Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Papillon - Welcome to Devil's Island

Ken Clarke is right. Our record number of prisoners is an outrage and costs us a fortune.

More to the point, what exactly is the purpose of imprisoning anyone who is not a physical danger to other individuals?

The last 13 years of Labour have seen levels of trust by the State towards it's innocent citizens similar to those offered by the Soviet state towards it's erstwhile citizens; suspect all, trust none, imprison many.

We live in a land covered by CCTV. Our movements are monitored on ANPR cameras, new cameras will also be able to listen to our conversations in the street, travel cards and RFID passports, loyalty cards and credit cards monitor our locations and spending habits, Internet watchdogs monitor what we are thinking and searching for on google, databases log our entire lives and lifestyles. Vast swathes of State beuarocracy may enter your home at any time, open your mail or spy on you should you leave your bins out a day early.

Go outside and look. They will certainly be watching you. If in doubt, drop a little piece of litter or light a cigarette in a building. Or read the names of the dead in Iraq out loud. Or take a photo of a policeman. Or call a black person a coconut.

Ken is right. Only put those in prison who are a genuine threat to life. Let the others join us in Open Prison UK. There are enough warders out there in the form of PCSO's, community Wardens, civil enforcement officers to keep us in place.

My advice to you is the same given to any new convict by both the screws and the seasoned inmates at any prison:

  • If it's yours, hide it or nail it down. If you don't it'll be gone.
  • Don't smile or converse with the warders.
  • Half the people in here are innocent, don't worry about it.
  • Don't be a grass. Ever
You can still leave HMP Britain without an exit visa issued by the Guvnor, but you'll need a boat. Or like Steve McQueen in Papillon, you can hope for a 7th wave. First though, you'll need to recognise that you ARE on Devils Island and no matter what privileges the Guvnor has given you, it is still a prison. It is not freedom.


ampers said...

I wonder what the law would be if I walked around the centre of London with a t-shirt station:

I hope the S.O. of
anyone watching me
on CCTV dies a
violent death

On both the front and the back so they don't miss it.


Old Holborn said...

I can think of at least 3 "laws" you are breaking

Anonymous said...

Fucking disgusting:

Soldiers don't have any human rights on the battlefield but are expected to ensure the human rights of the enemies of the state are upheld.


M. Skoda said...

Sans doubt our resident troll could help. Is there a limit to how many times he can unmask Ron? Ever heard of Cry Wolf Constable Haslam? Now get back to being an ineffective braindead talentless nonce!

Peperbarmi said...

"Open Prison Uk",apt I must say,the only thing our watchers havent yet done to us is stick tracking devises up our arseholes.

Thanks to the Conservatives,thats with a fucking tiny c,every thieving,mugging,violent low life in the country now knows that very soon the CPS will be bending over the bar backwards and putting a love bite on the judge`s shaft to keep em out of the poke.While gladly locking up grannies for owning a relic pistol.

Yeah there`s more criminal offenses now than ever thanks to the bastard child of Communism ,the Socialist`s, all the mug public ,of all creeds ever wanted was crims who do harm to go to fucking jail and not want to ever go fucking back.

I predict a crime wave,and Ill be going out with the pissed off mob,with a flaming torch , armed with a fuck off pitch fork called justice and a hemp rope called punishment,when us minions break under the weight of crime we will be forced to wake up and realize we are just drones and justice and protection is only meant for the wealthy and the ruling classes,then the vigilantes will rise up and serve justice in their own image.

Swift and brutal!


Anonymous said...

You may be able to leave prison block UK but all you do is go to another prison block.

The warders went from being picked by birth to picked by sycophantic loyalty, no change on the farm for the animals (and they don't the animals eating the beasts anymore.)

Benefit Buster said...

Get a job McEgan !

You benefit-scrounging communist twat.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that not chucking everyone in jail who commits a crime (fucking rofl as if), doesnt translate into early releases or people who should go to jail being given community service

goverment propaganda blog no 1 said...

Some good points OH but where does the truth `lie` with this goverment? see all this `appears` comes from Bilderberg Ken, more likely a NWO think tank of con men and marketers out to rob you or your freedom and your finance, words are just that - words)Bilderberg Ken who sat/sits? on a corporate tobacco board raking the money in for doing what excactly? a man who sold us out at every opportunity to the wastefull undemocratic EUSSR, a man who was put in charge no less of increasing democracy in the UK - in light of his views on the EU this has to be a joke, right?

Yes it's all a big f*cking joke to them, smoke and mirrors.

I don't trust a damn word they say, as while they give you commensense keeping you nodding along on the doorstep, they rob you blind round the back, push you out and change the locks.

The privatisation of the prison service will continue to gain pace and the corporates that have the politicians in their pockets will continue to profit from it.

If anything we will see more prisons and more prisoners as it is profitable for the elites, and it all comes from you!

Don't believe a word these bastards (or rather their NWO `think tank/real policey makers` scriptwriters) say, smoke and mirrors.

we have heard all the rhetoric before, tough on the causes of crime etc, education education, blah blah blah.


Anonymous said...

The goverment are like car jackers,
they pull you in by pretending to be injured in the road, just an inocent person needing help, all very reasonable(BBC propaganda).

As soon as you get out of you car after being suckered in, dropping your defenses they beat you up jump in your car and mow you down, steal your credit cards, go on a rampage and laugh their asses off as you are left with the bill and the aftermath while they got their jollies!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good idea to imprison fewer people.

But an even better idea not to criminalise them in the first place.

For a start Clarke could scrap any offences where there is no victim. How about starting off with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971?

Happy voter said...

So does that mean Morley, Chater, Devine and Hanningfield will not serve custodial sentances?

Old Holborn said...

Happy voter

As I keep saying, I don't want the little piggies to go to gaol. I want them to get off using common law. then we can all do as they do.

Ranunculous said...

There seems to be universal aggreement that filling prisons full of lowlife that then have to be kept and supported, to the tune of billions of pounds, by the very people they "attacked", is the deepest folly. But no one seems to have come up with an alternative.

I came accross this one day,and it made me think. It should be tried.

Catflap said...

I wish I could go back in time and show all the 'Reformists'who started this shit back then,what the UK looked like in 2010.
"Prison isn't working"
Neither would hanging if you used a fucking Bungee rope Clarke,you Cunt.

caesars wife said...

Good post OH . Ken perhaps had seen the 38k per prisoner cost and wondered if it was value , where he slipped up was the victims view of justice . The idea that criminality is some sort of disease has been around for a while , drug and alcohol dependency being identified as part of the picture .

I dont doubt there are some lives where crime is means to sustain a numbed mental state , the problem is , is should they be free to carry on doing it .

But then Ken touches on rehabilitation and hints that prevention may yield better results per £ spent .

Prisoners are a failure of sorts to make citizens who are law abiding , but some people will always be there who are a danger and therefore have to be incarcerated .

so there will always be a cost to keeping certain criminals off the streets , I have some sympathy with the idea of rehabilitating the wayward , but going straight from guilt to rehabilitation without passing through justice seems to somehow lessen the position of the victim or for that matter changes the role of the police .

prison works in the sense it keeps those with criminal actions off the streets , rehab cant help but be secondary to this and is more of an educational issue .

what Ken should explain is what educational programs work better than locking people up for all (rather than part) of there sentence . If locking up and deprivation of freedom , to make them value being law abiding by experiencing the punishment properly .If prison is no longer a deterent on small offences , then we are into new terroritory on what factors are creating shallow and insenseative minds , immune to the prison experence meanings .

Ken didnt quite make sense of cause and effect , but he did try.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Top post, OH. The much-fabled panopticon state, it would seem, has always been their goal.

It's so close they can almost touch it.

Cunt Spotter said...

McEgan is a cunt that's for sure.

Electro-Kevin said...

It's quite hard to get imprisoned, actually.

The easiest way is to refuse to pay a parking fine or council tax.

Shanghai7 said...

Prison reform?
One could start with getting rid of political prisoners in U.K jails. Cottaging should not accrue the same punishment as torturing a cat to death. ALF scum such as Lewis Pogson and Heather Nicholson are rightfully jailed, whilst BNP supporters should enjoy better facilities. If a consistantly tough on law and order party such as the Tories mentions cutting custodial places as a means and method of keeping costs down then the economy really is up the creek without a paddle. Now then Your Honour about my unpaid fine for £300, for outraging public decency, it's not going to get paid you cunt, not all the time I am hiding in Belfast that's for sure.

Shanghai7 said...

Prison reform?
One could start with getting rid of political prisoners in U.K jails. Cottaging should not accrue the same punishment as torturing a cat to death. ALF scum such as Lewis Pogson and Heather Nicholson are rightfully jailed, whilst BNP supporters should enjoy better facilities. If a consistantly tough on law and order party such as the Tories mentions cutting custodial places as a means and method of keeping costs down then the economy really is up the creek without a paddle. Now then Your Honour about my unpaid fine for £300, for outraging public decency, it's not going to get paid you cunt, not all the time I am hiding in Belfast that's for sure.

Old Holborn said...

No Kev, refusing to pay a parking ticket means you lose whatever privileges the Guvnor has given you for good behaviour.

All the guvnor said today is that parking tickets will no longer get you 30 days on E wing, it's too expensive (for the guvnor) and he'd rather you were paying taxes instead. To him. The "crime" of parking where the guvnor said you shouldn't still exists and you WILL be punished.

Michael Mansfields A Cunt said...

How about turning it on its head except for serious crimes. Instead of sending someone to prison for 18 months say for GBH, send then down for six months hard labour and make the fuckers work for twelve hours a day. If the argument is that they just sit around swapping criminal idea's, well make it so they crawl back to their solitary cells with barely the energy left to eat their shit but nutritious meal.
Add another element, if the fuckers cannot read and write when they enter, tell them they will stay until they can and do basic arithmetic. This will help them when they start job hunting.
As for community service, make the fuckers wear bright pink overalls with the words criminal on the back.
Shame and punish them, instead of pandering to their idle natures. I guarantee this system would reduce the numbers re offending.

selsey.steve said...

I agree entirely with the idea of not placing those guilty of "minor" offences in gaol in order to free up space for those whoe desreve incarceration. In lieu of imprisonment might I suggest that offenders are beaten with a cane or thrashed with a leathern strap? Thirty or so lashes would serve to concentrate the mind on the ways of lawful conduct, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

HG Wells says the roman empire died not by invasion but taxes. the over taxation of the empire eventually weakened everything until the empire had nothing to give nor resist with.

the idea of tax is warfare on the residents by any other means. once a year rather like the helots of sparta new taxes and increased taxes are brought into effect.

the result is a massive weakening of the state, everything becomes too expensive, unemployment skyrockets.

britain is in the grip of a religious war at the moment it needs more money to pay for the wars. it also needs more laws to keep the population as outlaws. essentially it is returning to its feudal roots, joe public is now a "villain" from the french "ville" or person of the town. when the french speaking vikings conquered angleterre in 1066, the natives were viewed with suspicion. all natives were villeins or villains.

it was decided in 1970s that britain was to be smashed. first this meant the education system was to be smashed no more educated public meant no more thought. hand in hand came the smashing of industry. why would you need educated people if you had no industry? you might well need some bankers and landlords but educating the native population was counterproductive. margeret thatcher finally did away with the middle class whilst leader, she finished the job of "labour".

it was decided that britain and its inhabitants were to be weakened and used to bring about the ramblings of the old testament into flesh. so the wars on the middle east continue, so the taxes grow higher and so the stranglehold on the villains grow tighter.

britain is a police state - its why i don't live there anymore.

if you vote for people who hate you what reward should you expect?

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