Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Private Police. With Police powers too.

I loved the Rail Neighbourhood Officer employed by South East Trains. Watch.


Catflap said...

OMG shocking video of coppers er....doing their job.
I was once a uniformed twonk in Parliament who could have been filmed and added to this montage.
What did I have on my mind most of the time?
Oppression of the masses or sex?
Most of the time sex,oh and Tea breaks.
It is the Laws and law makers who are the biggest enemy,not the enforcers.

Anonymous said...

Catflap. You are being a silly sausage today!

Anonymous said...

From the video….

‘Think very carefully what sort of world you want for your children and grandchildren…’

Well thanks to liberals, socialists and globalists, that future will increasingly be Islamic, or at the very least more authoritarian, as the state tries to keep a lid on a Balkanised Britain entirely of its own making.

AngryDave said...

The BTP are also privately funded. I used to be one, and we used to get better kit than the other police forces because our funding was better.
They do have approval from the home office, and powers are restricted within very distinct areas of juristiction, unless asked to assist another officer in a regular force then powers apply to the same areas as the officer you are assisting.

I also work in a privately run prison wich gives me certain powers to carry out my job. Although not as many as a HMP officer who is technicaly a 'constable' while on duty. The main difference between the two is essentialy p.a.c.e as it only applies to police officers.

OldSlaughter said...

It's no great secret.

"The wider police community" was part of the 2001 Act.

The whole security industry has been shaken up and it has been done publicly.

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