Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lord Monkton nails global warming loons

Lord Monckton, a former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher during her years as Prime Minister of the UK, concluded the case for the proposition. He drew immediate laughter and cheers when he described himself as “Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, scholar, philanthropist, wit, man about town, and former chairman of the Wines and Spirits Committee of this honourable Society”.

At that point his cummerbund came undone. He held it up to the audience and said, “If I asked this House how long this cummerbund is, you might telephone around all the manufacturers and ask them how many cummerbunds they made, and how long each type of cummerbund was, and put the data into a computer model run by a zitty teenager eating too many doughnuts, and the computer would make an expensive guess. Or you could take a tape-measure and” – glaring at the opposition across the despatch-box – “measure it!” [cheers].

Do read more about the debate at Oxford Union


People will willfully ignore the truth said...

Monkton is class, a real hero and a beacon of sanity in the mad upside down world, inside the maze the NWO have placed us.

Still. most people ignore facts as they are conformist sheep, here is the proof -

So Monkton has an uphill struggle on his hands, though he appears to be winning, even though they will press ahead with it regardless.

Just ask Dave and his relative Goldsniff and their other family member the Rothschilds.

I wonder if Mr Rothschild with get prince big ears to do the NWO dance again in front of the crowds, go on big ears debase yourself in front of the world again for Mr Rothschild and your slice of the debt, tax and enslavement pie.

Anonymous said...

Even Charles the first never betrayed and robbed the people like these shits hiiding in the shadows pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Pump the brainwashing into the communist schools and universities, then hey presto the state has instant activists that can be marched out to screem at anyone who does not share their programming!

Funny how many consider themselfs to be marxists who believe in wealth redistribution - well at least before they actually get to make some, which is why you only ever se students on lefty marches! they are in fact the biggest supporters of the corporate elites, generating missery , war and poverty on the whole world and more often than not the poorest!

Even when you tell the programmed students the facts, they screem at you claiming it's lies and they they were warned about liars like us with alternative agendas, we must all be working for the Oil companies, yet it is the corporate oil companies backing the whole load of bollocks.

Well, all I can say is thank f*ck for the internet, a tiny glimmer of light shines through, though you can be assured they are doing all they can to block it out and have some more anti free speech legislation in the works to imprison anyone who should speak out, much like the unessesary, over the top and deliberately vague `race` laws that silenced immigration concerns through fear of imprisonment aided by phycological abuse from the media and through the education system.

The result is self censoring, the sheeple will do as they are told.

Just as you do now.

Anonymous said...

Only 2 weeks old, not bad going.

caesars wife said...

As you know I supported global warming (proper title heating) theory and was like a few geeks who like ecosystems , was , how shall I put it , taken in .I was in good company there were plenty of other , well qualified and well known people spouting the same in what was a kind of class war event.

The trouble is that respectable organisations were doing it , and the theroretical consequences fitted in well , if the greenland ice sheet does melt sea levels will rise , if snow line rises and glaciers melt water supply to high popualtion areas becomes unpredictable , amazon forest has less rainfall it becomes savanna and big oxygen provider is lost .

There is still the question of damage by pollutants and just damaging ecosystems by bad extraction or agriculture or manufacturing but the majority of this is in bad countries own backyards .

As pointed out key factor is what the sun is pumping out and outwieghs any measured (other than massive volcanic or asteroid from historical records) effect . When I began to wonder why this wasnt being put into proper context ,I just couldnt believe that these scientific experts would mislead so many , didnt help that some climate denying stuff was funded by bad companies either.

Turing point for me was when carbon credits scheme was being fiddled in europe and then it clicked , carbon credits would not tackle , deforistation or pollution sources , just looked like it was .

I mean as if CO2 was responsible for killing the amazon , trading carbon credits wouldnt stop it .

There were other scams as well , biofuels got no punishment despite it having a multiplyer effect because you had taken land out of natures function and put it to producing transport emissions .

Took a bit of figuring out that all copehagen and davos was a load of rubbish , but basically just never thought anyone would want to make up stories about killing planet .

Is it a leftie/lizard/bilderberger plot , well you got to admitt that when the guff is being produced as high as the UN , without proper peer review , for a carbon credit scam , somthing isnt right .I mean science isnt supposed to be corrupted , its meant to stand when tested .Things like whoops glaciers we showed you arnt introuble isnt just lax measurement , its lying .

That said I am not budging on ecosytem damage , GM crops , or fisheries management,carefull use of resources , or the need to leave areas just for nature to make the planet work , but that has little to carbon credit trading . (or did it)

Electro-Kevin said...

I think the picture sums it up.

The geeks will set themselves up as 'warriors' to impress the totty.

Even when there was nothing much to rebel against (ie 50s Britain)young, educated men rebelled ... basically to get laid.

Answer: castrate all undergrads.

Kit said...

I actually feel a modicum of optimism here. People generally do seem to be realising that global warming is an expensive con job.

more lefty retards said...

You think that picture is sad, did you see them when they marched as the UAF state thugs?

This picture is real, 100% un photoshopped, I know it's hard to believe!

They are planning ww3 said...

Kit said...
I actually feel a modicum of optimism here. People generally do seem to be realising that global warming is an expensive con job.

7 June 2010 01:24

I hope youre right, but even if you are they will simply change tact and use other methods of total global control, such as WW3 and all the while they have our politicians in their pockets through blackmail and bribes they will continue to abuse us.

They intend to wipe most of us out, they have already overseen seen the decline of Europeans through the promotion of soft kill methods such as birth control, abortion, womens lib (men and family haters and slaves to the corporates) and now they are pushing youthenasia.

The Europeans have been set on a course of extermination, all of it planned years in advance.

They are going for ww3, they are just putting their pieces in place.

The more that get wiped out from all sides the happier they are - ww3 is their goal, it will do what it always does, wipes out much of the population including the Europeans they seem to detest and enslaves what is left of the nations through usery loans that funded the war.

third world aid - NWO money laundering said...

Another big con from the NWO is third world aid. many of these countries are better off than us and can afford space programs, while we supposedly give them billions in aid.

Think about it for a second.

The NWO collapse the economy then make us take their loanshark enslaving debt, Dave then says he will INCREASE the supposed third world aid when we are borrowing the money from the nwo to give to other countries.

now this aid is bullshit, less than 10% of it ever goes to the needy.

most of it goes strait back to the NWO and their cartels, it is a money laundering service, the money that has been borrowed from the NWO at interest and then handed over apparently as aid, goes strait back to the NWO, they either pay off their corrupt officials, set up more NWO control centers or make the aid country stuff from the cartels they own.

in short the british taxpayer, borrows money it does not have at interest from the NWO to give it to NWO puppets, setting up the NWO infrastructure - fake charities, and buying direct from the NWO cartels.

in short the NWO loans you money so you can pay it back to them plus interest!

Anonymous said...

'in short the NWO loans you money so you can pay it back to them plus interest!

7 June 2010 08:25'

Meanwhile old people die from not being able to heat their homes this winter, opperations are cut and Dave says with a smile he is increasing third world aid (NWO money laundering).

austerity cuts will be along shortly so we can meet the bankers interest payments and transfer all our wealth to them, followed by the eco tax millionair Dave and his billionair relative Goldsniff thinks we need as their relative Rothschild the trillionair needs the money! while Dave hands billions that we dont have and cannot afford as we gave it all to the bankers, over to the NWO bankers in third world `aid`.

Hands up who thinks Dave gives a shit about you?

NWO to tax bloggers and hand over the cash to their corporate press said...

"In other words, government policy would encourage a tax on websites like the Drudge Report, a must-read source for the news links of the day, so that the agency can redistribute the funds collected to various newspapers."

The report also discusses the possibility of offering tax exemptions to news organizations, establishing an AmeriCorps for reporters and creating a national fund for local news organizations. The money for those benefits would come from a suite of new taxes. A 5 percent tax on consumer electronic devices such as iPads, Kindles and laptops that let consumers read the news could be used to encourage people to keep reading the dead-tree version of the news. Other taxes might be levied on the radio and television spectrum, advertising and cell phones.
Were the MSM to investigate stories instead of tamely accepting the drivel dished out by governments, were the MSM to report facts honestly, people might want to read their papers and watch their broadcasts. Instead, they dish out propaganda and outright lies, and altogether fail to report on important issues, such as the Lisbon Treaty, pre-ratification.

Now, we are to be taxed to link to the MSM, taxed to read it and we bloggers would be taxed to write, while the MSM are subsidised with tax breaks.

Taken from fausty who took it from someone else.

Anonymous said...

Read the who;e thing about the NWO desparate to cling on to total control through the media at Fausty's here -

Hey Fausty, how come the anon comments are switched off? your comments seem to have evaporated since that happened.

It i the comments taht are always the most interesting part of a blog.

Anonymous said...

Climate change is happening, but you lot are so daft that you would rather put your head in the sand and pretend it isn't because to acknowledge it inconveniences you.

Well, thanks a fucking bunch - the effects are going to massively inconvenience future generations.

People who doubt the basics of climate change are serious fuckwits. No I am not brainwashed - I can assess the evidence for myself. You lot meanwhile cling onto waffle spouted by Monckton - he's an old duffer who knows sweet FA.

The future's fucked - thanks.

Anonymous said...

he's an old duffer who knows sweet FA.
OK clever fuckwit explain the medieval warm period,when greenland was not covered in ice,when grapevines were grown in scotland and yorkshire,not brainwashed your havin a larf,yeah the futures fucked while we let it be,i also notice you change it from global warming to climate change...err yes thats what climates do change,trouble with fuckwits like you think the world is an office block with a built in thermostat,it never was and never will work like that.

bofl said...

i wonder why everyone gets so worked up about global warming?

how many of the 'screamers' boycott paper or cardboard products?

rubber from indonesia?
copper from chile?
gold? captured by destroying the rainforest and poisoning it with chemicals and mercury?

i wonder why these people are so easy to manipulate?

global warming is a scam....
and our self appointed guardian 'experts' and 'scientists' are all bought and paid for......

moralising for a price.....

how very altruistic!

Ron Broxted said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shanghai's Right Wrist said...

Good luck picking strawberries in Lincolnshire Ron Broxted you old queen. Having perused your other sites, let's hope your strawberry picking skills are a lot better than your writing skills. Don't hurry back fool.

Kiska said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leather Apron said...

Anonymous at 10:08

'No I am not brainwashed - I can assess the evidence for myself'

And how exactly are you able to do that when the data and evidence is being manipulated and/or not released when requested?

JD said...

Some great comments here today. Thanks OH.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

"Well, thanks a fucking bunch - the effects are going to massively inconvenience future generations."

I don't remember Anonycunts like you complaining when your metro-liberal ilk were taking out mortgages that you couldn't afford in the leafy suburbs. The fall out of which is going to massively inconvenience future generations.

I don't remember Anonycunts like you complaining when councils were arming themselves to the rafters with diversity coordinators, lesbian outreach workers and street football coordinators. The cost of which is going to massively inconvenience future generations.

Might it be, that Anonycunts like you also didn't complain when you were spending money you didn't have on crap you didn't need just to have a slightly bigger gazebo than the Jones's? The effects of which are going to massively inconvenience future generations.

As far as I'm concerned, it's you lot trying to fleece us. So you go out and you prove climate change is man made and give us cold (ha!), hard unmanipulated data (no, it doesn't count when it's kept behind closed doors for decades but we're still expected to pay).

So, I thank you. A fucking big bunch.

Old Holborn said...


David said...

You can squabble over the rhetoric from either side or you could get some scientific facts at your fingertips.. search itunes for the free app skeptical science

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