Sunday, 6 June 2010

Break the Ice...

What do you do when you are sick of your politicians, up to your eyes in public debt, the sun only shines half the year and you can't face another dried cod?

You vote for a Libertarian Mayor. And get one. Congratulations to Jón Gnarr, one of Iceland's leading comedians and member of the Libertarian Party for being elected as Mayor of Reykjavik. Coupled with this video of Iceland as a tourist destination, I'm warming to our ancestors. Bring on global warming I say.

Hat tip to Daily Politics who reckons he's my Doppelganger.


Iceland is screwed it has the liberal NWO PC disease said...

I see Iceland has been colonised and infected with the NWO PC disease with the help of the left wing and self destructive gullible liberal turds, not long before it becomes a third world shithole regardless of what the liberal tossers do. take a look at parts of sweden, or perhaps not, it will scare you shitless and wake you from your ignorance, don't believe me - your future.

The trojan horse is inside the gates, let in by the traitors and imbeciles, yes you lot.

as you sit and watch Europe and it's beauty die said...

Say goodbye to Europe and your childrens future, and don't forget to pat yourselfs on the back.

Ampers said...

How much did these bastards refuse to pay our councils back?

Answer to the nearest million please.

Anonymous said...

Ampers said...
How much did these bastards refuse to pay our councils back?

Answer to the nearest million please.

6 June 2010 14:30

Not very bright are you ampers, the money was GAMBLED by our councils with the goverment advising them, the money was invested in PRIVATE banks, meaning the Icelanders own you NOTHING, owe your council nothing, just as we own the bankers nothing but have been duped into a unrepayable debt, the Icelanders however were not as stupid as the rest of the world and said it was not their debt but a private debt and would not be fleeced by the NWO global bankers that created the collapse in order to fleece the world of it's wealth, real wealth, this was the regular transfer of public funds into the hands of the elites after they crash the economies or wage a war.

No wonder the country is screwed, we have clowns like you spouting tragically, crass, trite.

Old Holborn said...

Iceland is anything BUT fucked

They ain't in the EU, are surrounded by fish and all their energy is free. They can smelt aluminium until the cows come home for the princely sum of fuck all.

Plus, they ain't dumb and have fit women. Sure, they won't do banking again but then again, should we?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Lovely knits.

Anonymous said...

"Old Holborn said...
Iceland is anything BUT fucked"

Every country infested with PC liberals is fucked, is is just a matter of time, bankers or no bankers! EU or no EU!

Sooner or later your country goes down the shitter and you won't realise it until it is too late.

bofl said...

the icelandic banking saga was a scam perpetrated by.....the bankers.

not the actual citizens.

the fact that many of our institutions 'invested' (chumps) shows a complete lack of due diligence......and or intelligence...

iceland has a population of roughly 340,000.that is about the population of southend and basildon.

would anyone give these areas a AA rating?

our politicians and businesses view us as goyim........iceland was just another con and the vested interests will lie, cheat and swindle until the end of time.......

who will stop them?
it certainly wont be any of the right dis-honourable 646 hoons in westminster.

i haven't heard of anyone in the treasury or councils that lost money being fired or investigated..
have you?

Catflap said...

I got two letters published in the local rag asking why heads at my council had not rolled over this Iceland affair.
Other letters and mails sent far and wide as well.
Steven Larter, the 64k a year bellend who lost £2.5 million is still in his job with a new office.
This whole depressing episode has just added to my mental condition.
How can I work and contribute taxes,being so aware this fucktitude exists and no one gives a shit?

caesars wife said...

Wheres all the money gone + It was nae me it was ye banks = Libertarian mayor.

Interesting prima facae theorem

Still got to admit that if didnt just laugh at any Labour mp defending its spending policies I would be asking for planning permission to turn Tyneburn gate into its previous lawfull use .

bofl said...


i wonder why people,in general, are so apathetic?

why don't they see that these episodes only extend their enslavement?

ie....every time they lose money then up goes council tax....which means that joe public has to go and work more-for other peoples fuck-ups. (the bank bail-outs being the worst example).

people should be marching in the streets.....are they too thick to understand?

has the spine been bred out of tommy atkins?

we seem to have a whole govt and business cabal where if you make a fuck up then it doesn't matter.......yet if you are a prole there are thousands of laws with which to be hounded...

the constant spunking of money is THEFT from the public....yet the sheep are un-concerned......

it also seems to be rife in the u.s where the govt. is so indebted to the chinese that the chinese are now telling the u.s to improve their financial management.....

interesting times.......
can't wait to leave!

Darwin said...

Bofl and Catflap. The nation has become moribund by living in the comfy zone for too long. You and i know only a REAL crisis will bring the people out of the trance like state they exist in, but unfortunately that will also bring violence and upheaval. Either way we appear to be fucked. Holby, along with others, does his bit to lift the fog of deception from the peoples eyes, but they seem to prefer to meet their end in an anesthetized state.
So England ends, not with a bang, but a wimp.

Anonymous said...

PC/political correctness aka social marxism, pushed by the globalists with the real power will kill any country deader than a hammer and once it gets started it is almost impossible to stop it before the inevitable total social and financial destruction of the country.

Which is what it was designed to do.

It seems Iceland has been infected, just stand back and wait.

Then the NWO will mop up the pieces, just as planned.

Anonymous said...

Icelandic girls are hot!

the beast of clerkenwell said...

It has to be satire as I agree with the whole thing
No niggers, no Jews and people who look like me for the future
Why the fuck are niglets being allowed to settle in Iceland?
A generation of future rapists
Castrate every nigger male (As used to happen) and use the women as prostitutes whilst breeding out the regressive coon gene

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