Wednesday, 19 May 2010

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Clean socks are a privilege, not a right
"transform our politics so the state has far less control over you, and you have far more control over the state".

Well Nick, that's a good start, but I notice you are vehemently opposed to any fiddling with the Human Rights Act.. May I remind you of how warped the human rights act can be?

Pakistani Al Queda who want to kill us cannot be deported
Foreign rapists and murderers cannot be deported
The criminal has become the victim
We have an upside down Police Force
A Magistrate may not refer to guilty scum as scum without losing his job

I am passionately in favour of Human Rights but I am also passionately in favour of a fair justice system and passionate about personal repsonsibility. The Human Rights Act denies you your rights to live in peace by empowering those who do not wish to live in peace. One size does not fit all. It is not your human right to demand whatever you wish if it has an adverse effect on others. I'd like to be able to buy whiskey at 3am but it isn't my right to force a shopkeeper to stay up all night serving whiskey. It isn't the right of a feral scrote to bully and intimidate those around him. It isn't your right of free expression to keep your neighbours awake all night by playing Whitney Housten at 120db.

That which adversely affects the lives of others should never be enshrined in law.


Anonymous said...

Perfect sense... keep up the good work.

Captain Haddock said...

I agree totally .. Human Rights are important & should be both respected & protected, nationally and internationally ..

But as you say, somewhere along the line those who legislate & those who interpret have lost the plot ..

That loss of direction needs to be redressed, as a matter of urgency, for all our sakes ..

SadButMadLad said...

Human rights can't be used in isolation. They should be in the context of the situation. So a criminal getting the crap beaten out of them after they've robbed a law abiding person does not have many human rights other than the right to life and a fair trail.

Anonymous said...

what additional rights did the HRA bring us?
Fuck all,I expect,except for the right to get blown up by a demented

Maturecheese said...

I fully agree that nobody has the right to adversely affect others in the pursuit of their 'rights', but nothing is ever done about it. This new lot have bleated on about people exercising responsibility along with their rights but we all know that if you are unlucky enough to live near a noisy problem family, there's not a dam thing you can do about it and if you crack through frustration and lamp them one, it's off to prison you go.

While we have this overly liberal attitude to punishment, and the Human Rights Act, nothing will ever change. Hanging and harsh prisons might be a start.

Lutney Chocker said...

The fundamental problem with "Human Rights" is that they assume or insist that we all regard the rest of humanity as being effectively citizens of the same country as us - because we are saying that we are going to afford them the protection of the rights of our "group" even though they are not part of it, and may actively want to harm it.

This is irrational.

Human Rights are not universal, rights are conferred by a group on it's members.

If we were all part of one homogenous global ethnic identity, it would work; but we're not; so it doesn't.

The reality is that Rights only have legitimacy when conferred by a group on it's members. This is because the whole point of "rights" is to ensure the prosperity and survival of the "group" in question.

It's a basic philosophical, psychological, biological concept.

Universal Human Rights are unworkable; because the UN declaration is totally irrational, illogical, axiomatic, and false.

We MUST abandon the UN & EU Human Rights treaties urgently, and have only a British Rights re-asserted as in the 1688 Bill and Magna Carta. It's the only workable solution.

We all know that terrorists would think twice about bombing us if they knew that they definitely would be deported back to their countries to face torture.
Sympathy? No. Bombing is torture... If they can't do the time, then they shouldn't do the crime.

Right now, we are being made fools of by the mock-liberal regime and the imbecilic UN Human Rights declaration and EU law; and inviting the murder of innocent indigenous British on our streets by foreigners who have no other intention but to take our money and take our lives. Fuck 'em. Stick 'em on a boat and sink it.

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