is why the Israelis have my support.

dickiebo said...

"..in order to stop...er..delivery"
No. You must be blind OH. The Israelis merely defended themselves against scores of extremely violent 'peace' people! But, hey, that doesn't fit in with your tirade, does it?

Old Holborn said...


A ship was headed to a port outside Israel. It was attacked by the Israelis in International waters. Ten non Israelis were shot to death by Israeli commandos. No Israelis were shot even though they attacked the ship, hijacked it and placed all the crew in prison. It was not carrying weapons, just toys and medicine.

Let me know when I get a fact wrong...

Old Holborn said...

Rebel Saint.

Regarding my expenses, email me directly, I will check if you donated and give you a breakdown.

Rebel Saint said...

Your facts are correct - though I think the word "attacked" isn't accurate. More accurately, they boarded the boat.

There's a very improtant phrase we use in our courts along the lines of "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". What is missing here is the whole truth.

The occupants of the ship were speaking of there martyrdom beforehand - why? They were singing songs about the intifada - why? All the other ships complied with the wishes of the blockade except this one - why? The "Humanitarian Aid" consisted of all sorts of none essential crap - why? Masked people on board the boat instantly started beating the crap out of soldiers - why? People took their children on a boat destined for a military hotzone - why?

Anybody else want to know when we'll get to see the advocate of transparent politics campaign expenses?

Old Holborn said...


Email me and I will happily show you how I spent your money.

Oh, you didn't donate? Then send me YOUR bank statement first.

Ron Broxted said...

I with OH all the way on this. The Israelis can be tricky bastards, well at least that is what my friends at the Masjid and Belfast Islamic Centre have told me.

Kit said...

Old Holborn, Jews don't live happily and peacefully in Iran. The Jewish communit in Iran is almost wiped out after years of intermittent intimidation and persecution.

The only place in the Middle East where Jews are safe from State persecution is Israel. As for 'multicultural' States. Israel is the only State in the Middle East where Muslims, Christians and Jews all have public freedom of worship and freedom of speech and the vote and are all represented in Parliament. There is a lot wrong with Israel but considering the psychotic behaviour of its neighbours it is entitled to be a bit gun crazy and to take no shit when dealing with deliberate provocations like this 'aid convoy'.

Anonymous said...

"Jews live happily and peacefully in Iran. In fact Jews live peacefully and happily pretty much everywhere.

Except Israel.

Now ask yourself what Zionism has done to Judaism."

What crap you write. Eff off and get educated.

Fausty said...

Rebel Saint, are you saying that the Palestinians don't deserve their freedom? Who are you to judge? Who is anyone to judge?

Captain, that collection of knives can be found in any kitchen. They're not weapons of war. And for all we know, some of them were planted by the Israelis. The Turks are still struggling to get info out of them as to who was on board.

J Demetriou said...

The filthy liar, aka Old Holborn, writes:

"If you want right wing pro Zionist, head over to the Greeks place. He HATES the Turks (obviously, his masters told hom to)"

Where and when have I ever stated any adverse or unkind comment about Turks? Where have I expressed this hate?

The answer is nowhere, because I do not hate Turks. I have no antipathy towards Turks.

So you decided to make that up didn't you?

And you expect people to take you seriously?


Captain Ranty said...

Quite true Fausty. The Israeli's have done far worse than to plant a few knives here and there.

But I did just look in my kitchen and I couldn't find a single machete. I couldn't find any other edged weapons that I could be arrested for carrying.

IF the knives were onboard, then that changes things ever so slightly, I think. One report suggests that the commandos boarded with paint guns. I would not like to go to a knife fight armed with a kids toy. But that's just me.

I reckon there is more to this than meets the eye.


Morlock said...

"She was wearing this skimpy little skirt, Your Honour, so you could see her ass every time that she bent over, and she was smiling and jiggling her titties about whilst dancing. Of course I didn't mean to rape her, but -- can't you see? -- she made me do it."

"Case dismissed."

Ted said...

@ OH

Isn’t funny when you heap abuse onto some of the weakest people in the Country you get applauded, but on the rare occasions that you actually defended the genuinely powerless in their plight against the entire might of the State, you get all this vitriol? Then you are defending ‘scum’ or ‘eyesores’? Never mind, you can pick better targets. Hopefully, a fat bastard will be in the paper for getting benefit s while eating chips and we can all be a happy families again.

Anyway, for me the big question here is not whether or not you ‘support Islam/wogs/sand niggers/rag heads etc or not. It is too important for that.

People generally want an easy life. There are a few thugs out there, but 99 percent of the people just want to be left alone. It is only when you rile them good that they take a stand. Most of the time, the stakes are too high for most people. When normal people react it is because they have (or think they have) little to lose that they become violent and/or militant. So when you see (in no order and with no indication of support or distain) anti war protesters, the IRA, fuel protesters, the EDL, poll tax riots, the BA strikes, ETA, race riots, the miners, the Countryside alliance etc, going off and causing mayhem in whatever ways, it is because they feel that (rightly or wrongly) they have lost too much already. Most people do not march in protest for things that do not matter.

The State however, that is a different matter. They crave power and defend that power right to the bitter end. Everything that normal people have won has been a struggle from beginning to end. The ‘establishment’ have never given us anything without a fight. One example, Irrespective of whether you agree with the actions, the strike was an effective tool, so effective that the establishment forced the State to remove it. They use EVERY tool at their disposal to break a strike, even minor ones. I am not saying that strikes are right or wrong, just that since striking has been effectively stopped, the gap between the establishment and the poor has risen to near Victorian levels.

So we have an imbalance, we have an all powerful State with an array of weapons at his fingertips and the powerless with too much too lose in any conflict. That is why the State nearly always wins; they are playing with other people’s lives and resources. They never need to blink first.

So when I see a conflict between the powerless and the State, my default position is with the powerless, because the powerless have nothing to fight with they are never fighting through choice. The State has the power and the weaponry and they have the ability to walk away at any moment. All they have to do is turn and walk, they always have the choice.
Why would anyone attack a fully armed squad of commandoes from the World’s most powerful army for its size? Why would you take on any armed force with sticks? It is because the IDF chose to fight, that is why. Non resistance was not an issue, because this was pre-planned by the IDF. They have soldiers in a helicopter and they are armed to the teeth. They go out to an unarmed ship, and the boarded it. They chose the location, the method of boarding and they armed their troops. And we are expected to believe all this planning went in and the ‘wrong’ outcome occurred?

Anonymous said...

OH said >>>
I am not a supporter of Hamas. I am a supporter of people in Gaza to live the lives they choose. Not the life the state of Israel imposes on them.

Hear hear and what's wrong with wanting that.?
Excellent post, totally agree.

J Demetriou said...


Your 'fans' would probably prefer this:


Kit said...

When the people in Gaza choose to live a life of genocidical religious fanaticism then no sane person can defend their choices.

Anonymous said...

The moral of the tale here is if your ship is attempting to run a military blockade, getting into a fist fight with commandos may not be the best idea.

P.T. Barnum said...

Israel was born as the bastard child of terrorism and collective guilt-tripping and has grown to be the perfect reflection of its parents. The whole notion of Israel is based on nonsense theocracy and racial supremacy. In an ideal world, Israel would not exist. Given that this is not an ideal world, Israel should be reconfined to its 1947 borders and Jerusalem placed under a UN protectorate.

Keep going, OH. Best, most important stuff you've written for ages.

Rebel Saint said...

OH, I'm not asking to see your personal bank statements - I think you know that. I'm asking to see the legally required set of campaign accounts that every candidate needs to supply to the returning officer (and which I think will be made public anyway ... just thought you might want to do it first, having campaigned for transparent politics and all that).

Imagine how it might look to an innocent by-stander ... anonymous man appeals for lots of financial help for an election campaign he knows he's not going to win, claiming he's going to do some stunts that he doesn't actually do, then refuses to make his legally required documentation public, so neither the people who voted for him or the people who contributed to his campaign can actually hold him to account.

Can you imagine how suspicious that might look to some cynical people?

Thud said...

Yes OH we realy expected to find the ships packed with weapons. The reality of the situation is more complicated as you well know, but hating Israel seems a priority with you so why let reality intrude.

Anonymous said...

10 "peaceful humanitarians wishing for martyrdom" killed by IDF in order to prevent soldiers being attacked with metal poles, sling shots, molotov cocktails and knives?

Anonymous said...


bofl said...

nice to see you all getting on so well........now multiply the anger by 5000 years and thousands of deaths amd what do you get?

endless misery.

ps . j.demetriou.you are very smug,as is your boyfriend..
pps your blog is shit.

Dioclese said...

When are we going to learn to accept the word NO?

If the buggers in that ship had acepted the word NO they'd still be breathing!

I'll do a post on it in the morning...

Incidentally, did you keep your deposit in the GE?

Anonymous said...

Get your passport ready.Your website has been invaded by Mosad supporters

Fausty said...

Captain. I missed the machete. ;)

Fausty said...

Ted, I've nicked your post - I hope you don't mind. It's excellent.

caesars wife said...

news cycle started asking better questions this afternoon , channel 4 did well and NN showed that boarders were not letting enough aid through .Dont how NN got a trip to North Korea , I kept seeing grimacing pictures/statues of the ruin if he had won the election and thought thats what he had in mind , very odd though seeing people who didnt know much about the outside world and idolised stalin and meo.

Will the ruin have a special seat in the chamber ?? tune in at 2:30 to see how re hashed labour does !

ken Livingstone seriously believes he can pull off the come back kid routine ,by sounding like Nelson Mandella , forgetting everyone sees Labour as bernie madhoff , but without proper jsutice.

Enjoyed Heffers article and perhaps reminds that trolling out praise , man of integrity , look forward to seeing him back , when 40k had been laundered , that the new politics hasnt quite realised how to treat the public .

Economics ? CW appreciates that my version of economics is street orientated arts and crafts movement , and no doubt lacking in the finer points/arts of banking and finance. I cant help but like John Redwood in part because his analysis are so often spin free and explain somthing of rival theorems , and would have left balls/blanchflower duo smouldering in there chairs .
For those of us that try and have a go at national ecnomics , we risk derisions but my analysis is theat the ruin operated complex international bundled finance instruments , which moved money around the system whilst simoultainously sucking in imports and , creating a flow of credit increasingly inseperable from state actions . He claimed he had ended boom and bust becuase credit was masking the bust .wealth was being converted into money and money was leaving the country and corporations controlling the wealth .
assuming ecnomics has no purpose but is a function , then finance has become so abstract from ecnomics that everyone seems to have forgotten that ecnomics has been overlooked .people are on benefits because finance (under the ruin) was dictating ecnomics , hence the crash in the banks and little impact on uemployment.

Basically we need a safe but growth enabled goods economy ,that spreads ecnomic activity or perhaps regionalisises it (bearing in mind energy/transport will have a premium on it).We do not need higher populations to make ecnomic models work , or toxic ecnomics .
Public sector pay levels should be reduced , and it would be an interesting excercise to see if pension liabilities reductions would proivde more jobs . Why 800kyr BBC exec has massive pension or for that matter 250kyr civil servant or even the thousands on 100k plus yr .

In the end the state payroll is taxation , so stupid salaries/pensions will bust the system in the end and i doubt pay feezes will cure it . By cutting taxes for low incomes and ensuring goods are made in the UK , you at least get the basic economy working again , secure jobs mean secure tax collections and what I would term as real wealth returning . Inflation may be a problem but I suspect not as much as problem of debt interest .Halving the debt in 4 years means a further difficult 4 yrs to get real wealth back , assuming your a devout low tax believer . a working basic economy at least ensure you can push the debt later on , a high unemployemnt level with high middleclass taxes will have all sorts of negative social consequences , some of which have alas took hold already .

Thats my view , I may be wrong but if you lose the work ethic it will be a hell of a job to get it back .

Forgive my french but some people have been using the public purse in very devious and stupid ways under labour , much of which has been said regarding banks etc, the piss has to stop being taken out of the tax payer . Thatcher at least made that ecnomic case for psoterity.

junican said...

Just one or two comments.

Where did these simple-minded, peace loving, humanitarian, civilian, harmless, non-suicidal lunatic Brits who were invoved in this episode get the money from to BUY the boats that they used? No one with half a brain would have LEASED the boats to them in the circumstances, surely? So who provided the money for our hero Brits to buy the boats? Oh. Our hero Brits were not involved in the provision of the boats, were they not? They just went along for the ride, did they? Just for fun? There was no hint or intention, then, of provoking an incident, was there? None of our hero Brits involved were aware that there were twenty or so manic, suicidal martyrs on board?
I have not seen any reports that any of our heroic Brits have been injured. No doubt, when they come home, OH will be organising a street parade to welcome them home. Their patriotic endevours to give comfort and aid to our enemies must surely be applauded with the utmost vigour!

Wossat? said...

Those "peace" activists went looking for a fight. They found one. They got their provokative jihadist arses kicked by those bastard Israelis who can't see the funny side of rockets, suicide bombers and Hamas's terrorist creed. What's your problem?

anonymong said...

""Jews live happily and peacefully in Iran. In fact Jews live peacefully and happily pretty much everywhere"".

FFS - do you really believe that shite OH?

Your insane position on Israel makes absolutely no sense to anyone with an understanding of the greater Jihad we all face.

Siding with Hamas & the suicidal & despotic left wing - which is exactly what you are doing - is just crazy.

There is nothing rational about your position on the ME OH.

Thanks for the laughs - I am out of here.

Henry Crun said...

OH, your vitriol would be better aimed at the Hamas government in Palestine who are holding their own people captive and using them as a human shield to further their own objectives.

If Hamas were serious about improving the lot of Palestinians they would stop the attacks on Israel and return to the negotiating table so that they might live in peace with their neighbours. All that is stopping them is their dogmatic pursuit of the eradication of the state of Israel. Unfortunately for the Palestinian people, they have the government they voted for.

A Fairytale Teller said...

It is a great pity that the opportunity of the perfect solution was missed about 30 years ago. In those days the Greek and Turkish communities in/on Cyprus were happily murdering each other and claiming that the island should belong to either Greece or Turkey, depending on your outlook. The misguided settlement was that the island should be split in two. There were also sporadic mini-wars going on in Israel/Palestine at the same time.

The obvious regional solution would have been to send all the Greeks back to Greece and all the Turks back to Turkey and then move all the Israelis on to the newly empty island. That way they would have their own state, the 'Palestininas (who used to be called Jordanians) would have their own statelet, the Greeks and Turks would be back with their kith and kin... and everybody would have lived happily ever after.

Now drink your cocoa and go to sleep.

supia said...

Rebel Saint said...

"And another thing ... why have you turned your article rating system off? "

The ratings thing is intermittent for me. Dunno why. Do you always use the same browser program? I think with me it appears when using Mozilla but doesn't when using Opera.

Old Holdborn said...

"I am not a supporter of Hamas. I am a supporter of people in Gaza to live the lives they choose. Not the life the state of Israel imposes on them."

More like the life Hamas and Fatah have imposed on them.

Anonymous said...

Hey OH,
why dont you set up another PAYPAL dontate fund for "Palestinian" toys!

Anonymous said...

OH is now a fan of multiculturalism! This is priceless! No wonder the fucked-up scum who follow him have now turned on him, bunch of racist BNP-supporting paedos

Ted said...

@ Wossat

Er, yes these unarmed (sticks are not really weapons, not in a real sense)people where in a boat. This boat went looking for a helicopter to attack. These completely innocent commandoes who just happened to flying over the sea time with a complete arsenal with them got onto ropes and lower themselves into the water, but found themselves caught in a trap, because unbeknown to them, a large boat had stealthly placed itself underneath the helicopter and the IDF troops and their semi automatic weapons found themselves on this boat.

These ruthless terrorists saw these highly trained, armed soldiers innocently trying to aviod trouble, by landing on the boat decided to press home their vast advantage. They picked up the weapon of chioce for any armed force, a couple sticks. Faced with overwhelming force of a few middle aged hippys with sticks and a catapult where forced to defend themselves with totally ineffective semi automatic weapons. in the confusion dozens lay dead or injured with freindly fire from a catapult.

Hmm, one Party was looking for a fight alright.

Anonymous said...

No OH, it was to stop their colleagues being killed by a mob you disingenuous cunt.

If Israel are as you claim to see them they woulda just sunk the five boats and not blinked an eye.

Wossat? said...

Ted, there's no point arguing the point. You believe what you want and I'll do the same. But if you believe those boats had anything to do with humanitarian aid then you probably believe that Hamas is a humanitarian organisation.

Ted said...

I believe what the evidence tells me and it tells tells me that one of the Parties travelled in helicopter to board an unarmed boat and that the those soldiers were armed to the teeth. You say this boat had nothing to do with humanitarin aid, yet there is no evidence of anything untoward on the boat. If there had been, why did they 'arm' themsevles with little more than sticks? Those people would have had nothing to gain and everything to lose in a firefight. There was no 'win' possible for these people. Had they had managed anything even remotely resembling a victory, they would have been blown out of the water. They were obviously fighting to defend themselves under extreme provocation in that position. Why would anyone be spoiling for a fight with the ruthless IDF and turn up with sticks and whatever came to hand? AK47s and maybe a stinger missile or two, but no-one is going to be impressed with a few guys with whatever happens to be lying about, are they? Perhaps you can convince your self that the most resourced army in World were ambushed with guys with sticks, but that says more about you than it does about the innocent civilians who died

Kit said...

Ted, the Israeli soldiers were armed with paintball guns.

The 'Peace' activists promptly attacked the Israeli soldiers with iron bars and machetes, not sticks.

The 'Peace' activists were told that they could dock in Israel and that all their cargo would be promptly sent straight into Gaza, they refused because they wanted to provoke a reaction and to be able to claim to be martys and victims.

Still, don't let the facts get in the way of knee jerk anti Israeli bullshit.

Ted said...

Hold on a minute iron bars and machettes? Still no match for a fully armed squad of highly trained soldiers, though. If you were going to attack the IDF you would use something more lethal than that, given that the IDF have killed thousand via the most ruthless fashion over the last fifty years.

Ron Broxted said...

Gary Glitter in the sauna.

It is a short step from boycotting Israeli goods to placing up signs saying "Jewish shop". These things come in cycles and we have seen it all before. The prefiguring of anti-semitism (or more precisely Jew-hating as Arabs are semites too) will be looming large following the debacle off the Israeli/Egyptian coast. Now the Irish twats are making threats over the "Rachel Corrie" - I cannot see the Golan Brigade losing any sleep over possible military action from the F.C.A.
Christina Patterson moans about the blogosphere. She is annoyed that hoi polloi from Luton, a place I know well, because my paternal grandfather hid there in a cellar for the whole war, can make their voices heard as effectively as her pal Mr Jacobson regaling us with his top ten favourite biscuits anecdotes. Bloggers are not real journalists, perhaps we never should be but look at the triumphs. Biggs freed, bloggerati, Gurkha verdict overturned, (Joanna Lumley Gay Icon?) ditto. Pass the caviar Mr Lebedev.
Finally, Mick Skoda (I call him that because he like me is a bit slow) my new secretary and male squeeze informs me that a chap has started attending our local sports centre sauna. Queens University Gym the Botanic Gardens Belfast He grew a beard recently and now bears a striking resemblance both to my mother and to Gary Glitter, my favourite singer of all time, OK he fucked up big time, but I would have loved to be in his gang. Looking like Liam Gallagher is one thing, or Vladimir Putin...Oooh matron he can leave his slippers outside my bedroom door (though holidaying in South Ossetia may be troublesome) but if one is similar to Vietnam's most infamous deportee it may be an idea not to draw attention to it. I may blog on Sussex next time, if Christina does not object.
PS K.McEgan is a cunt.

Rabbi Broomhandlevich said...

Are you a four by two Ron? You certainly have Semitic facial features. If so I am rather surprised because I remember you blogging elsewhere how your maternal grandfather died at Auschwitz when he got drunk on and fell out a watch tower whilst on duty.

Ron Broxted said...

Were the Jews really behind Jack the Ripper and the Whitechappel sex workers that were so brutally murdered?

Anonymous said...

Pepperball loaded paintball markers and unloaded 9mm handguns doesnt really count as fully armed does it?

If the Israelis just wanted to kill people as so many here claim, why werent they armed with their standard issue assault rifles or submachineguns? Heck, why did they bother landing on the boat and personally shooting a handful when they could have just sank the ship with torpedos and then machinegunned the survivors from the helicopters?

Anonymous said...

"Hold on a minute iron bars and machettes? Still no match for a fully armed squad of highly trained soldiers, though."

1. The first wave was not fully armed.
2. There were much less than a squad present when the shit began.

And no amount of high training will make you invulnerable to stabbing or throat slitting, especially if the mob outnumbers you 15:1.

I do not want to be a hack for either party, but god, why don't you try to be at least a little fair.

The first wave landed into complete shit, was in serious danger of being wiped out or taken hostage, and yes, it is partly a problem of their commander who obviously wasn't informed of the situation.

But let us not pretend that a huge mob armed with machettes is anything short of immediate mortal threat. And it can't be beaten back with kung-fu.

Anonymous said...

the land of palestine was never "jewish"

abraham was an "IRAQI" never from palestine then called canaan.

it is jehovah that seems to have promised him/ his descendants any land. the jewish people are told by jehovah that all the land from the nile to the euphrates belongs to them. if you don't believe me go read "genesis".

there has always been other people living there who are not jewish or followers of abraham. this is confirmed by genesis all the way back to the end of the old testament.

its funny, the old testament is one long rant against non jews and a long list of genocidal behaviour towards non jews particularly those non jews in palestine. despite being given the "right" to own the land by jehovah all their plans and schemes to wipe out the non jews of the region the old testament ends still complaining about the non jews of the land and still promising to deliver them death and carnage.

"gaza shall writhe in terror" being one juicy homicidal psychotic pronouncement.

by the time the old testament ENDS the romans haven't visited - i guess all their hatred and machinations against the rest of the world NEVER worked out - they never worked out that it never could.

at some point between then and now some crazy russians converted to the jewish religiion and "returned" last century. since then they have been killing the locals old testament style ever since. you can liken it to the chinese converting to christianity then a thousand years "returning" to their home land of palestine.

it didn't work out for the jewish faith then , it won't work for the jewish faith now, give it up already.

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