Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A little History

In 1947, survivors of the Holocaust decided that despite the British (who stopped immigration in 1938, condeming thousands to death at the hands of the National Socialists), they were going to Israel.

They bought a boat and over 4,000 of them set sail from France. 20 miles before they reached Palestine, in International waters they were boarded by the British Navy and three of the passengers were killed by the British Forces. The boat was then sent back to Germany and the passengers were placed in ex-concentration camps, under German guards.

It appears that yesterday, Israel completely missed the chance to learn the lessons of the Exodus instead prefering to do what it always does. Shoot first, deny later, then ignore.

Full story here

On Wednesday, a ship from Ireland will reach the Palestinian coast. It is carrying paper and cement. Both of which are banned in Gaza by the Israeli state. I wish it well.

As a matter of interest, here is a list of "what is allowed" to be imported into Gaza by the Israeli state.


Nick2 said...

Good luck to the MV Rachel Corrie, and I hope that its cargo (cement & paper) are allowed in by the Israelis.

But the ship's not like a diplomatic bag - the IDF have every right to inspect it & to direct it to unload at Ashod.

Twisted Root said...

It's one of those immutable laws of nature OH; you become the thing you hate.

Ethan said...

But the ship's not like a diplomatic bag - the IDF have every right to inspect it & to direct it to unload at Ashod.


Play the game -big boys rules.

Old Holborn said...

Could you show me the "right" you refer to?

triacc said...

Regarding the MV Rachel Corrie: “Their port has been closed for over 40 years . . . 1.5 million people, it’s like the population of Northern Ireland, totally cut off from the world by this inhumane illegal siege of Gaza . . . their borders are closed . . . there is a shortage of medicines,” she said.

They have not been totally cut off from the world. Lauren Booth got in FFS and was pictured at a grocers (replete with shelves groaning under the weight of comestables) buying food to maintain her far arse.

Who controls the materials, food and medicines that do flow into Gaza?

The treatment of Jews in the past does not excuse Israel's actions today. No. It is the continued terrorist presence indiscriminately lobbing bombs into their homes that excuses Israel's actions.

I wonder how many people in Gaza who just want to get on with their lives secretly hope the Israelis will make it all better for them rather than getting off their arses are removing the terrorist elements from the leadership themselves. Could Israel's continued pro-active actions against terrorism be counter productive? The reasonable arabs keeping their heads down rather than becoming unreasonable towards their own 'betters'.

Sick to death of Old Holborn and his fuckwit anti-Israeli fuckpigs said...

OH...Fuck Off, you pathetic anti-semite.

Hamas - fuck off too and allow some proper negotiation.

What a fucking boring self righteous post.

You've become a joke

Anonymous said...

Just sat through 6 mins of the Beeb's news coverage. Laughed my head off at the 'Britons' on board! Another bunch of mozzie sympathisers - all asian/arabic apart from the one featured naive middle class tart who acording to Papa isn't at all political!

Not a real northern eurpoean among em


Nick2 said...

Old Holborn said...

Could you show me the "right" you refer to?

How about the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)?

Passage is innocent so long as it is not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of the coastal State. Such passage shall take place in conformity with this Convention and with other rules of international law.

Passage of a foreign ship shall be considered to be prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of the coastal State if in the territorial sea it engages in any of the following activities

(a) any threat or use of force against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of the coastal State, or in any other manner in violation of the principles of international law embodied in the Charter of the United Nations;

(b) any exercise or practice with weapons of any kind;

(c) any act aimed at collecting information to the prejudice of the defence or security of the coastal State;

(d) any act of propaganda aimed at affecting the defence or security of the coastal State;

(e) the launching, landing or taking on board of any aircraft;

(f) the launching, landing or taking on board of any military device;

(g) the loading or unloading of any commodity, currency or person contrary to the customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations of the coastal State

Article 25. Rights of protection of the coastal State

1. The coastal State may take the necessary steps in its territorial sea to prevent passage which is not innocent.

2. In the case of ships proceeding to internal waters or a call at a port facility outside internal waters, the coastal State also has the right to take the necessary steps to prevent any breach of the conditions to which admission of those ships to internal waters or such a call is subject.

3. The coastal State may, without discrimination in form or in fact among foreign ships, suspend temporarily in specified areas of its territorial sea the innocent passage of foreign ships if such suspension is essential for the protection of its security, including weapons exercises. Such suspension shall take effect only after having been duly published.

Anonymous said...

hey June @12.58
You should fret about Anti semitism
What do you thinks its like being a
catholic ,smoking,drinking,married
(normal) man
Jewish folk have it easy in comparison

Oh by the way ,my Celtic ancestors
said the British Isle were our "Promised Land" so if you are not a Celt ,,bugger off

Last of the Cairn Keepers of Tara

Rebel Saint said...

So the people aboard the "Aid" ship were victims of a genocide returning to an ancient homeland after seeing 6 million of their race systematically butchered? They were then being fighting soldiers because they were being threatened with being returned to the death camps from which they were escaping? Sorry, the 'parallels' are lost on me.

And why were the people on board the aid ship speaking of their martyrdom before setting off? And why were they singing anti-Semitic songs before setting off? And why did they not do as the other 5 "Aid" ships did and simply dock at the other port and allow their "Aid" to be inspected before being delivered to Gaza?

And why does your laughable map refer to "Jewish land" yet not refer to "Arab land" or show the whole of the Trans-Jordan Peninsula. Is it because Arabs have full rights & citizenship available to them in Israel whereas Jews are ethnically cleansed from the areas coloured green?

Why pretend to be objective when the plain truth is the fact that you share the same pathological hatred of the Jews that the Islamofascist do? Why not simply say I want rid of them because they are Jews rather than try and wrap it up with spurious political justifications? They are wrong because they are Jews ... just say it. And I hope you and your friends from the religion of peace share a long, prosperous, peaceful & happy life together.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Israel, and fuck Palestine too.
Best thing that could happen to the area would be carpet nuclear bombing.

Anonymous - another one! said...

Anonymous said...

Best thing that could happen to the area would be carpet nuclear bombing.

Once the Iranians make/borrow/otherwise obtain nukes a partially melted Middle East is practically a certainty.

And I wouldn't be surprised if India/Pakistan get sucked in too.

Still - not all bad news then!

Anonymous said...

Israel has a right to defend itself.

Israel is the only democracy in the Mid East.

The aid ship was probably carrying nuclear weapons and anti-Jewish biological agents that attach to the yarmulke gene.

If you don't support everything Israel does, you're anti-Semite.

Israel is the victim of Palestinian aggression.

The people on the ship viciously bled all over the Israeli commandos and recklessly through themselves into the path of Israeli bullets.

Israelis are the Master Race who must subdue the filthy goyim and rule over them.

A magic man who lives on a cloud in the sky told me that the Jews should live in Israel and kill all the (Semitic) people who lived there originally.

This about covers all the usual hasbara excuses.

Anonymous said...

Haslam done it.

Anonymous said...

Israel, once a thug, always a thug.



Catflap said...

Anon 13:14,
Can't be as bad as being a non Catholic smoking,drinking married man surely.
At least the Yanks think the sun shines out of the Celtic arse.

Nick2 said...

Anonymous said...

If you don't support everything Israel does, you're anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

the usual hasbara excuses.

Wrong on both points - commenters don't have to be Friends of Israel or similar to criticise the motives & method of the Gaza Convoy, or the biased coverage in most of the MSM. (I have no affiliation or allegiance to Israel.)

Similarly I tell the truth as I see it to any over-enthusiastic pro Israelis I meet (as I do to anyone else, including law officers).

Not everyone who criticises IHH or (in part) defends the IDF is automatically a member of AIPAC. I'm not, for one.

Fausty said...


Being anti-Zion is not the same as being anti-semitic. I won't argue the point here - take the trouble to look it up.

Israel's attack on the flotilla was illegal, because the blockade itself was illegal. The Israelis also used unecessary force against civilians.

From the videos shown, there is no evidence to support claims that the violence shown was committed by the civilians. We have only the Israeli word on that.

Israel has 'previous' on this. In fact the tactics used can be considered to be its modus operandus, as the attack on the USS Liberty, in 1967 indicates.

Before any 'tards accuse me of being anti-semitic, I might point out that I'm half Jewish; my father was a refugee from Germany in 1939.

Anonymous said...

Being anti-Zion is not the same as being anti-semitic.

Yes, it is. If you don't fellate the mighty circumcised cock of Israel 25 hours a day, you're a fully paid-up member of the Nazi Party.

I might point out that I'm half Jewish;

So you're one of those self-hating Jews.

my father was a refugee from Germany in 1939.

Judaism descends through the mother's side, thus you are not a Jew. This also explains why you are anti-Semitic. You are not a member of the Master Race, although your dad was, and therefore hate us. You manky little half-breed.

Now, I'm off to fap to pictures of brave IDF soldiers beating the shit out of old Palestinian women.

Anonymous said...

Are you a member of the Al Aqsa farters brigade OH? You always seem to take the side of these maggots in any conflict.

RantinRab said...

I'm no expert on Israel/Jews/Palestine/Arabs etc etc but if Israel is the rightful land of the Jewish people why are Jewish people white?

And all the people surrounding them are not?

Anonymous said...

The Jewish people have a right to liberty and defend that right by ANY means necessary. As for OH, he's just a wog loving hamas leftie. (With crentialials from his time in Eastern Europe courtesy of the CPSU). Student daze?

Pot Kettle Black said...

Back to the more important issue ... when we going to get to see the publication of OH's election campaign expenses?

bofl said...

who are 'the jewish people'?

the majority of jews alive today are descended from khazars.....

they have nothing to do with Israel being their Heimat.

Israel is run by criminals and backed by criminals to make money....
justified by dredging up the past...

the russians actually lost the most people in ww2.....approx 20million.

Fantana said...

Stone me. Looks like the 67 war which the rag-heads both started and lost really buggered them up. And they say there's no God!

Span Ows said...

A little history...to add to yours: in reference really to the image of the maps: the second one was after the UN partition, agreed by ...err...the UN. The third would be after the Armistice agreements from the War of Independence (May 1948-July 1949) when 5 Arab country neighbours invaded Israel...so no complaints of land stolen one presumes once that had ended...the 4th map is after the Six-Day War at the end of which previous cease-fire lines were redrawn. Then Egypt's War of Attrition against Israel (1968-70) and finally the Yom Kippur War in 73 and then dozens of peace accords etc. Also it's woth pointing out that 25% of Israel citizens aren't Jewish so despite the map looking increasingly 'white' it doesn't tell the whole story.

Fausty said...

You are not a member of the Master Race, although your dad was, and therefore hate us. You manky little half-breed.

That is the extent of your 'argument'?

Enough said.

John R said...

If Israel is the evilblockader here why is it that Egypt blockades Gaza as well? In fact it has an even tighter grip on its land border with Hamastan than Israel does.

Funny isnt it?

Might it be something to do with the fact that Hahas is a rabid dog attacking everything around it and both Israel and Egypt don't wish to feed the killers on their doorstep?

Surely not.

Anonymous said...

The whole "stolen land" complaint doesn't hold water. Palestinians were happily selling off land to the Jews until 1997 when Arafat brought in a law that imposed the death penalty on any of his people who did so. The first to be killed was a 70 year old muslim, bound, gagged, bludgeoned to death and buried as an infidel. Four more Palestinians who had sold land to Israelis were killed the same month.
On the subject of the blockade, it's not easy to reason with a man who's willing to strap a bomb to himself and blow up a bus full of schoolchildren. If Israel has to prevent such atrocities by inspecting ships, then good for them.
And attacking armed soldiers with knives and metal poles seems to me to be neither very humanitarian or indeed intelligent.

whilst the world cried decency said...


You are either in the trench with the Jihadists & the neo marxists, or you are in the Israeli trench.

No grey area & no moral equivalence.

caesars wife said...

Are you sure you know where your going with this OH ? Human rights is a very muddy area in this neck of the woods , you only need to dig down 50ft to find solid jewish history ,with was longer than the Muslim or christian one .It is a problem how far you want to go back interms of injustice and rival layers of history.
The promised land for the descendeents of Moses and tribes?? .

However there may be a time for some sort of settlement to be worked at , at some point the table will take importance over the rockets and blockades .

The area has had the baathests (a sort of socialism),the terrorists and they wonder why western developed countries look on and declare them medieval.

If you cannot determine wether the zionists or the khaliefates will never sort it out then declaring hammas is misrepresented is not really immediate in solution .

however while they keep making each other poor and scaring tourists off they cant even lay the first few steps .

Perhaps we dont really understand it sometimes in the west , but i do know that having family photos done of children in explosive vests ,suggests they arent so keen on settlement or anything much to do with modern civilisation .

The alternatives ? can you imagine them, even Martin Macguiness tried to tell them it was pointless other than seeking peace .Fatah faction tried to offer an alternative and hammas went to running its own areas with criminal mob rule .

right wing jew shot Yitzshak Rabine and he had nearly got there with Yasser Arafat, one day they will realise there are too many bodies and failed society , but this generation of nutters seem to like square one too much .

Old Holborn said...

As a goy, my life is of no value to a Zionist. I am "worse than cattle"

As an athiest, my life is of no value to a Muslim. I am an infidel "pig"

Moderate Islam can and does exist. Moderate Judaism can and does exist.

But not in Israel.

Anonymous said...

You are either in the trench with the Jihadists & the neo marxists, or you are in the Israeli trench.

No. You're either a genocidal racist or you believe that human beings have the right not to live under foreign occupation and subject to state terror - and you believe that applies even to those icky people who aren't the same colour as you.

I know you can't understand this because your automatic response is to wish the painful death of anyone whose skin tone is darker than yours but not all of us fantasise about mass-murdering the darkies.

Anonymous said...

Holier than thou cunts. After years of pillaging africa and funding civil wars in Angola, Toga etc. to keep competition away from the diamond fields.
Installing central banks to screw everyone with debt. Stealing and hoarding other countries' art and riches. The list goes on and on. After all that, then turning around to point and snort at others supposed lack of morality.
No, not the Jews but ( not so) Great Britain. Fucking arrogant spoilt whingeing poms.

Sound and Fury said...

You know what? If they're going to squabble like this, neither of them deserve the land. Send all the Israelis to the US (because we know how much they love each other), and the Arabs to other Arab nations, and then denote the whole (vacated) region as 'frontier land', which anyone may homestead.

Better still, of course, would simply be to utterly destroy organised religion, because it [i]kills everything[/i].

Hamas are probably worse than the Israelis - which is like saying that the bubonic plague is probably worse than cholera.

thelunaticarms said...

Blame the British again. Damn, my ancestors were serfs long before the Nobles sailed to the Holy Lands.

We're up to our necks in the brown stuff and sadly, there is no room to shovel it clear so the best we do is crawl on top of each other to stop ourselves from drowning.

We're long overdue a war and there are too many useless eaters on this planet for us to survive comfortably.

Only thing I'm angry about it that it isn't me who gets to choose the doomed.

Still, let us pray that whoever inherits the earth does a better job than our current detestables.

All said in context of being stuck on the fence. 'joo this, muzzie that' can get boring after 1500 years of bullcrap.

Span Ows said...

hello Ted, sorry, I now realise you meant me when you wrote Stan! OK point taken...I am not saying the situation is ideal, far from it, and from that same source you see that (yet again) a British withdrawal has palyed a role in causing the polemic (as in Kashmir/India/Pakistan) Briatin abstained but the list you supply tells us that the world powers at that time (US, Soviet Union, France and the war-winning anglosphere of Australia, NZ, South Africa etc) were also in that nearly 3 to 1 in favour vote. Of the 23% against** the only surprise is India and maybe Greece, no doubt this latter foreseeing a Turkish rennaisance and the former was still with it's large Muslim population.

(**Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen)

As I say, the situation is not ideal but it's what there is. Had the Arab nations taken in the refugees (after encouraging many of them to leave whilst they pulverised Israel...oops, didn't work well did it?) and acceted the situation they be a darn sight better off now. The whole Middle east crisis could have been ended ages ago if they just stopped being so obtuse about the whole thing, they still hope it's a bad dream and Israel will go away so they keep the Palestinians as refugees to maintain the polemic.

Span Ows said...

shit, wrong thread!

Caratacus said...

What a load of bollocks.

Little Enders and Big Enders causing nothing but bloody misery as usual.

Thank Christ I'm not religious.

Noise said...

I always walk away from a discussion about Israel/Palestinian feeling a bit more confused than I started.

Am I being too simplistic when I consider that a general anti-Jewish sentiment is triggered by the successful entrepreneurism of some of the Jewish classes? Partially helped by their lack of desire for Western-style trinkets and excesses. Which eventually leads to similar feelings of resentment currently felt towards City of London bankers?

From a military perspective, I can certainly see why the only piece of land separating Africa and Europe/China/Russia would be considered strategically important. Particularly given our own interests in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, including our 'interest' in Iran and Pakistan.

Quite handy to have a biblical motherland of such strategic and economic importance isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Typical FUCKTARD reaction still a bit miffed you lost your deposit are we..pious fuckers got what they deserved, it had nothing to do with humanitarian aid, they were testing the Yids resolve...and now they know...

selsey.steve said...

Kill the shit for a minute.
The Jews got some desert land after WWII despite some vociferous protests.
What did they do with that land? They made it flourish. They turned desert into arable land.
What did the people opposed to the Jews do with their land?
Fuck all.
It is still desert and will remain forever so because those existing upon that land want everything to be given to them without any exertion on their part.
Just like how the Jews got what they have now. Not!

Ted said...

@ selsey Steve

What kind of bullshit is that? They were not 'given land', they were given 'someone else's land' what they done with that land is not relevant because it was not their land to do anything with it.

If I steal a car and do it up with a grand of my own money, the car does not become mine, just because it looks nicer than it did with the last owner.

Even if the real owner only ever used the car to shit in and I use the car to shuttle orphans to Sunday school, it still is not my car. The owner if this land has the right to do with it what he wishes and if that is fuck all who the fuck are you to tell them different?

Under pikey culture they feel they have the right to take other people's land and use it any way they want. Are they right?

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