Monday, 7 June 2010

It's only going to hurt if....

viscious child cruelty, 50 years ago

Cameron is preparing the ground for a massive cut in public services and hopefully a reduction in our bloated state in order to reduce the deficit that 13 years of a psychotic Labour gave us. Bring it on I say. It will affect every man, woman and child he says, perhaps for decades. No it won't. Not me.

You will only "suffer" if:

  • You cannot play a game of football without astroturf or floodlights, courtesy of the Council and a £3m pitch to keep da Yoof happy. In every town and village up and down the land.
  • You really liked having an Olympic pool in your town, even though you never used it.
  • You need everything translated into Somali
  • You have decided Poles are the right people to pick carrots whilst you are the right person to sit on the sofa all day claiming benefits
  • You are so incapable as a parent, you need an army of hairy lipped sandalistas to do the job for you.
  • You are incapable of taking responsibility for your own behaviour and actions
  • You demand your child has one on one tuition at my cost because it's easier than teaching him not to stab anyone at school
  • You bought things to impress other people and can't make the payments
  • You got your job because you are unemployable in the private sector
  • Your lifestyle "choices" make you unemployable
  • You believe that astral gems and aromatherapy are really needed in remote Welsh villages
  • You are fat and demand I buy you a mobility scooter instead of hitting the salads
  • You think it is your right to be treated equally even though you are a convicted thief
  • You think it is the States job to feed you, house you and clothe you
  • You are a Communist and expect everything for nothing, like in the 70's.
  • You are Welsh or Scottish and used to living on handouts whilst drunkenly shouting abuse at the English, the ones paying for it all.

Luckily, like a few million others in this country, I am none of the above and I'll be just fine. I'll get by, selling my skills, growing some food, ignoring fashion and consumerism, making do and taking responsibility, brewing my own beer, cooking my own food, insuring my own health, repairing my own car, mowing my own lawn and raising my own family. I have never ever required the services of a Diversity Coordinator and neither have you. They won't be missed at all.

So before you all panic, just ask yourselves what exactly you require from a bloated parasitic State that eats up nearly £1 TRILLION a year of OUR money, stolen from our children? A war in Iraq? A guided bus system in your local town? Albanian speaking nursing assistants? A potato marketing board? A general teaching council? Traffic Enforcement Officers?

It would be immoral to hand the bill Labour has now presented us with to our children. They will gain no benefit from the last 13 years of collective insanity. The very least we can do is hand them a clean sheet to make their own mistakes, just as we were handed one 13 years ago. Oh, and if you have kids, teach them that two jumpers make perfectly adequate goal posts, no need for Nike trainers, astro turf and a sparkling new multimillion pound "leisure" centre


ranter said...

Now that's the Old Holborn I love!

Lescromps said...

Oh yes this is top form,Old Holborn last blogger standing..

Custard said...

Another excellent piece OH

Get Smart said...

Time that shower of Liebour ars* lickers the BBC was sold off.
Dale Winton.."Hole in the Wall" give me a break.

Shanghai's Right Wrist said...

Good points OH, the strange thing is that with all these new leisure centres and gyms and swimming pools is that the vast majority of the population are grossly overweight. Perhaps they were built to supply jobs to thick people who went to nulabours plastic universities to obtain a degree in leisure centre management. The course cost about £25 to teach and nobody failed. Much better idea than a degree course in engineering where brains and real funding are required.

Timdog said...

Scorchio, love it.

The sense of entitlement directly inverted to level of ability and education is astonishing, and quite frankly irrelevant. I don't give a shit what people think they should have, I don't give a shit about people's feelings in this regard, people need to man up and stop fucking about. Get a job, spend within your means, focus on educating your kids and never ask for anything and you'll be alright no matter what happens.

Ampers said...

I am not saying it is a good or bad post OH...

But it's "NICKED"

Pedant said...

When are you moving to the log cabin?

BTW you have spelt the word vicious incorrectly.

Billy Blofeld said...

The best article I have read anywhere on the topic of cuts.

Ampers said...

Just had a thought, most of us who think this won't affect us haven't taken into consideration the devaluation of our savings. I guess it is time to look at investing in shares again rather than one year bonds.

Spare Us The Cutter said...

These cuts and the tax rises that wil follow are to pay for the trillion pounds we invented to give to the banks, nothing else.

Good luck with selling your Skills OH, not sure who you will be selling them to unless they speak Mandarin or Hindi because the ponzi scheme which has supported the European continent for 50 years is on the verge of collapse, inventing make believe money to deal with every crisis and wrapping it up in austerity measures just won't wash I'm afraid.

Ampers said...

It was a bad day for Britain when we rescued the banks. The argument that we couldn't afford them to collapse doesn't hold water when there are companies like Virgin and Tesco crying out to take over banks and branches.

But to say that is the sole reason for the problems we face indicates that, apart from the banking crises, "Spare us the cutter" is inferring that NuLabour has done nothing else wrong at all over the last thirteen years.


Anonymous said...

Fuck me. There really are some thick cunts out there, harping on about the banks and that if we hadn't saved them we'd be rolling in money.

Well, you fuckwits, you're wrong.

Britain's deficit is on it's current account. The money lent to the banks came from the savings account (i.e. freshly printed money). When the banks pay their loans back and we cash in on the shares, the money will go back into the savings account to cancel out the printed money. Sterling will get stronger and the pound in your pocket will have more value.

The current account will still be in the red. And the problem is that what gets paid into the current account every month is less than is paid out. That's what needs to change. Spend less than you earn. The government needs to do it even if you thick cunts don't.

Chalcedon said...

That guided bus system is still not working. It would have been cheaper to upgrade the remains of the railway line from St. Ives, but that means rebuilding a few bridges. What a stupid waste of money it all is.

Spare Us The Cutter said...

No Ampers not at all, I am no fan of the ridiculous spending that Labour have embarked on, but I do not think people realise what is about to happen, this will not be merely a case on cutting back on that wastefulness and street football co-ordinators etc, thats what is is being dressed up as. Everyone is about to get it in the neck, not just the state and benefits scroungers - and thats just to appease the money lenders that we will repay the trillion for the banks, when the Euro goes down the toilet taking all the mney owed to us by Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy etc etc with it, we are going to have to take on a trillion more merely to stay afloat at hairshirt level, we are moving into a new feudal age of debt serfs, nothing to trumpet.

In full awareness of how mental this sounds - learn how to hunt and grow food and get into the country, that is where we are.

Spare Us The Cutter said...

"When the banks pay their loans back"

The Euro and its constituent delinquent states in which these banks are exposed to their necks is about to implode thick cunt, the banks are not paying back anything, even the current govt is discussing breaking them up.

Anonymous said...

Also an orange box, some old pram wheels and a length of nylon cord is a perfectly good substitute for a new Motability car every three years as your preferred mode of transport.

Ampers said...

OK, and funnily enough your last paragraph makes sense. And the various organisations around the country that teach you how to live off the land are really thriving now.

And I am from Africa, foraging, hunting, skinning and living rough I can handle, but now at 71, I am not too sure if I want to!

The Grim Reaper said...

I wish you'd write more stuff like this and less in the way of pathetic rants about Jews taking over the world.

john in cheshire said...

don't forget all the money unnecessarily spent on muslims, both in this country and abroad. that should also be stopped. Particularly for the stupid arabs who happen to live in an area known as palestine. Why would we want to spend money breeding imbeciles?

Anonymous said...


Why does one always have to say thing about six times to wankers like Spare us the Cutter, and they still don't get it?

Look twat-face, if you don't understand things listen to adults ok?

Nearly every bank that was bailed out is in profit, so much so that everyone is up in arms about the bonuses they are paying. That means that their value has increased and guess what? So has the value of our shareholding. I'm going long that we'll actually make money out of the loans. Big time.

Bollocks to the Euro. We lent Pounds not fucking Euros.

Government is NOT looking at breaking them up you ignorant tat. They re looking at divesting so called casino from retail. Making two entities from one. Nothing will get broken.

Fucking idiot. If you leave your address here I'll send you a tin-foil hat. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

ref brewing your own beer.
The Woodfordes Wherry you recommended is lovely OH.

Spare Us The Cutter said...

"Nearly every bank that was bailed out is in profit, so much so that everyone is up in arms about the bonuses they are paying. That means that their value has increased and guess what? So has the value of our shareholding. I'm going long that we'll actually make money out of the loans. Big time."

Thats completely irrevelant you utter fucking moron, do you not understand how banks work? They are not shops that make money from stock with income, they expose themselves by lending money, and their profits and worth are only based on the reliability of their debtors repaying those debts and the interest they owe, they have lent billions of pounds to countries and companies within those countries who are about to default on repayments - are you really that fucking thick?

"Bollocks to the Euro. We lent Pounds not fucking Euros."

It does not matter what currency the banks lent in, or our Govt lent in if it is not repayed you utterly fucking stupid cunt.

Move away from your PC, locate your window and return to licking it.

Newgates Knocker said...

If it ever actually happens, I want to be the one that tells "Kylie" that little Jayden will no longer be getting his ADHD disibility living allowance for being a badly brought up little shit. Oh I want that job SO much!

Dick the Prick said...

Hang on one cotton picking minute - I need a strategic diversity officer to wipe my own arse. Who's gonna do that now OH? Who? You've just not thought this through.

D.G.Haslam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Do you understand how banks work? You don't seem to with the tripe you spout. I'll post this for you then ignore you. OK?

"They are not shops that make money from stock with income, they expose themselves by lending money, and their profits and worth are only based on the reliability of their debtors repaying those debts and the interest they owe."
Wrong. For a number of reasons.
1. They do fractional banking which means that they "print" money. The actual capital transference from the lender is only about 10% of the loan. The rest is packaged and sold on, with the attendant risk, to other investors.
2. I know, and I may be wrong, of no banks (IMF and World Bank excluded) that lend money to counties. They buy government bonds. If the value of those bonds sinks the yield increases and vice versa. These bonds can be bought and sold on the open market and sovereign funds and pension funds are amongst the buyers.
"they have lent billions of pounds to countries and companies within those countries who are about to default on repayments"
Wrong again on the countries part. They may lend to companies based on the balance sheet value and the realistic view of getting their money back. The more risk, the greater the interest on the loan and again these are packaged up and sold with the risk shared. Every heard of reinsurance?
Who is going to default on repayments? No-one I've heard off (apart from Argentina and Brazil). They may take further loans to service the debt, they may restructure their debt. They may ask the EU or the IMF for funds. They may sell assets to bring the debt down but a debt is a debt. Otherwise our government would just default wouldn't it?
Now step away from YOUR computer or call an adult to help you.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to print that off at work & hang it on the wall where all the lefties hang out :oD

Catflap said...

I read a good book called 'Babi Yar'which was a true account of the German occupation of Kiev in WWII.
Sausage making is the best way to survive and even prosper under such circumstances.
Just don't ask where the meat came from.

Spare Us The Cutter said...

I'm sure you want to ignore me as I keep making you look a fucking cunt.

Buying Government bonds IS lending money to countries, the bank is then exposed to the reliability of that country to repay debt, you say (in terms of Greece Spain etc) they will not default? Or they will borrow money from the EU (You mean Germany and France)or the IMF, well I would not rule out default with Greece and the likelihood of continual bailouts from Germany for Portugal and Spain is zero. So their only hope will be the IMF who will then renogotiate their debt repayments with the banks - creating a huge drop in those banks value as the market calculates the debts it holds as 'assets' are in reality never to be repaid and the banks asset sheets, just as in the credit crunch, are worth nothing near like their own estimates. This causes an increase in the cost of bank insurance and the supply of bank capital for all banks.

You are not aware of any banks that lend money to countries? I will help you out, European banks hold 1 trillion pounds of sovereign debt from Greece, Spain and Portugal.

SadButMadLad said...

Look into your local freecycle/freegle group to help you make do and mend. Great place for recycling anything you don't use anymore.

RantinRab said...

Ya fuggin English cunts!!


caesars wife said...

Top quality OH .

Labour are none too keen to take the medicinal message that they have done a crap job and wasted the countrys wealth for wonk socialism club .

were not really blasting off all the graffiti yet , "the ruin was ere" but youve made a good start.

Labour leadership race shows just how much these wonks are trying to shovell the blame and try and look viable . MacDonnels regrets at "not assisinating Thatcher" shows just how much they much to sniff there expensive lavender posies rather than admitt they got it all wrong and have to look at dysfunctional economy that looks good on box tick form .

bofl said...

wasn't the plan to bring the uk to its knees anyway?

unbridled immigration-to annoy the right?

+give all our money away?

+tax everyone to death?
+sell out completely to the EU?

a new airstrip 1 where lady gordon brown and his bulimic pie munching cohorts fought a brave fight aagainst imaginary tyrannical toffs? (troughing vastly in the meantime).

paradise achieved by us all selling each other crap on ebay!

Dr Evadne said...

Can you send this to the Milliband Bros, Ed Bollocks, and all those other wasters who could end up dropping us right back in it in 5 years time.

A piece worthy of a BAFTA, or something much better than that.

caesars wife said...

does somtimes look like that BOFL !

Imagine if the ruin had won the gen election . urrghhh

Someones cottoned on to Ed balls trying to distance himself from Brownite tag , bit too late to start altering medical records , ventriloquist without a dummy.

Trainee barricade builder said...

So, OH, just what fraction of the British population have to worry?

If it's a significant majority the minority might want to consider leaving or building really strong defences if they're feeling optimistic.

orixtra said...

Good stuff Holby, but it aint gonna happen. Cameron hasnt got the balls.

But we are so fucked.

Old Holborn said...

Well, there's the 5 million unemployed plus the 7 million public sector workers.

Most of them live in sink estates, Wales or up north in "cities".

I, on the other hand live in the countryside, have a gun and can skin a rabbit.

Bring it on. Roaming Saxos with big bore exhausts full of sallow faced football shirted mongs out of their faces on weed looking for something to eat but unable to ask in anything other than a jamaican brummie patois.

what fun.

AP said...

Excellent article,

We should keep the potato marketing board though, they are well qualified to help market all the ex benefit claimants that will be coming to the jobs market very soon.

Kit said...

Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that fairly useful members of the public sector like nurses will have their numbers cut faster than less useful members like 'diversity coordinators' and that places like Scotland will continue to gorge on English taxes while the English have to face austerity?

Wossat? said...

Beats me why Cameron is too stupid to admit that "sustainable" energy in the shape of inadequate, expensive and massively subsidised wind turbines is a total fucking myth. Spending hundreds of billions on killing our technological civilisation by attempting to reduce a vital trace gas should surely be up for a cull.

Or is he in it for the tax?

Reducing or removing legal aid to pricked thumb/hurt feelings/victim traumatised scumbags (I know my rights innit) compensation whores would be a start. Getting rid of the Human Wrongs bill would curb the abuse. Oh wait...

Old Holborn said...


Let us see

an A&R nurse, blonde, english with actual fucking O levels versus a kurdish diversity coordinator (42, male) with a degree in travelling from Iraq to Calais in the back of a lorry

3 months ago, the odds were different.

Middle Seaxe said...

I am greatly amused by the comments here.

Much better for giving that Broxted mentalist the boot.

What a cunt!

Which reminds me, I'm growing some super hot chili peppers with a view to making some pepper spray to fend off undesirables.

Nature is great.

CrazyDaisy said...

Nice one Rab!

OH no Scottish oil money to bail yer broke English arses out of debt, oooops you've been stealing my fucking money since Maggie - no change there then!

Can't see past yer own nose sometimes, apart from that great post, disliking workshy bastards isn't just a Unionist preserve!


Anonymous said...

they can make all the cuts they want. It wont affect me although I will keep my gardener.

Anonymous said...

"Our qualified interpreters provide face to face interpretation in over 20 languages, and all other languages on request."

Actual Quote from Local Govt Web site

Lets not aid integration lets actively encourage apartheid.

Anonymous said...

"When the banks pay their loans back"
You could do worse than start in Dubai you ever been? Castles in the sand for the super rich plus the odd man made island built on borrowed money. I am sure that the poor soon to get much worse off with all the belt tightening won't mind a bit as it was all in a good cause

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

From Obo's site:

I kid you not.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

"Our qualified interpreters provide face to face interpretation in over 20 languages, and all other languages on request."

I'll bet the useless muppets only printed that statement in English as well. Oh, the irony!

Another useful tool if worse comes to the worst: a humble fishing rod. You can pick worms up for bait off the patio when it rains. If a bunch of quadruped Albanian pimps can utilise our rivers and streams, so can we. Just get a shotgun first ;-)

We're not really fucked unless we want to be. The age of information is still upon us (for now). Read. Print off. Learn. Master.

Anonymous said...

The people of Cambridge missed out,bloody fools.

Anonymous said...

fuckers are shutting down two secondary schools near me to build a 25 million pound school to put them all in, and all the buses to commute them the 50km round trip.

bofl said...

i have a feeling similar to an earlier poster......the higher echelons of the civil service,quangos,nhs will all survive....

ie look at the disgusting mandy and prezza still troughing away...

get rid of the parasites and we will have the money for nurses.......

unfortunately the system looks after its own.......

ie all the treasury advisers that told councils to invest in iceland...all sitting pretty with nice big pensions to look forward too....

get the £100 million the mps stole and that will run a few hospitals.....

close 1700 quangos..£billions saved..

leave the £40 million PER DAY!!!!

stop wasting money ffs!!!!!!

ps........where do all the interpretors come from?
are they born here or imported?
how are they recruited?

some fucker like bob must be earning a fortune?

The Grim Reaper said...

"This post has been removed by a blog administrator."

It's a bit sad to see this on a blog which hates censorship. I can only take it that this person is a particularly irritating cunt.

Anonymous said...

Usually the trouble with cuts is that the Treasury says "Cut 10%!" and the Council "CEOs" and NHS Managers think, "Well, I need to make savings but I can't cut our Diversity Outreach Managers on 150k a year as we need them to get our Investors in People kitemark. And I can't get rid of the Climate Change Consultants because we need them to satisfy the Local Government Global Warming Standards. And I can't cut the Smokefree Quit Consultants on 60k a year otherwise I'll lose the funding from the WHO and the Department of Health. And I can't.... "etc etc until we get to, "Hmm, so who's left. Oh yeah, those fuckers on 12k a year. After all, who'll miss a few nurses or street cleaners or binmen?".

Fortunately, Cameron is making the right noises, at least. The QUANGOS need to go. The fake charities need to have all funding cut (I was watching Soccer Aid last night and Unicef gets no UN funding whereas ASH, Alcohol Concern, Smokefree Northeast, Northwest etc etc et fucking cetera get millions a year? Aaaarrrggghhhh).

And all these committees need to go. Just look at the people involved in the current tobacco consultations in Jockland. The list is usually posted on blogs as a "Look at how impartial this consultation is - full of foaming at the mouth Righteous desperate to create anti-smoking diktats!" But beyond that, the real story is that that is where all the money is going in the NHS. There are hundreds of committees, all beavering away, day in day out on out tab, doing nothing but writing reports, creating recommendations, devising vision statements and mission plans, and all of them on 40 - 100K+ a year. Sack the lot of them. We need nurses, Doctors, cleaners, paramedics, pharmacists, radiographers etc, not fucking 5 a Day managers or Choice Co-ordinators.

God, I hate them all....

Anonymous said...

"Fucking idiot. If you leave your address here I'll send you a tin-foil hat. Cunt.

7 June 2010 16:23"

The address is carbon credits, destroy the manufactuiring base of the west by imposing a carbon tax on virtually every aspect of life, hand the money directly to the private bank owned by Rothschild and his investors who also manipulate the EU and the financial sector.

Set up global goverment of which the EU is a key part expanding its power by the day and global financial regulation strait jackets, in our non country formerly known as the UK now a province of the undemocratic EU making 80% of our laws, with ever greater financial and police state restraints.

That is where you can send the hat which may have value being made of alu, now where do we send your dunces cap which has no value at all?

Oh and swearing makes your post look weaker and even more pathetic than it was, who would have thought it was possible!

P.S. we now have to pay interest on the loans we got from rothschild, rothschild is a very happy man, he has enough money to collapse any economy and manipulate the markets.

The banks should have gone to the wall and the remaining more resilient banks taken their business.

It's called capitalism and creats a more responsable method than asking for a bailout at interest from the international bankers which helped no one but them!

PS why is no one asking for third world aid to be cancelled, or the EU to be scrapped, we would save billions.

Lastly I don't think you understand the banking system and the power it has, have an education on us -

Get Smart said...

The government have now given up the rights to make its own budget.
Note European president Herman Van Rompuy just called on Cameron to give him his orders.
This has been agreed...
EUROPEAN FINANCE ministers have resolved to submit draft budgets for the approval of their counterparts and the EU Commission before unveiling them in national parliaments.
You could not make it up.

OH is living in a dream world said...

OH if you think Dave will leave you intact then think again, his eco tax will bring you and the west to its knees.

A system where the international bankers trade fairy dust at your expense!

Only the biggest global corporations will survive, which is the plan.

Anonymous said...

Get Smart said...
The government have now given up the rights to make its own budget.
Note European president Herman Van Rompuy just called on Cameron to give him his orders.
This has been agreed...
EUROPEAN FINANCE ministers have resolved to submit draft budgets for the approval of their counterparts and the EU Commission before unveiling them in national parliaments.
You could not make it up.

8 June 2010 01:15

Don't tell the screaming, ranting, ignorant, swearing nutjob.

He will stamp his feet and talk nonsense about hats?

he does not let facts get in the way of his delusions.

Anonymous said...

So you think you won't be effected OH?

just a tiny sampler

caesars wife said...

Anon 00:41 I do agree with you on much of what you say .I would add that getting labours spin poison and lies out the countries conciousness is a bit more tricky .
How do you describe a political system that clapped and cheered Emelda on , couldnt determine that bigger lies were being told and didnt notice that 50% of the Uk banking sector was on its way to going bust . The public may be right to wonder what the hell has been going off .

Camerons speech at OU contained a number of forms of how he intends to work this out , but even so I dont expect he enjoyed having to lay out some sober realism , he did however articulate the and perhaps wound Labour wonk public sector imbalaced spending structural constructs. Its a bit of a pain with it taking so much time , but my guess is there was so much dodgey accountancey going on , just hope all the phorensics reveal the true solutions.

If you think Camerons having a bit of tightrope walk , Obamas shouting at BP may have been trying to hide that fact that in 2 years time the USA national debt will equal its GDP .Cw was often puzzled by both his and the ruins belief that "stimulus" would somehow generate a bigger growth rate to pay the borrowing back , and its begging to look that the stimulus craze was a mistake as it didnt jump start a consumer led recovery , indeed if anything they like us would really have been better off without the extra debt in what appears to be a very patchy global recovery .

I hope there will be day some years hence when dave can tell us all his next budget will mark the end of paying for Labours lies and the economics is resolved. For now though I rather expect the classical economists were right on public borrowing , and the neo classical economists were just socialists speaking through a 70s physcadellic haze.

I do hope that the economists are having to re write a few theories , political trade is different to export revenues , unemployment is related to imports , corruption is related to poltics .

Before you morons gloat, check this out, it is YOU EU Dave will be targeting! said...

OH if you want a explaination of how the NWO will impliment its eco taxes, which will have you in a financial and and totalitarian control strait jacket faster than you can say undemocratic eu making our laws/eco laws, then watch this, the totalitarian state has only been warming up until now and Dave will be ushering it in.

Anonymous said...

Bilderberg sick plot busted in the EU parliment -

Electro-Kevin said...

I have a slight reservation about this amusing post, OH.

Aren't those translators, outreach workers, busy-body arse-inspectors consumers in our let's-do-each-other's-laundry-for-a-living economy ?

This is going to impact on us all - from those who own restaurants feeding them to those who supply their 50inch plasmas.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon @ 16.15 (and various other times)

Why do countries need credit ratings ? Why is Osbourne obsessed with staving off interest rate hikes ? Why is he not as upbeat as you ?

The Credit Crunch is a manifestation of something much more ominous IMHO. A seismic movement of economic and industrial power from West to East. A sudden shift in paradigm to the realisation (on both sides) that the West is grossly over valued by most measures (especially culturally.)

It may be the case that the banks can be reflated in the belief that, collectively, our houses are worth kazillions once more - thus detoxifying bad debt - but that goes to show what a chimera it all is.

banned said...

Likewise Old Holborn "non of the above", couldn't give a shit about cuts, self-supporting and debt free, the only thing they do for me is take away my rubbish which I pay for in my council tax and Dave has just binned their "Pay As You Bin" scam.
Your Diversity Coordinator link, leads to a private firm in financial Services who seek someone for "ensuring that the client is compliant in meeting its employment and regulatory diversity obligations."

They clearly don't give a shit about diversity, they just have to shell out £45k to make sure they are following all the vast number of new rules and regulations introduced by X-Nu-Labour part of whose 'project' was to employ armies of space wasters to make sure those rules and regulations are followed by hapless industry.

Get rid of the regulations and you get rid of them, just like the twats who paid for training as HIPS Inspectors and now find themselves re-applying for their old jobs as Traffic Wardens.

Anonymous said...

why not stick the article up at Con Home,8.45 Mon?
The people of Cambridge missed a real opportunity to elect a goodun

Billy The Fish said...

OH, that shotgun you're relying on will be banned and taken off you in a matter of weeks following the events in Cumbria last week. Best you get yourself a nice sharp Japanese sword instead.

Oh wait, you can't. They banned those on the quiet a couple of years ago...

caesars wife said...

looks like its pay as you go social services and turning Librarys into resturants . Thanks labour mmmm Imelda or ruin photo Dart boards will be a popular christams present this year .

The Penguin said...

There has been a bit of a job creation scheme trialled in Cumbria recently. There are now vacancies for taxi-drivers, a solicitor, and a mechanic. Plus lots of work for the funeral directors.

Do you think it might catch on elsewhere?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

"There has been a bit of a job creation scheme trialled in Cumbria recently..."

Actually there have been pilots for this scheme running for some time. Initially in Iraq, but now in Afghanistan as well.

All reports say that they have been very succesful in creating all sorts of jobs from goatherd to doctor.

Perhaps the government is thinking about a national rollout now.

bofl said...

rather odd that plod got all brave against people with waqter pistols yet when a real gun appeared thay shat themselves?

overpaid pratts.

UK Survivalist said...

Wise words from all concerned. Do some surfing, read up on some stuff it might come in useful one day.

City dwellers are probably f**ked but I'd hope most of the chavs by me will starve before they're too much of a problem. Junk food takeaways and nothing in the fridge means they're going to be feeling pretty weak in a couple of days....

Koba said...

Spot on, you should be PM

libertyscott said...

What scares the state worshippers the most is this - the perfect opportunity to slash the state back. The unions will oppose it because they have suckled directly and indirectly from the state tit funded from borrowing from the taxes of the children of the non-indolent.

The only way the deficit can be seriously cut back is to eliminate all welfare for those not in poverty, cut back welfare for those in poverty, eliminate welfare for non-British citizens, cut all public sector pay by around 10%, and cut local government funding by around 20% (basically leave councils with money for police, schools and roads). There can be no new taxpayer funded housing, and no grand schemes like a taxpayer funded high speed railway for businesspeople to flee from Birmingham 30 minutes faster.

It is encouraging that foreign aid to Russia and China is being scrapped, lets add India, Brazil and South Africa to that list, and TELL the EU that it is getting a budget cut.

After that, the NHS has to come next. The bloated increases under Labour mean it deserves not a penny more. Indeed it is about time that all besides pensioners and those truly in poverty started paying for GP visits.

Led said...

In my opinion the biggest step change is that our economic model was primarily driven by the property boom. End this boom and you have the biggest devaluation event.

The new problem then becomes diversification in search of new investment opportunities, hence everyone now invests in the East because thats where investing is sexy - giving it 10% property booms (I understand the vast majority of China's boom is down solely to property value, may be wrong on this).

I would anticipate another year or two of surpreme shit in the West, another 5 years of Eastern explosion, and then god help the massacre when the Eastern markets collapse.

As much as I love my grandparents, I am fucking livid at Brown. My grandparents didn't pay into a pension fund their entire lives for an idealist to spend it on pet projects, only for me to have to pay their pensions for them.

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