Thursday, 27 May 2010

Unchaining the poor

And so it begins.

Firstly, we have no poor people in this country. No one starves to death, health care and education are free, as is housing if required. If in doubt, research how far people who do not have it are willing to travel hidden in a lorry to get here or simply visit Calais or Bristol East.

Whilst I believe the State is the worst supplier of the above services, I cannot disagree that they should exist, albeit not in their present wasteful and inefficient form.

This morning, some facts that have been hidden for years emerged. We have millions of people trapped in benefits. Trapped by a malicious system contrived by a political party to keep it's voters enslaved in an East Germanische system of reliance on the Great State and ever thankful to the Politburo for crumbs that fall from the table.

The Politburo of course own expensive Datschas, eat fine food and concern themselves with the acquisition of personal wealth whilst millions of citizens are denied freedom and live their lives in welfare purgatory. They cannot accept jobs because the Politburo has decided to be free, your labour must be worth the minimum wage of £5.80 an hour. If it isn't, get back in your house and be grateful for the crumbs.

The Politburo has of course created the conditions for a subservient population to be grateful for those crumbs. Education is woeful. Families are to be discouraged. State broadcasters dictate what makes you happy. Dissent is not to be tolerated and the citizen is not to be trusted. For those unable to break free, the only option is to vote for more crumbs. And vote they did.

We now how the opportunity to set these people free. Millions of them. In the same way a heroin addict becomes free of his dealers once the cold turkey wears off, the underclass have the opportunity to become free of the Politburo that has ruled with a fist of iron for the last 13 years.

It will be painful, it will be unpleasant and it will be frightening. But you can do it. Firstly, we need to reduce the fix these people have become addicted to. Then we need to offer the alternative. The alternative is the freedom to start a business, to become self employed or to sell your labour to the highest bidder, free from the clutches of the Politburo.

If 250 million living under the jackboot of Soviet socialism can make the leap of faith, so can you.

Now get to work. It doesn't matter that the country is in ruins. Get to work. The Germans rebuilt their nation in 15 years after the war. Get to work. Aspire to be better. Create something. Be something. Do not live your life according to the whims of a multimillionaire Politician who only has his vested interests at heart. Get to work. It's worth it.


Joe Public said...

The BBC article stated "Penalties will be introduced to benefit claimants who refuse to accept jobs..."

Why?, & why wait?

Simply stop payments to those who refuse jobs. Starting Today.

Anonymous said...

Id rather sign on, innit.

Catflap said...

The trouble is OH that we have too many people.
2.5 million unemployed plus 8 million of working age not working.
Add to that the millions of public service wonks and those in private firms who serve the needs of all the above.
One big clusterfuck of folk doing each others washing.
Me and the majority of the population only have one job to do now.
Where the money comes from or how I get it is irrelevant as long as I am consuming and keeping the cycle going.
The future will be this.
Either 'Loguns Run' or 'Soylent green'.
Technology has made us proles redundant.

Oldrightie said...

Technology has made us proles redundant.
No, mass immigration for menial jobs has a big effect!

Old Holborn said...


Plenty of polish proles working for £5.80 an hour here. Because they can't get benefits here of course.

Darkie said...

"No one starves to death"
Tell that to the pensioners who have to chose between buying food or freezing to death every winter.

Give those who have earned it a decent pension.

marksany said...

The Laffer Curve. Tested and proven by the poor of Britain. Withdrawal rates of over 100% make them the most highly taxed sector of society.

It's not dome secret, DWP publishes the figures every year, Tax and Benefit Tables show how much tax you pay and benefits you get depending on your family make up and income. there is similar data in every treasury budget report- they know, they really do. Naughtie needed to print it all out and beat the lying cow Yvie Balls with it today.

To encourage work you need to reduce the withdrawal rate, either bay taking the benefit away, so there is nothin to be withdrawn, or by paying it whether you work or not. Me, I'd settle for a smaller universal benefit, no withdrawl at all and no tax allowance. There are very few people who could get no work, if it was in their interest.

Dick the Prick said...

It's been proven that work improves life expectancy too so doing the fucks a favour.

kitler said...

Its the council tax that fucks them. You try working twenty miles away from where you live for minimum wage and having to stump up £100 a month on top of your rent, bills, fuel costs etc. It just doesn't pay and they end up working forty hour weeks plus ten hours travelling just to be so poor they still have to rely on Provident credit to stay alive. Its all good people like us starting businesses and fending for ourselves because we are clever fuckers, but for a great many people life is just one long complex struggle that achievs nothing of value except traffic jams.

I am Stan said...

Dont blame on the technology,dont blame the immigrants,dont blame it on the good times ...blame it on the,sorry ,where was I ?.

yeah,blame it on the lazy,feckless,idle,thick,stupid,arrogant something for nothing,Im entitled to it cause someone else will pay for it,nowt to do wiv me mate,cause I got ADHD innit,I wan it so I m avin it,Letishia an er 8 bruvs n sistas wan a room each n a laptop,fuck off im not workin in a field,or wiv poles,or wiv aht a grand a week wages,im an alky innit,im a druggy innit,got 60 pence mate,its everyone else`s faulty,not worth it I get more on dole work shy scrounging waste`s of oxygen

FTAC Watch said...

When they come to ‘review’ my claim it should be interesting.

Will they agree with ‘doctor’ Ferdinand Jonsson (Mile End Hospital part of East London NHS Foundation Trust whose Chief Executive is Doctor Robert Dolan) that I have persistent delusional disorder (but they refuse to tell me what those delusions are) and continue to pay me benefits.

Or maybe they will decree that I don’t have any delusion which means that I will have a case against the NHS for damages.

I have never understood how putting people on chain-gangs picking up dog mess in the park is going to make them more desirable candidates to employers. Although, it will get me out the house, in the fresh air and chance to get some exercise.

Catflap said...

In that case 'Soylent green' it is then :)
A machine will be made sometime I bet that will make the veg picking 'Poles' redundant as well.
Without fear or favour I think mass immigration is bad news for the natives of any country and not just for economic reasons.
The issue though is population size and what is the populations purpose.
This country could lose at least a third of its population and carry on quite well thank you very much.
A person is one thing or another.

Creating wealth from overseas or servicing directly the needs of those wealth creators.
Recycling old money and clogging up the system for the wealth creators and their service providers.
Whose only saving grace is to be a consumer.
Dole,wage what's the difference?
It's all old recycled money anyway that this person brings to the table.

John Kline said...

It was U.S money that rebuilt Germany 1945 onwards.

Old Holborn said...


Americans built the cars, Americans built the machines, Americans built the quality engineering we see today


Anonymous said...

Trouble is the vast majority of these characters can't even mop a floor without fucking it up.

The long term useless should be outsourced to a housing estate on the Siberian tundra.

marksany said...

The feckless lazy etc are created by the system. Change the system and they will find work.

caesars wife said...

Some good motivations in your post OH and IDS may have found some good themes to cure a lot of problems , I would venture a little caution being as Labour wonks are still wanting there champagne flutes refilled by the tax payer .
A while ago I was after some part time work , cooks job at a care home 2 1/2 hrs a day 6 days a week , rotating weekends , she had no takers for the job , home was 6 miles travel £7.50hr rate .quick caluclation revealed £18:50 day less £2.50 travel cost so £16 a day or £96 a week . A bit of part time work suited me , but what if job centre forced you take that job or lose yer benfits ?? .let alone all the forms you get from council , NI jobcentre etc etc .

Pubs b&bs hotels, care homes all use partime working (some of the worst shifts imaginable) and these suite some people , but its hardly a job that will get you out of poverty is it ? any infaltionary presuure hits these people hardest and they can save little .

the La La land of labour has unfortunately led some people to believe the rosey image of people having benfits as a stop gap , was complete guff as where better jobs were (manufacturing) had been run into the ground with the ruins/imeldas help the NWO bankster international imports business had been ongoing for some time .He tarted the real work deficet up by tax credits , which led to his bust , he was borrowing all along to tart up the gulag .

while this was going on CW watched Green debate which had numerous interuptions and Huhne delivered some sort of Lab hybrid polices the broad thrust of which seemed to pick up a few contenious themes .

1) why are we still buying to carbon trading

2) insulating hosusing stock which still has a working life is commendable , but what about single wall houses ? Still future materials and building specs (that make use of natural efficencies materials reuse ) not worked out yet .

3) clean coal ! hasnt anyone done home work yet on energy ineffciencies when you bolt on scrubbers and pump it , making super efficnet coal stations would be just as productive . Will remote waste incincerators fill part of gap (after max recycling)

4)smart grid (promising) , seasons effects and demands need think through , but over time we should manage it however there are other possibilites of shifting and storing energy .

5) Tidal , I hope the severn barrage has been dropped ? but note tides do not match useage peaks .

6) nuclear : there are a number of differnet designs of reactors , given how much they cost to decommision and no figs or site for waste dumping it had better be costed properly and then I bet it doesnt look so good , which means distributing a unit price that covers it .

7)investment is different to engineering , dont miss the oppertunity to engineer it properly .

Sgt Pepperspray said...

He invited senior Labour figures – including his predecessor James Purnell – to help draw up the Government’s plans.

O.K so it's a quote from one of the daily ragloids so probaly untrue. If however this was the case then can someone explain exacty when Labour became part of libcon. If Smithy boy is not capable of making these decisions without the help of the tossers who fooked the country up in the frist place, then he shouldn't have the job. Unless he invited them as a backup for when it gos tits up and people who are forced to work for piss all whilst at the same time watch the price of fags and booze skyrocket and the pound shop become the one pound fifty shop and start to riot. Oh it was them labour tw*ts again who caused it.

bofl said...

it's all bollocks holborn.......

there are not enough jobs..... has wiped out vast swathes.

2.companies want a person to do the equivalent of 3 peoples jobs.

3.companies will not hire you if you are unemployed!!!!!

4.companies do not want you if you are over 35.

5.we have too many people.

6.companies do not want o employ talented staff. they just want robots.

7.i am almost positive that people do not refuse jobs......

most jobs have 200/300 applicants.

refusing a job is a falacy.

8.there are already people cleaning grafitti or picking up litter.....
so is ids(possibly the worst tory pm ever) going to sack all of those people?

9/holby knows if you dont have qualifications as long as your arm it is impossible to get a job....

how many dole shirkers would the windmill makers take on bob?

10/ the people in business in the uk are not interested in the welfare of the uk population.they are only interested in money.that is why they offshore millions of jobs and import millions of workers......the business people see every uk citizen as a commodity to be used and abused.........and the politicians are in bed with them or too thick to notice.(or too busy building empires and stealing your money).

11. there is near total apathy in the uk.......the place is one big fookin dormitory.and will remain so as long as we all sit back and let them shit in our faces.

12/ i agree with bob........make yourself valuable......if you have a talent then people will chase you....if you are without skills then you are the one chasing.......and will always be treated like shit.......

13. which is why i am starting my own biz.....

14/ start building an ark.........
the uk hasnt even seen the beginning of the shit storm yet.

Dioclese said...

I agree with what you say - indeed what Norman Tebbitt said "Get on yer bike" and all that.

The fact is that the Commom Market / EEC / EU con that the Germans sold us to create Greater Germania by the back door is working and we are too far long the road now to just shoot Heath for treason and call it a day.

And if you think this is bad, read my blogs this week on the Greek situation. As far as I can see, the only thing that would land us even further in the crapper would be to join the Euro.

Too many people, over breeding, sitting on their arses, too much welfare support under the's all coming home to roost.

Soylent Green? You're kidding - most of this lot ain't even edible.

(Please use the button on my blog to send the death threats after reading this)

Someone needs to say it, unpopular though it is.

Gobshite said...

I think that this will involve a lot more 'stick' than 'carrot'.

Not all unemployed people are Chav dickheads.

Why should someone work unless it is in their own selfish self interest?

Do you really think that IDS is going to do anything meaningful to the tax system, such as no tax or low tax under £15,000?

He is right about people being trapped by the system, but I fail to see the will to solve the problem.

Also, a big part of this problem is based on housing costs. Most people can live on fuck all if they have to, but it costs a stupid amount of money to put a roof over your head.

Kicking out illegal immigrants, and allowing much slacker planning laws would help the working poor much more than this pile of wank.

Anonymous said...

Until you have grammar schools, scrap communist schools and mass mass immigration, None of which any of the main parties are about to do, then poor are destined for perputual misery.

Funny thing is, the middleclasses will soon be heading the same way once the communist EU gets it way with the carbon taxes and police state reforms.

About time the middleclasses had a taste of what it is like to be at the bottom with little hope, perhaps they may then have some empathy for their fellow countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Joe Public said...
The BBC article stated "Penalties will be introduced to benefit claimants who refuse to accept jobs..."

Why?, & why wait?

Simply stop payments to those who refuse jobs. Starting Today.

27 May 2010 14:09

They already do, this is all bullshit, you are clearly a total cock looking for a scapegoat, Hitler would have put you to good use in the SS.

None of you have a f*cking clue how the actual system works.

Stick to cheerleading your own demise at the hands of the elites, It's all you are fit for.

Captain Haddock said...

Anonymous said...

Trouble is the vast majority of these characters can't even mop a floor without fucking it up.

The long term useless should be outsourced to a housing estate on the Siberian tundra.

27 May 2010 16:47

The long term useless should be culled .. the cost would be minimal compared to that of re-housing them ..

Ron Broxted said...
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Hairy Arsed Bloke said...
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Anonymous said...

The BBC article stated "Penalties will be introduced to benefit claimants who refuse to accept jobs..."

WHAT Jobs???

Anonymous said...

7.i am almost positive that people do not refuse jobs......

most jobs have 200/300 applicants.


When I apply i get 'we were overwhelmed with applicants,'' and we have had a lot a lot applicants'' etc

wait until the flood gates open from Africa and Turkey...

P.C Ellie Bloggs said...

Nobody was put in any place, Mr Haslam. I have a degree in C20th German history, Mr Holborn has not. You seem annoyed about the real Ron getting 10,000 hits a month in 175 nations? Also that he gets no comments. As you are logged on hourly to his blog isn't that contradictory? Tell us about your lifetime ban on the Indy (trolling). What is all this about "Andrew"? I thought that his name was "Kevin"? Oh finally, does everyone think it creepy that D.G Haslam of Bedford keeps "files" on Ron? That Old Holborn can't (or won't)? delete off topic gay porn? Mr Haslam was asked to leave the Met of kiddy porn charges in the swinging 60s.

Hayley said...

I don't usually leave comments on blogs as I am not eloquent enough to get my point across clearly, so please forgive me.

I would just like to tell you about my experiences with the Benefit System.

I am currently receiving Employment Support Allowance, a benefit I am guaranteed to receive for the next 3years! I was told to claim this benefit by the DWP as after 6months on JSA they/I hadn't found a suitable job. I do have a disability but this does not stop me from working just limits the work I can do! I am willing and able to work, but now can't take any position without the say so of the DWP, a Health and Safety thing apparently. Of course the DWP doesn't have any thing to do with me any more besides sending me out a jolly (giro) every 2 weeks for the sum of £180 add that to the housing and council tax benefit I get that's a very healthy some of almost £200 A WEEK. More than a lot of you reading this earn, doing 40hrs a week, slogging your guts out in hot factory's and office blocks! The unfairness of this is not lost on me...but I digress I have been handed over to a private company who are paid £1000s as long as I am on their books!

Do you really think they are going to help me get back into college, offer me training?

Nope, "not many people pass the medical, you should make the most of it"

Great Fucking Advice, my job prospects are getting better and better!

I dont know! I guess the thing is Working people can be lazy useless tossers too, and their are people on the dole who are let down by the state that promised to help, WE have not been given the skills, WE ask for help and are told how to fiddle it to make there job easier!
Its Fucking Shameful

Gerald said...

If you look at
you will see that money is nothing more than a token for energy used. Thus those people at the "top" end of society/industry/commerce, who expend no more energy than a parasitic fly, yet still get bonuses on top of salary, are the problem in the money supply to provide jobs for the unemployed.
The sticky finger problem does not exist only at the top, it extends a long way down, but in ever decreasing amounts.

Old Holborn said...

PC Ellie Bloggs

There is nothing you can teach me about Germans.

You studied Germans for three years. I studied them for 12, in Germany and am fluent.

I will repeat until necessary. I am not in charge of what is written on this blog. I just provide a white canvass.

Now fuck off and take your personality disorder with you. It isn't going to win any prizes.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I keep telling my cat that she should go out there and earn a living, to keep me in the manner in which I would like to become accustomed. Unfortunately, she has a limited earning capacity and cannot apply for benefits.

Darn it.

Old Holborn said...


Start researching the finest doctors that ever lived. the Scientists. the Artists. the Poets. the Engineers.

None of them needed the State to be what they became. they did it in spite of the State

UAF Glory Boys. said...

O'H two points. First, do you think the Marshall plan played no part in German reconstruction? Second your laissez faire attitude to A.Economics. You would envisage a world where the cost of everything is known but the value of nothing. B. Blogging. Your comment is no exculpation, I am sure once the real Ron has your name & address he will reciprocate with some lurid story on The Indy. You will find it far easier to establish a police state than to dismantle one.

Catflap said...

The question is will the wages for the poor go up or the benefits go down to make working pay?
Well wages certainly aren't going to go up that's for sure.
Within the lifetimes of those who tasted poverty and then prosperity we are now going back to poverty again.
2000 years of blood, sweat, tears, and war to have barely three generations who were relatively well off.
Even they were not allowed to glory in success without having to share it and their country either.
Glad I never had kids.

Dave said...

"The future will be this.
Either 'Loguns Run' or 'Soylent green'."

It's "Brave New World" written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. I read it for the first time last week. Scarily prescient.

Vladimir said...

OH, your article is spot on, but the masses don't see it the same way. You say:

If 250 million living under the jackboot of Soviet socialism can make the leap of faith, so can you.

..but the proletariat thinks that their problems are caused by insufficient socialism. If our "Berlin wall" was ever smashed down, they would queue up to rebuild it, and higher this time. They have been told that it protects them against the nasty capitalists, the people who are "really" to blame for the problems that you list.

Old Holborn said...

UAF Glory boys

If you think I don't have your name, address, mobile phone number and email, think again.

Leave me and this blog alone. My readers are tired of your personalities.

Tiocfaidh ár lá

blind leading the blind request to Ron or whoever? said...

Old Holborn said...
UAF Glory boys

If you think I don't have your name, address, mobile phone number and email, think again.

Leave me and this blog alone. My readers are tired of your personalities.

Tiocfaidh ár lá

27 May 2010 22:38

He is clearly a clever and funny guy with valid points to make yet seems keen instead to waste his time writing tripe and spamming up the board.

whoever you are, i think you have much to contribute but please don't spam up the board with off topic nonsense, then perhaps we can all have a good time and enjoy all posts including yours.

McEgan's mummy said...

If they're so great, why did they lose the war? I don't mind a bit of German meat myself, but me and my son prefer Somalian sausage!

banned said...

Hayley Thank you for tht insider view, most illuminating.

"This morning, some facts that have been hidden for years emerged. We have millions of people trapped in benefits."

Do me a favour OH. We've all known about this for years. Labour and the Tories are equally guilty for the 3-4-5 million 'on the sick'; it's where they put the rump working class after Maggie rightly downsized British manufacturing. Being on disability gave them ten quid a week more benefit and the Government didn't need to pretend to retrain them so everyone was happy.

The rump was expected to die away quietly, but they didn't, they breeded instead with the results that we have today, all around us.

Matt de Plouquenet-McEgan said...

I am trying to get an acting project off the ground. I say acting, it involves dressing up as a giant chicken and promoting KFC. Accommodation remains a perennial headache. The landlady is giving me grief for unpaid rent. Have you been to Vienna? I was to do a German course over there this summer but it would have meant working with children, and sadly I am no longer allowed to do that, since the bastard in the PC repair shop got me lifted. Now I can't be bothered! Prague, I was there in '91, the last year it was cheap to get hold of young things!

shiss said...

I love the bier cellar rant there OH ( lost deposit by any chance? ). But while its good to do that there are some flaws.

I was working ( for myself ) in a customer's yard a few days ago. He has recently cut his employees wages to the minimum wage. It was a pound an hour over that before. He would be unable to do that if there was a shortage of workers, as the market would bid up wages in a period of shortage. That is the case in all the rural parts of the UK. People who want to work are treated like scum by some employers.

Now I have had people work for me before. I have had people who have mental problems. People who should be in nursing homes - and not even 60. Young people who have personal hygiene issues. People who - despite being paid good wages ( twice the industry average ) think its OK to steal my goods and sell them on the side. Swathes of our population are unemployable.

Then we have the reliability issue. I heard a guy explain to me that the Poles are heavy drinkers. But they turn up on a monday morning. Ours drink, and phone in sick on a tuesday. How do you run a place with such quality staff?

The Poles show that there were jobs people were not taking during the boom. There is a problem with welfare, but I don't think its that its too generous. Its not so easy in a country where a loaf costs over a £1 to live well on £60 a week. There is a problem with the structure of it.

I propose that the following reforms should be made:-

People should be given work at some rate below minimum wage. Up to maybe 37 hours a week. But no money otherwise.

All the government freebies like dental care and Council Tax rebates and free entry to the local baths should be calculated on a percentage of your income. I know plenty people will cheat, but they do already.

The tax code should be simplified to a basic single low rate for all earned income. The government knows how much it wants to take. So set a threshold of the minimum wage and everything above that is taxed at a flat rate. It might need to be 30%, but all of the income earned should be taxed at that. Its daft that the more you earn, the more you are supposed to pay in tax but when you are really rich you can pay someone to fiddle it for you.

If you live in our country, or earn in our country, you pay our taxes. No rich foreigners playing here but not paying here.

Move to a cfp ( ) system like Singapore. Young people entering the workplace should be moved over to that and it should be the long term aim of replacing our Ponzi welfare scheme with that.

I have lots more suggestions, but I am bored now. As Im sure you all are if you got this far.

Britain is fucked.

Benefit poncing politician said...

As per usual, it's the poor wot get the blame for the shit we're in.

Electro-Kevin said...

I cannot see a way through this without a lot of violence and bloodshed at some point in the future.

The ordinary people of Britain have been utterly betrayed by the middle class.

Make sure you have a good burglar alarm and insurance.

Anonymous said...

I work as a cleaner in an old peoples home (basically washing their arses and cleaning they're vomit) for 35 (28 of those I get paid for) hours a week as a night shift worker and I only get £600 a month thats around £4.10 an hour. All my other co-workers are filipino and chinese (nothing against them their doing a job 90% of english wouldn't). All I can say is, Welcome to britain.

Slap my arse and call me Percy said...

What a load of old wank!

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