Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Economic Consequences of Mr Brown


Billy Blofeld said...

I like Professor Ringens........... he talks a lot of sense........

....it was a bit weird hearing Labour described as "competent"...... but he makes a good point - if Labour couldn't succeed with all the cards stacked in their favour then no government can succeed.

We need fucking change in this country.........

Twisted Root said...

As an analysis it was complete and utter superficial drivel. Proposed solutions are not new and and not really solutions at all. What a waste of ten minutes.

Politicians Are Cunts said...

He forgot to mention that bears shit in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Lost credibility after mentioning obummer,that guy is after destroying the constitution,another slip was saying all decisions are made in downing street,we are ruled from Brussels in fact.
Democracy is a myth,where is my referendum on the Lisbon Treaty???

If You're Thick Use A Condom said...

Child poverty will continue to increase all the time morons and cretins are allowed to breed indiscriminately.

ampers said...

I really like the idea of vouchers for everyone who is registered to vote. Then they give the voucher to the party of their choice or throw the voucher away.

This will focus the minds of the politicians on the great exodus of voters voting.

Nice one.

Chris Ferguson also known as K.McEgan and Ron Broxted said...

Muslim politicians would buy them off the punters at half face value. Ampers.

Peperbarmi said...

What a load of shit,

who is this muppet some kind of patsy,oh no thats us cunts,fucking downing street!,dont me me puke,Obama! oh do fuck off,vouchers yeah right like you get from fucking tescos.If you belive any of this shit them you deserve to be Holbys gimp!!

Dont freemen trade in Mungo beans and goat droppings?

Kiss my peppery arse!.

Brown did his job to perfection just the same as Thatcher, Heath etc said...

Brown, Dave, Heath, Thatcher, Tony?

No difference, ALL do what they were told by the NWO and increasingly so with each new leader as the NWO tightens its global totalitarian corporatist grip.

Expect Dave to be worse than Brown by at least a factor of two and remember the NWO/EU wants even more direct control of our finances.

Dave will suck it down with joy, it is what he was SELECTED to do and you mugs point fingers at Brown rather than his masters and the masters of Dave!

puppet masters and puppets said...


The NWO media has most of you trained like poodles, no one looks higher up the food chain.

Question, who was standing right beside Thatcher holding her hand as she was selling of the national assetts and core infrastructure that now robs the people blind, assetts YOU owned?

Who is doing the same in all other nations and why?

You have been mugged, you will continue to be mugged, until there is nothing left and what's more, you will thank them for it!

You are thanking them as we speak all the while you pathetically point fingers at Brown the puppet rushing towards the arms of Dave as if he will be any different.

All Dave has done by and large is continue the NWO puppet Labour plan, most of which you know nothing about because you were not paying attention.

Yet here you are ya/booing labour \Tory as if it means something!

mugs being mugged!

Vent how pissed off you are by all means and point the finger at the twats but NEVER forget to also point the finger at the puppet masters who always remain in power with the same programs and agenda no matter what puppet you vote out.

brand marxism, brand capitalism = brand soap powder! said...

In short you are marching towards ever more deadly corporate fascism and away from social democracy, or any worthwhile form of democracy at all.

Under Labour it is sold as the marxism brand( a lie that is nothing more than packaging and surface trivia)
Under the Tories it is packaged as the free market and small goverment brand (another Lie, more marketing based on trivia).

Sit back for a few seconds and think about this - who makes 80% of our laws? who voted for this?

You are being dictated to, you have dictators and owners and the owners now want it ALL.

Keep buying into their brand marketing through their media and they will get it ALL.

Anonymous said...

Well said,agree with everything on your view point.nothing will get better ,just worse.

bofl said...

perhaps we can save some more money by getting rid of people like dr.ringen??

what a load of crap!
brown,balls,harman etc competent?

at what ? talking bollocks?

how competent was the brown gold sale?the 10p fiasco?

the country has been in recession since 2002 if govt. spending is taken out.......in the late 1990's the true rate of inflation was over 20%!!!!!!

2 wars,giving money away,eu membership (extortion) and the constant offshoring of jobs were bound to catch up sometime........

add to that the govt. and all mps feathering their own nests and working for CORPORATIONS instead of the proles and we can see why the uk is a bankrupt shithole.......

university degrees are worthless nowadays so i guess that the doc will still get a nice little earner telling this crap to kids in oxford....

Kit said...

I think describing the Labour government as 'competent' was something i disagree with. However, his ideas of reinventing Local Government and revitalising the House of Commons seem very apposite.

TheFatBigot said...

It makes no sense to say they made the wrong call on every major policy but were nonetheless competent. Making the wrong call is proof of incompetence, there is no room for any other conclusion to be drawn.

Anonymous said...

They go into government as naive ex uni activists .
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Then when they get the job they realise waht politics is really all about .
It is about sitting on the top of the pressure cooker their own naivety creates.

Ethan said...

With respect I've always thought of Brown as a 'follow through' accident.

A lumpy fart if you will.

Laugh that his comrades haven't got him a leaving present but he did get every man woman and child in the land a present that will last 25 years. Utter twunt that he is.

Anonymous said...

Very clever. Very glib. But for me a load of barracks sorry bollocks because how the hell do you say so much about government in Britain without mentioning Brussels?

caesars wife said...

I think we should rejoice that the ruin and co arnt power anymore , so it is a little different under coalition .

CW appreciates word being kept and and the cabinet actually delving in and looking at what the execuative have been doing all these years . RDAs were very much a labour construct , pipelines for cash for pet projects , anyone in safe Labour seat cant help but notice a building project underway whilst in other areas the projects have stopped .

however NN didnt really elude to the costs of these strange satellite offices awarded contracts as er hem part of RDAs strategy , useually with well paid board , they useually contain words like , partnership , community , cordinate and are associated with re devlopement and have partners who bizarrely can be other bodies of RDAs .

Georges budget wasnt much fun and Ed balls his rubbing his little hands at the thought of finding further blame for recession due to cuts .Yet these RDAs are tax payer funded and the question about the size of politics wont go away .
Finding the smart cuts is a first port of call , but even after these , money has to be effective .

The new ecnomic horizons look a little daunting in part because there isnt any money and we have an efficent retail structure and supply chain . I suspect this model always would mean high levels of unemployment as soon as bust appeared , hence Labours fantasy/creative accountacy products and white elephant projects .
Project costs have been fisked and consultancey jobs .

Japan tried infrastructure investment which worked until it that got a bad dose of expensive elaborate projects and became the new gravy train .

projects that have multiplyer Uk ecnomic effects are useuall investments .

You could give SMEs help in securing low interest bank investment , or help in trade fairs if viable products for current ecnomic outlook , but its hard to say if anything else is little more than same error that labour committed .ensuring quick payment could be a lifeline for SMEs , more jobs may be secured by ensuring prompt payment than handout and stop death circle of factoring and bridgeing money .

empty shops have high rents and customers with constrained spending so a bit risky throwing money there .

Luke said...

So New Labour failed in tests of leadership and made all the wrong decisions... But they were competent? I'd hate to see what makes a government incompetent to this moron.

Cuthbert-Dibble-Trout-Wolfeschlegelsteinhaus said...

Does D.G Haslam of Bedford win a prize for the longest name? Who is Ron? Real name? PughPughBarneyMacGrew...

Anonymous said...

Haslam you troll Ras Clart, fuck off and die.

Wossat? said...

What a load of Ed Balls! Be more like Obama? Fuck. The. Hell. Off. There's a much simpler and useful solution to the UK political problem; string the troughing fascists up, turn them into biomass fuel and build a non-tribal, decentralised, non-interfering political edifice from the ashes.

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