Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Real Politik

Today sees the new kids entering Hogwarts, getting lost and putting their hats on lower pegs etc. Just to remind you all what they get up to, here's a little link to their vital work

Ladies, Gentlemen, I give you....

The Food (Jelly Mini-Cups) (Emergency Control) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2010

I'm so glad I didn't get elected. Had I been, I guarantee you, no fucker would have talked to me like this without shitting teeth for a week.

Here's hoping Bercow gets put on his dwarf arse today and Betty Boothroyd is reinstated.


Strand Man said...

The original law makes even more interesting reading. It's a pity immigration isn't dealt with in this excessively efficient manner.


My favourite bit:

(3) The authorised officer may either—

(a) give notice to the person in charge of the jelly mini-cups that, until the notice is withdrawn, the jelly mini-cups or any specified quantity of them—

(i) are not to be used for human consumption, and

(ii) either are not to be removed or are not to be removed except to some place specified in the notice; or

(b) seize the jelly mini-cups and remove them in order to have them dealt with by a justice of the peace;

Anonymous said...

That's not an Act of Parliament, OH. It's a statutory instrument originating with the Welsh Executive.

Parliament, in the most literal sense, had nothing to do with it.

IanPJ said...


It is not even an SI originating with the Welsh Executive.

It is an SI complying with an EU regulation, in this case being executed by the Welsh Assembly as an Regional Government.

In this particular case, as written into the SI, (As required by Article 9 of Regulation (EC) No.178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety)

These Regulations, created by an unelected European Commission, pass into UK law unquestioned, unaltered and unchallenged, (120,000 of them since 2000) without referral back to the UK Parliament, except in the case where an amendment is required to an existing law, which is the case here.

Because Wales does not yet have full Regional legislative autonomy, it still requires any legislation that the Welsh Assembly wishes to enact, has to be approved by the UK parliament first. (That's the legal reason for still having a Wales minister, same goes for Scotland and NI).

Dig deep enough, you will also find the English and Scottish versions of this regulation, applied separately to each of the 12 EU regions that make up the UK..

Biffo said...

Emergency Control of Jelly Mini-Cups - FFS!
Bring on that EU Referendum Dave.

IanPJ said...

For the elimination of doubt, here is how the EU imposes laws on the UK.

Following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the first pillar of EU law has been satisfied, subsumed into the Treaty on the EU (TEU) and into the renamed Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU). Such treaties provided primary law within all 27 member states.

As the Lisbon Treaty as subsumed allows for self amendment, there will be no more treaties of this kind, only International Agreements that will now be negotiated and sealed by the EU, and former treaties that will be adopted and form part of the TEU and TFEU, an example of which can be found here.

All other law, in the parlance of the EU, is called Secondary Legislation, and it is derived in the following ways, and I outline the three most important elements of secondary legislation, Regulations, Directives and Decisions. (and I take this from the EUR-LEX database direct).

1.3.1. Introduction

The ‘secondary legislation’ is the third major source of Community law after the treaties (primary legislation) and international agreements. It can be defined as the totality of the legislative instruments adopted by the European institutions pursuant to the provisions of the treaties. Secondary legislation comprises the binding legal instruments (regulations, directives and decisions) and non-binding instruments (resolutions, opinions) provided for in the EC Treaty, together with a whole series of other instruments such as the institutions’ internal regulations and Community action programmes.

1.3.2. Regulation

Adopted by the Council in conjunction with the European Parliament or by the Commission alone, a regulation is a general measure that is binding in all its parts. Unlike directives, which are addressed to the Member States, and decisions, which are for specified recipients, regulations are addressed to everyone.

A regulation is directly applicable, which means that it creates law which takes immediate effect in all the Member States in the same way as a national instrument, without any further action on the part of the national authorities.

1.3.3. Directive

Adopted by the Council in conjunction with the European Parliament or by the Commission alone, a directive is addressed to the Member States. Its main purpose is to align national legislation.

A directive is binding on the Member States as to the result to be achieved but leaves them the choice of the form and method they adopt to realise the Community objectives within the framework of their internal legal order.

If a directive has not been transposed into national legislation in a Member State, if it has been transposed incompletely or if there is a delay in transposing it, citizens can directly invoke the directive in question before the national courts.

1.3.4. Decision

Adopted either by the Council, by the Council in conjunction with the European Parliament or by the Commission, a decision is the instrument by which the Community institutions give a ruling on a particular matter. By means of a decision, the institutions can require a Member State or a citizen of the Union to take or refrain from taking a particular action, or confer rights or impose obligations on a Member State or a citizen.

A decision is:

– an individual measure, and the persons to whom it is addressed must be specified individually, which distinguishes a decision from a regulation,
– binding in its entirety.

It is important to remember that our UK Parliament, our MP’s, now only create on their own initiative in the UK something in the region of 15% of the laws that pass through Westminster. All other laws and Statutory Instruments are in furtherance of laws that have been made in Brussels using the 3 methods above.

the EUR-LEX database

Joe Public said...

That phrase including Fiddling whilst somewhere Burns springs to mind.

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Anonymous said...

what the fuck is a jelly minicup?

Catflap said...

Thank you for that explanation.
Like me I bet the majority of politicians in Europe lost the thread near the beginning.
At least I am honest enough to admit it though.
Are we really meant to believe that our politicians who vote on this shit know what they are doing on such matters?
This is where officials come in and skew the pitch with 'advice'.
It is often the Officials at local and government level that call the shots not the elected reps.

Catflap said...

I think a jelly minicup is a bra for young teenage girls.
Primark stopped selling them recently so I heard.
Peadophiles claimed they broke the trade descriptions act.

ranter said...

...and Bercow survives - smug cunt!

Anonymous said...

"because children might choke on them", for fuck's sake!

Anonymous said...

A mini jely cup is needed to fit a
a cock ring. This is well known in
non paralarmentry circles.

Newgates Knocker said...

Irrelevant legislation. Jelly cups will be banned soon as they are not halal. Did anyone really expect Bercow to be ousted? Someone in there would have had to have decency and a spine to formally object. Honour among thieves? I don't think so!

caesars wife said...

Bercow survives ! for now although it is hard to imagine him doing anything worse than speaker martin which is what the hangover is about . Its a shame he doesnt speak support the speakers historic role which perhaps would give him a more valliant image in enobling the proper role of mps in the primary legislature chamber.
But he should be able to get business through and conducted properly in what may be a frenetic 6 months .

OH I know you are a libertarian , I am not .I have often wondered what a libertarian thinks when it comes to Law and order , obviously sentencing someone via the law is not libertarian (or freedom) , so does a libertarian see any value in the law ??

Ron Broxted said...

Getting ready to go to the gym then pizza and hopefully bum sex with my new amore and young mental health male nurse, the chunky cocked Terry Skoda. My sex life aside, what a fucking disgrace that Muslim bombers who sought to blow up innocent law abiding white folks in Manchester cannot be deported back to Pakistan in case they get tortured or executed. What a fucking liberty. The BNP will have something to say about this.
I call my new twink Skoda because he is so slow in recognising my lustful plans for him....Oooh matron...... slurp..slurp...grrrr!

Catflap said...

Ron Broxted:
You may also continue to call Terry 'Skoda' if he turns out to be a Shitty Shitty Bang Bang :)

Kit said...

I for one am grateful to be so protected from jelly cups.

The idea of living without the comfort blanket of big, all seeing and all knowing government, there to care for me and relieve me of all responsibility, makes my blood run cold.

Ron Broxted said...

Catflap, or shitty shitty gang bang...ooh matron.

Ron Broxted said...

Now we have a Conservative Prime-Minister with Liberal backing. To paraphrase "Laurence of Arabia" Was it worth it you hunky turk, my ring piece nearly split? On the whole, I'd rather have stayed in Tunbridge Wells, or anywhere else come to that. Will the lower the age of male consent demonstration planned for Saturday 24th May at 3pm in Parliament Square now go ahead? Indeed, is it still legal to have demonstrations or even a wank come to that? Last time we had a Tory government I recall the success of the wonderful Maggie Thatcher defeating the brain dead Miner's strike lead by the Shredded Wheat headed Arthur dumbass Scargill. The left wing scum caused nothing but trouble and mass unemployment with poor districts engaged in uprisings by darkies stirred up by the left wing. Now from the Take Back Parliament and the Purple Bellend Revolution to Salvador Dali. Was he better than Rolf Harris? In terms of merciless self promotion, yes. Avida Dollars was a one trick pony. How radical was Picasso? Is his art just "daubs" as the Soviets said? Every generation sees an enfant terrible arise I give you Nick Cleggover. How avant garde are the Chapmans, Emin or Hirst? Or is it Emperors New Clothes? Finally, Boeticia, the yakuza. It is not so much macho (flaying dead heavily tattooed gangsters) but more a Japanese tradition. Along with firemen tattooing is only seen with Mafia types. At least one gets a seat on the bus to oneself if like me your fat, unwashed and smell of stale semen. Sayonara.

Anonymous said...

Can you buy Mini Jelly Cups in
Prestatyn or Colwyn Bay,
my mate Arfon getting brassed of with mountin sheep.

English Border Guard . Chester

thelunaticarms said...

Not 646 - 20,000,000 of the cunts voted for this shitefest. 20 fucking million for Chrits' sake.

I mean is it too much to ask people to think outside their own perverted comfort zone for once?

The sooner the Big Society takes effect, the sooner those twenty bloody million useful idiots won't be so fucking useful.

I'm fuming due to this:

We're a Banana Republic.

Invite the turd world, become the turd world.

Reimer said...

Yesterday we were invited to meet the New Politics as it took its seat in the House of Commons - it looked remarkably like the Old Politics to me, a big room full of self-regarding self-serving cunts.

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Karis said...

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