Monday, 17 May 2010

Where do I send the bill?

214. Part V introduces a specific power that will enable relevant authorities to pay compensation to individuals where they are satisfied that maladministration has, or may have, occurred. There is also provision to enable both the Secretary of State and the National Assembly for Wales (NAW) to make orders to confer a power on relevant authorities to offer insurance against indemnity to their members and officers.


It has long been the custom to surcharge elected councillors when they decide that the public purse is but a personal plaything. I am awaiting the final no holds barred audit from the last 13 years of New Labour maladministration, then I intend to divide the total by 61,000,000 and sue Gordon Brown and his now defunct spendthrift cabinet.

And no, I'm not joking. I'll show you what you need to do and perhaps we can all demand our money back. Now that the well has been poisoned for us and our children, isn't it the duty of every citizen to bring to justice those who did it? Watch this space.

(John Redwood reckons we are up the junction to the tune of £4 TRILLION. That makes my share £65,573. Cough up Gordon, I want my money back)

646 of them, 61,000,000 of us.

Off topic, but do come and celebrate our multicultural diversity, thanks to new Labour. Hours of fun


Stop Common Purpose said...

Keep at the bastards, OH!

Cold dish said...

Nice one. Rain the pain down on them from every angle.

Captain Haddock said...

I'd love to see it happen .. but I'm not holding my breath ..

Squitch said...

Lots of black faces wanted for drugs offences? Is that what you sent us to see?

OK, check out the soccer violence section, Mr Fucking Libertarian: what do you see?

Jesus! You are such a fucking embarrassment.

john in cheshire said...

If you are proposing to raise funding to pay for legal representation to go after the labour crooks, then please let me know - i'll contribute.

richard said...

You would have to sue an individual, but you can't; civil servants, as of last year, are immune from being sued. You covered this point yourself, in the case of Andre Power.

Anonymous said...

"Squitch, 17 May 2010 11:49

Lots of black faces wanted for drugs offences? Is that what you sent us to see?"

No. The Met obviously do though, its their web site after all.

I think you should report them to the Thought Police, Squitch.

They're obviously being Waaaaaaaythist !!!!!!!!

You twat.

I am Stan said...


You seem to be morphing into a weening,righteous old woman.

Fuck off to Switzerland if your so unhappy :)

Giolla said...

"646 of them, 61,000,000 of us."

You're going to have yo update that tag line I'm afraid there 650 of the fuckers now.a

Ron Broxted said...

Towards a Marxist interpretation of the Bronte sisters.

Yesterday I was in Rathfriland and noticed a sign for "The Bronte homeland". The father of the Bronte sisters was a Reverend O'Cunty who altered his surname to make it more upmarket. My new secretary, I mean mental health care worker, the buxom and fat arsed Miss Therese Skoda, and I also noticed a "Bronte Steak house" sign. Two miles. We drove for ages past pointing and imbibing locals until we reached some buildings. Directions led us to a cross roads and the end of the Bronte homeland. It was all an advertising gimmick. We were pondering if there would be a Bronte cement works,Bronte Sex Aid shop, Bronte tractor show room and Bronte bus shelter. Could we have had Wuthering Heights burgers or a Mr Darcy Butt plug? Is the same rip off replicated in Yorkshire? I am now back from Loughbrickland and more a less flustered with the marketing and mercantile usage of the Bronte name to flog a few items. I reserve the right to be well rankled...Oooh matron, however, by this blatant cultural prostitution. Now I shall head off to the hospital gym to participate in the aerobics class, or as it is also known, fit young men in bulging tight fitting Lycra shorts Land......slurp slurp gobble gobble.

merv said...

I'm up for it ,class action? lets sue those puppet fucktards, if nowt else it'll be a laugh

Lutney Chocker said...

If the BNP just hosted that Crimestoppers site, they'd be on a real winner.

This one doesn't look like a bloke to me:

Anonymous said...

A class Action OH? Sounds good to me!
LC 'Holloway Prison' & 'Sex: Female' may be a bit of a give away?

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