Sunday, 2 May 2010

To help you decide

Hat tip to Subrosa


Matt said...

"Do you hate politicians → OH4MP"

Ampers said...


Dave H said...

OH does irony.

John East said...

Thanks for that. A little humour as we grind through a depressing election campaign in which the wars, crime, coming austerity, and the EU have been totally ignored is refreshing.

Fausty said...

Bugger me! Bugger the French! The C*NTS. :)

Anonymous said...

Would have been more accurate if the Labour one was "Do You Hate Everybody?" and the BNP one was "Do you hate everybody except your friends?"

Funnier, too.

Anonymous said...

UKIP then.
Pity Henry V wasn't standing though.
That stench of garlic in british politics now !

Kit said...

So, a landslide for UKIP then.

Kit said...

And since when does Jeremy Clarkson have anything in common with the limp wristed sandal wearers of the Limp Dimocrats?

Anonymous said...

D.G Haslam of Bedford is a cunt.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

I hate everybody AND foxes
A BNP hunt pack would be a good idea, union jack coats, Huge police horses and chasing down ethnics with a pack of English Mastiffs

Catflap said...

As a white,working class, fag smoking,car driving bloke.
Only UKIP and BNP speak for me.
Just to qualify.
Being a car owner and driver does not make you a motoring enthusiast.
Painting us all as 'petrolheads' addicted to speed and the lump of metal outside our house is bollocks.
Having convinced us all that car ownership is an indulgance(Shit)as opposed to a necessity(Truth)the Guilt taxes can be applied with gusto.
The economy would collapse without us car drivers.Simple as that.
'Swampy'lying in his wankpit, would be fucked without Mondeo man driving up and down the M1 earning and paying taxes.
The 'Association of British Drivers' is a good outfit fighting for Drivers rights.
They are volunteers.
Unlike all the other Cunts in the road safety industry who ABD reps have to fight toe to toe with on a regular basis.
Plug over:)

Anonymous said...

Do you hate the country?

All parties except ukip and the BNP remain.

Are you toff tories in disguise, haven't got a clue and would lead us back to the same globalist usery money masters, corporate cartel, mass immigration shite 10 years down the line?

Only leaves the


Catflap said...

OH on the subject of poor Mrs Duffy and wanker Brown calling her,but more importantly thinking she is a bigot.
This is what I would have loved to have said to that Cuntox socialist wanker.
What advantage is there for poor working class people to have MORE poor working class people brought into their country?
Rather than encourage the native poor working class people to work Socialists are therefor happy to have immigrant Poor working class people'Slave'on behalf of the native Working classes.
That is immoral.

Elfin Katsumi said...

I think I'll be UKIP.

Anonymous said...

They've missed out "Do you hate the English" for the SNP.

Ron Broxted Fucks His Fist said...

I think you will hate yourself if you don't vote BNP.

Anonymous said...

BNP are the ONLY party who have pledged to pull Brit troops of Afghanistan NOW. Is that hating the country? They also want to bring back the rope for murderers and rapists. Is that hating the country? I don't think so!

Old Holborn said...

Actually, Cambridge Trade Union Socialists & Moonbats, a very, very close relative of the BNP have also promised to pull out of Afghanistan immediately.

It's also on my manifesto.

Andy Rehill said...

I have woken up this morning and decided that I will be voting BNP again. I hate the Romanian gipsies that stole my wallet and clothes and left me naked in the woods.

Ron Broxted said...

The nature of prejudice and Romanian Gipsies.

What is prejudice? To pre judge, as I did yesterday with the Romanian gipsies on the Lisburn Road whilst campaigning for the BNP.I have to say I have yet to meet good one who was not a thieving bastard, but having one shouting the odds at me and, spitting all over my baggy black charity shop trousers and generally behaving like scum made me think. Immigration is the pariah issue. Most is now from within the E.U. and Africa. Is there a sign at Otopeni airport saying "Send all the crap to the U.K"? We had trouble with them before. Anyway, not for the first time ever I shall praise the police who arrested the not very nice chap and drove off. That was 2pm but by 6pm the police were up to their old tricks, a drugs bust with dozens of them after some spliff smoking hippies near Botanic Gardens. After all the excitement I had the date from hell with Mark, he turned into a really dominant bitch half way through. It then went into a tailspin, with my tail ending up well sore and any thoughts of a long lasting civil partnership irretrievable.
Now where did I put that pile ointment.....Oooh matron.

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