Tuesday, 8 June 2010

a message to Mr Cameron


Anonymous said...

If only Breetish parkystarnee commoonittee leaders were as amusing as Mr (spit) Khan in real life. However theya re not. Theya re uppermost in maintaining the parkystani islamist ghettoes (as are theri equally dangerous, Sikh, hindu etc etc counterparts) and their hierarchies and their alternative banking systems as well as their maniupulation of votes for their own political ends.

Dangerous cunts the lot of 'em!

KBW. said...

Kick the fucking wogs out.

Marchamont Needham said...

The funniest part of that is that we paid for it.

Like much BBC comedy output - "it'd be good if it was funny".

Death & Taxes said...

"do nothing...like all politicians"


Miss E. J. Frogster said...

So is Gordie now taking a holiday?

This is my song 'Gordon Brown be my Angel'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCEWhEuhRoo (lyrics annotated)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znUtocdwnYw (BETTER SOUND QUALITY)

Brahms Lullaby

Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
Will you be my angel?
Guardian angel is what I meant
Will you rescue my soul?

For you are in charge
Of these people I wrote to
Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
Let me place my trust in you

Gordon Brown! MP’s!
Let me sing out loud
For what you do, for my country
For my reproductive system

You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
I am desperate for you
Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
I’m a violated woman

Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
Help me sleep like a baby
Will my babies ever come out?
Maternal desires!
I lost my womanhood
In a sinister curse
Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
You are perfect for that!

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