Thursday, 20 May 2010

They've been busy

Right, this is an open thread to see if we like what we see in the just published Programme for Government.

Get stuck in and don't forget to leave your comments, it's a blog too

UPDATE> Hardcopy available here

UPDATE: It seems I've broken it by leaving a comment. Give it ten minutes

Another quick update whilst you're waiting. Look at this. Khalid Mahmood MP had a drinks tab of £8,200.60. FFS!


Uncle Marvo said...

Index of /



Dave H said...

I like the declaration of open season on existing legislation. It remains to be seen whether we get to bring down anything worthwhile, or whether we've been given blanks to fire.

lilith said...

£8,200.60 bar bill, outstanding for more than 6 months, on subsidised booze. That is a splendid achievement for a Muslim :-)

A Reader said...

Lots of interesting stuff which will bear watching as time goes by, but over half the links came back as "Bad gateway" so were inaccessible. Have they been using Nulav's consultants to set up this website?

Anonymous said...

Some interesting stuff on Communities & Local Government/building planning. But it`s open ended and hedged around with statute law. No genuine local democracy from these creeps but it`s nice to see some of Zanu`s work undone.

Catflap said...

I am sure that is not even the real door of No10.
I know they have at least one mock up near Manchester where they film Corrie.
Did that cheating cunt claim for travel to have this photo took?

I hate fucking moslem cunts said...

Fucking wanking pig eating muslim cunts aren't supposed to drink booze - hypocritical fuckers!

I hate muslim cunts said...

mohammed was a kiddy fiddler.
perverted bastard coon

Anonymous said...

That #10 door looks fake. It fake isn't it? What kind of a twat posses for a photo in front of a fake #10 door?!

Anonymous said...

If they manage even half of the list, it's a massive win for the general public.

Good luck to them!

Reimer said...

The bastards support an enlarged Europe (ie Turkey) and will at some point if they get around to it consider various ways to ameliorate the human inflows from OUTSIDE this enlarged Europe.

getten Sie fucked.

Anonymous said...

The fact I don't have to shell out best part of a grand to some cunt with a clipboard in exchange for a home information pack is enough for one week in.
As for the HIP workforce they are somewhere between clampers and TV inspectors, fuck 'em all.

Gallimaufry said...

Looks like there's plenty of banjo players in Pakistan.

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