Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Win a trip to New York. $3000 prize up for grabs


For the ninth year, International Policy Network (IPN) is accepting submissions for its annual Bastiat Prize for Journalism. The Prize is open to writers anywhere in the world whose published articles eloquently and wittily explain, promote and defend the principles and institutions of the free society.

Submissions must be received on or before 30 June 2010.

In addition to the Bastiat Prize for Journalism (First - $10,000; Second - $4,000; Third - $1,000), we are again awarding the Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism (first prize only, $3,000). Entrants are allowed to compete in just one (not both) of the competitions.

More Information:

Rules for 2010 Bastiat Prize for Journalism

Rules for 2010 Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism

Online entry form (for both prizes) - nominate me, you bastards and I'll split the cash with you.


UPDATE; Apparently I have to nominate myself. I'm asking readers for the ten funniest posts over the last year and if I win, the person who recommended the post can go and collect the prize for me in New York. Can't say fairer than that, can I? What made you blow coffee through your nose? What caused "leakage"? What caused a divorce or funeral?

Entries in the comments please. Reminder, not other peoples stuff, mine. It'll probably have to make Yanks laugh too which is the only serious handicap to me winning, I reckon.


RantinRab said...

Eloquent and witty?

That's you fucked then!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm guessing they won't let me say "cunt"... :o(

Morlock said...

"nominate me, you bastards and I'll split the cash with you"

Ha! I actually read the rules earlier today (intending to nominate a blogger not a million miles away), and found that we can't. You have to nominate yourself, or have an approved proxy do it for you:

Rules: Authors must nominate themselves, although submissions may be made by an assistant on the author's behalf with his/her consent.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David Cameron said...

"I'm standing for Parliament" still does it for me.

Stop Common Purpose said...

"Leanne, the second moon of Saturn, in orbit around a fish and chip shop."


Funniest thing I saw here. Dunno if it outside of the competition's date rules.

FreedomIsYellow said...

Actually the one you did earlier today made me laugh: http://www.oldholborn.net/2010/06/dear-braintree.html

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Im fucked
Am not allowed into the land of the xxxxxxxxxl sweat pants and frankly I dont give a fuck
millions of miles of fuckall except mobile homes ,jews.niggers and oil slicks
The cunts cant even turn out decent porn
Where's the shitting and pissing?
Our host having lived in Germany will know what I mean.

Daed Parrot said...

After an hour's work or so: these look good:




If you win, you owe me 10% or all the beer i can drink in an hour ( the latter is very expensive by the way).

Bilderberg admits our politicians are nothing ore than puppets said...

Former Nato Secretary-General Admits Bilderberg runs the world and sets the global agenda for our leaders to follow.

Former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes has confounded claims by debunkers that the secret organization which met in Sitges Spain over the last few days does not set policy, admitting during a Belgian radio interview that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers.

In a radio interview reported on by the Belgian news website www.zonnewind.be, Claes told host Koen Fillet that Bilderberg does indeed decide policy for the coming year. Claes would certainly be in a position to know, being a two-time Bilderberg attendee as well as the eighth Secretary General of NATO from 1994 until 1995.

Claes said that Bilderberg guests are normally given around 10 minutes of talk time, after which a report is compiled of their presentation.

“The participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” stated Claes, according to the translated text.

Dave Courtney said...

If I won the three grand I'd still be five grand short. Short for what? Having you murdered you right-wing cunt and your body butchers before being disposed of in an undetectable way!

Old Holborn said...

Dave, get to know a crab fisherman. They are always looking for bait.

Mad Mickey down the White Horse, Braintree charges just £500 for a total disappearing act.

Anonymous said...

my personal favourites would be

"Mummy, Daddy, Children. Are you sitting comfortably?" from Tuesday 25th May 2010



"Dear Labour Voters" from Friday 5th September 2008


but what the fuck do you care about my opinion, I'm one of them hairy lipped lesbians

Shanghai's Right Wrist said...

Dave Courtney the bankrupt pretend Penge gangster with no form and a police grass? Sounds more like that old Queen Ron Broxted now J MacFarlane who used to infest these pages OH.

Morlock said...

Are you intending to submit yourself, OH?

If so, have you already decided on a list of posts? If you haven't, I'll take the time to reread your entire last years' output over the next few days. Let me know if I'd be wasting my time or not. Ta.

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