Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some easy listening

What the Germans think of us.

As a matter of reference, I lived and worked in Germany for 12 years, first as a musician, then in computers, then my own motorsport business. Four of my children were born there. I was in love with the place for seven years and spent the next five trying to get out. You need permission to breathe in Germany and in the end, it made me into the Libertarian I have become.

Strangely enough, I am spending the next five years attempting to leave the UK for exactly the same reasons I left Germany. New Labour took just 13 years to achieve the impossible. Turning the British State into a German one. Something the Germans themselves never managed (not through lack of effort, I add)


Anonymous said...

THe Germans are inured to the state, by the authors own admission. They carry ID Cards without a thought, and in fact, think YOU are mad for not wanting one. This is the supreme delusion of Belgians, Germans the French and all these people; they have been brainwashed into thinking that submission to the state is freedom, or in the words of this 'journalist', "no big deal". Sorry, Heinrich, the British and all people who come from a non European culture are not brainwashed like you are.

who did it said...

As for the knowledgable gents comments surrounding the smoking ban and Britain,s utter joy at upholiding this spitfull Eu dictat he is correct we have had any defiance kicked out of us and governed to submission, as for the article to ask nic to ammend the smoking law well if this is the same nic I,m thinking of ie Camerons fag you would not find a graetr enthuisiast for Eu laws if they were dressed in a black uniform with matching boots goose stepping to work

caesars wife said...

Germany ! I have never been , been to Switzerland though and that was nice .

I had always thought you could do what wanted in Germany , no speed limits on autobhans, state sanctioned red light areas , not too fussy about drugs seems kinda liberal to me .

but they do have that sort of constant efficency angle with a masculine edge to it and there sense of humour is wierd to me , they never seem to happy with low standards or make a bit of fun of it . Dam good beer though and hotdogs varietys fabulous .

As for if you stay in the med at a hotel with german tourists , they seem to pretty heavy on service standards.

Never really had a conversation with an ordinary German , cant speak the language and only know one film Das Boat which would hardly be friendly opener.

Still hope we we win on goals and not penalties though , makes things so much more assured , when next on holiday.

Who do you trust? said...

But did Guido Fawkes sup free drinks on the terrace with his enemies?

opsimath said...

To be absolutely honest, I don't give a flying f*ck what anyone's opinion is of me.

If you don't like it here, go back to lederhosen-land - you make it sound like a paradise.

By the way, the captcha was latuat, but that sounds more French than Kraut - carries the same message, though.

Kit said...

Why should we care what the Germans think about anything?

It always strikes me as rather pathetic constantly worrying about other peoples opinions about yourself.

Rastus said...

I have spent some time in Germany both on business and as holiday maker.
I have found that the northern Germans are much more to OH's decription that the ones in the South.

We have toured quite extensively in the South off the beaten track where no one speaks English and although my command of their language is limited I can say that I have never been to a more friendly area, anywhere.

William Tell said...

OH, if you think the Germans are subservient to the State, try the Swiss, where they fall over themselves to shop their neighbours to the authorities for the slightness breach of petty laws.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Beware the onward creep of populist authoritarianism. "We must abolish child poverty" Who can disagree, what reasonable person would want children to be poor. "We must work for gay rights" Well OK, that Julian Clary he's a scream and Stephen Fry, what a clever bloke, who would deny such people rights. And we forget they have had exactlt the same rights as everyone else since the 1960s.
And so it goes on. And bit by bit we yield to the central authority in everything. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.

Chris Ferguson also known as K.McEgan and Ron Broxted said...

Please ignore any references elsewhere to me being an active police informant. You have my word that this is a smear campaign put about to discredit me by BNP, UAF EDF Fascist groups along with the KKK and jailed members of the ALF.

A. Gullible-Bustard said...

We all believe you, honest....snigger snigger.

Dame Davina Pancake said...

Holby - somewhat negative I feel dear.

Having lived in Germany for nine years and and then worked for a German biz in the UK - I have to say that the people are delightful. OK, you can't hang your washing out or cut the lawn on a Sunday & they do expect you to clear the snow in front of your property - well, great frankly. We spent Chrsitmas week in Berlin and I have to say, compared to London (which we love btw) - what a bloody refreshing change.

Anyone who hasn't been should give it a try!

Davina x

Chris Ferguson also known as K.McEgan and Ron Broxted said...

Being half German myself of my father's side I naturally enjoy visiting Germany, especially Hamburg where there is still complete sexual freedom and one can walk down the red light area's dressed in a full gimp outfit and nobody raises an eyebrow.

mungle said...

New Labour had perfected the technique of camouflaging every new law with a worthy sounding cause. And it as worked very well.And every new law, no matter how reasonable and innocuous it may seem at first sight. brings with it the potential for intrusion and arrest when the state wants to exercise those options.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

I decided that I hated Germany and the Germans in 1990
Me to taxi driver
"We want to try a really good German restaurant"
He actualy found us one and it had a micro brewery
Great beer and lots of meat
Then it was pudding time
"Vot vud you like?"
EVERYTHING for all of us(10)
"zat is a hundred dishes"
and? says I
Fuck me they turned up with sausages in batter and all sorts of dreadful shite, what sort of country serves toad in the hole for pudding?
Maybe it was a language problem

ceasars wife said...

CW is quite amused at new cashless events/pop concerts trials , apparrently instead of cash , you will wear a wristband which debits your event account and when you run out you top up .

oopps forgot to mention it will also create a database on what you bought and where you have been , which along with personal details will enable a profile to be sold to other companies/interest groups .

pravda card anyone

banned said...

Germany was the destination of my first solo trip abroad, at the tender age of 15, this was a time when the British media were still obsessed with WW2 from The Victor to the BBC and Cinema all I saw was "For you zee war is over, scweinhund" bollox which I didn't believe.
Almost everything about that trip and others later, was good except for some French twats in a youth hostel but the Australians sorted them out.

Best find, Franconian Dunkles Beer.

Captain Haddock said...

I've had a couple of great holidays in Germany .. particularly in the Rhineland ..

I recall one visit to Cologne, the ex missus & I were struggling with the restaurant menu (our combined German is a bit limited) when a local chap came over to us & in perfect English asked if we needed any help .. then proceeded to advise us what was good .. and what was not so good ..

We ended up having a lovely meal & drinks .. plus meeting a thoroughly nice bloke ..

I've always felt very much at home in Germany .. and found that the majority of people were prepared to help or advise, if approached with courtesy and a smile ...

bofl said...

i lived in frankfurt for two years...

mainly it is a great the summer they have great 'fests' where everyone gets hammered!

they do love the rules though...

and german 'efficiency'......that is a myth...

The Penguin said...

I recall flying Lufthanse and the Kapitain warned us that "ven ze seatbelt light comes on there had better be vun big klick!"

The Penguin.

Low Resolution Fox said...

On an unrelated topic, I am quite pleased with the trends of jobs advertised on the Guardian.

Based on this graph: showing Guardian vacancies hovering around 5000 throughout most of 2009.

I notice today they have but 1400 or so. 66% reduction in revenue?

Den Haslam said...

As my uncle helped out that nice Admiral Von Donitz can I support both teams?

Chris Ferguson also known as K.McEgan and Ron Broxted said...

I can say that my German relatives were not responsible for any atrocities in the second world war as they all fled to Switzerland to avoid military service. Likewise my relatives here fled back to Ireland to avoid being asked to fight against the Germans. I myself only lasted five minutes in the T.A RAMC when I signed up to get some extra money. They were beastly to me especially the dead eyed Sergeant, he just kept shouting at me until I broke down and cried my eyes out.
I often wish my relatives both German and British like me had more balls and were not such yellow backed cowards.

caesars wife said...

Psychic octopus has predicted Germans to win , CW is pretty certain Larger will .

IDS did a fine job of explaining telegraph story better than headline made out and articulated some of the other long forgotten essentials very well ,1 in 3 children without both parents is truly horrifying when you think about it, let alone the added chaos of such home lives . Under Labour we now have a group of adults who no longer recognise that home is somthing different than sex , or for that matter feel that the passed on knowledge of being good parents is relevent , I have no idea how to get these people to re evaluate there values into proper parental roles , rather than the injections of third way spin and leaflets they have had over the years and suspect it will be a long job .Labour have always mocked a stiff upper lip type sober home living by good values , prefering kids that put two fingers up to growing up . Being a man is so much more than being a football pre madonna , esp when you have kids .

Only other bits I caught were labour dishing out spurious unemployment figures to try and not have to explain the secret ecnomic dead zones after 13 years.

caesars wife said...

The octopus works for blofeld and is part of NWO : lol

the gang rape cover up - you voted for it. said...

The gang rape coverup - YOU voted for it.

There has been a group sex attack for every day of the last year - and two thirds of the suspects had convictions for theft and robbery. Half had been involved in street crime in the previous 12 months.

Most of the attackers were aged between 15 and 21, suggesting that the assaults - which mainly took place outside late at night or in the small hours - were an extension of the criminal activities of young robbers.

Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with care because it has sensitive racial overtones. It suggests a disproportionately high involvement of young black or Asian males in group sex attacks and that a high proportion of the victims are white females.

There is evidence that incidence of group rape is rising in other inner city areas of Britain, but little detailed research has been produced.

Anonymous said...

WTF has THAT to do with the Germans you cretin??

At the mo, I imagine that the Square heads think we are shite at football.

And they'd be correct !

Anonymous said...

At least they still have a manufacturing industry and I'll bet they could arrange a terrific piss up in a brewery.

Football and propaganda said...

Anonymous said...
WTF has THAT to do with the Germans you cretin??

At the mo, I imagine that the Square heads think we are shite at football.

And they'd be correct !

27 June 2010 19:24

WTF has your crass comment contributed to this thread on a broadly political/social impact blog?

Or do we simply wait for OH to make a post about gang rape before we expose such disturbing facts?

Now get back to Xfactor, before your tiny head explodes!

Or should we wait for more of your racial abuse of Germans by calling them square heads and banging on about the intellectual merits of football?

Perhaps you would like to start by exposing the way Football has been used as a propaganda tool by the globalists?

I look forward to your post on the subject, it should be most informative.

Anonymous said...

The fact they can play footfall better than the UK side also helps.
I am surprised and pleased no one has mentioned concentration camps yet as one of my relations died in one. He fell out of a machine gun tower pissed up and broke his neck.

caesars wife said...

Dam "trevor" the cephlopod and his tentacles of destniy , however we played pretty rubbish , Germans were straight through , watching Argentina vs Mexico showed how slow we were at shifting that ball about midfield .

best comment during match commentary (camera swing to dug out catching Pearce and Fabio in conversation)

commentator 1 " Stuart Pearce and Fabio having a chat , Stuarts Italian has been improving"

commentator 2 "yes especially the swear words "

Dave had to watch it with Frau Merkel , wonder if Dave said "we was robbed"

Frau Merkel " well it evens 1966 up a bit"

Dave "no ime still on about the EU contributions"

I tried to make sense out Obamas G20 speech , how will he halve the USA defiect by 2015 will be interesting in the detail .A global recovery on a scale needed to halve the USAs debts will be one hell of a leap in output, I take it the polar bears or tuna wernt consulted .

La Prima Donna (or primer donner if you prefer) said...

@ 13.52: pre Madonna? Fuck me, that's really ancient.

Anonymous said...

Still living here and being an Englishman with an out of date passport! 16 years and getting married in danemark next month?
Anony too right m8 braindead and free book burners!
Kontrol and the EUSSR
A lot of them think it´s shit and all?

Anonymous said...

But Mr Haslam isn't your bete noire called Andy? Do try band get it right, your list of aliases is making you (an even bigger) cunt than usual!

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