Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An Open Letter to the People of Cambridge

All change, 5 year guarantee *subject to endless terms and conditions

It's finally arrived. For just the second time this decade, you are finally allowed to make a choice and have your voice heard by the 646 Members of Parliament who are supposed to represent you in our democracy. For the rest of time, you may rest assured they will be working furtively for their Parties, big business, Unions or Lobbyists whilst stuffing as much of your cash into their own pockets as possible.

And if on Friday, you awake to find nothing has changed, to find the culprits, you need only look in the mirror.

You're never going to be asked or consulted. Think tanks and focus groups exist to do that. Armies of special advisers and policy analysts, career politicians and vested interests will beaver away making sure that your voice is not going to be heard.

And when, as Greece is finding out, it finally dawns on you that it was all just the false promises of an overstretched double glazing salesman, desperate for you to sign on the dotted line so he could claim his commission, it will be you and your children who will have to pay yet again to get out of the mess they got us in to in the first place. And promise to get us out of it they will. As long as you're the ones paying. Just sign here, Madam, and all will be well. We'll keep the draughts out.

So make your choice wisely today. They won't be asking us, the people, what we actually want for another half a decade and in the meantime our wishes, our dreams, our aspirations and yes, our solutions will count for absolutely nothing. Because only they matter.

You'll continue to be monitored, recorded, assessed and legislated against. You'll continue to work even harder to feed the ever growing behemoth that is the State as it lumbers clumsily and expensively along. You'll continue to lose your rights to live as an individual as Government puts its own needs above all else and you'll continue to be treated with abject disdain by those we supposedly elected to represent us.

Remember, we are where we are because of Politicians. Don't look to them for the answers.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (the Who - Won't get fooled again, 1971)


Anonymous said...

In our constituency we have no choice. Either its LIB/LD/Con.
2 out of the 3 PPCs have been "flown" in from other parts of the UK. One resides over 300 miles away. The local LD guy says "I exist on paper only", whatever that means?

I am Stan said...

Yo Holby,

Those chaps in Greece know how to make their voices heard....still made no difference.....up till now!.


extest said...

Politicians are scum. All of them.

This is what they have given us:

Page 2.

Reimer said...

Very well put (as ever), OH - not that the glaring disparity between the sonorous self-regard of the political establishment (as precis-ed by the likes of James Naughtie) and the reality of the system's corruption and sclerosis has been a matter for much discussion by the MSM/Big 3. Another huge Elephant in the room, "best not talked about", lest the ringmasters get their bollocks kicked and the animals devour them (or simply ignore them).

I see that one of the candidates standing up my way hasn't been seen in public right through the campaign -

How common are such paper candidates?

Anonymous said...

We also have two paper candidate standing in our area . A lib-Dem, whose "Focus" Team has NOT shoved a single leaflet through anyones door,
and UKIP ppc who I believe maybe from the Czech Republic!

We only found out about these via the Councils own website.

Dioclese said...

Amazing - I had just typed that line of Pete Townshends into a draft blog before I read your post. We think so alike. It must be telepathy.

Shit - that's a frightening thought...

Enjoy the polls tomorrow. I'll be up half the night counting votes - but unfortunately not in Cambridge so I can't offer to divert a few into your pile!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you. Jesus wept.

Gobshite said...

A song for Gordon:

Ron Broxted said...

In the absence of a BNP candidate in Cambridge I fully endorse Old Holborn. Sadly Cambridge has a habit of voting for Liberal and nulabour twats. The City Council is a fucking disgrace from what I hear, populated with jobsworths and other tossers doing non jobs. This annoys me as I can't even get a non job or anywhere to live.

Anonymous said...

Look at that Unicef thingy on page 4 too. See the UK - last in line & low, low, low scores. What was Gordon's mantra 'X million children raised from poverty'? - into lifelong debt. Those lies are certainly blowing back on him now.

Fausty said...

I'm glad I don't live in Cambs, Holby - I'd be torn between voting UKIP/Holby!

Nevertheless, I hope you win! (Confusing message, I know).

Anonymous said...

Dear Fausty,
Glad to see you still belive in that voting can changing things... I stopped beleive that stuff when I was in my "YUFF",

Good luck with your vote though.

JD said...

You are absolutely right. Have fun tomorrow. JD.

Rob Roys Nightmare said...

Reimer said
"How common are such paper candidates?"

BLODDY everywhere, many constituencies have not seen hide nor hare of so-called PPCs. One in my neck of the woods, has never been seen - A true GHOST. When I contacted the local party they stood for, all I got was a young person (and the sound of them scratching their heads). After a while I was passed on to some "elder" who informed me he was not at liberty to dilvulge information, and hung up!

Anonymous said...

The GE 2010 may yet go do in History as one of this biggest cons yet.
Already tons of phoney postal votes, election rules been broken, paper Candidates (looks like many may not even exist!)


Mr Armageddon said...

OH hope that it all goes well for you tomorrow, fingers crossed for some good support.if not you could always stand in Bromley next time around.

itszone said...

"You'll continue to be monitored, recorded, assessed and legislated against."

And it's getting more blatant by the day: The Internet Police

Good luck tomorrow OH! This will probably be the last chance we get to derail the crazy corporates and their political puppets. No real prospect of that, too many people are fast asleep, but at least you'll be able to say you did something when the lights started going out.

Anonymous said...


My mom had her NEW PVCU windows put in this January. Company went bust! Phoned up FENSA, ducked and dived like no tommorrow.

Answer: NO GUARRANTEES whatsoeva.

Life is SHIT!

Anonymous said...

Dear OH,

I daresay there'll be another election along soon, and if it's held under the same voting system, I sincerely hope you'll be standing in Cambridge again - otherwise, you will not be taken seriously! We get a lot of these fly-by-night candidates, you need to prove yourself otherwise...

Stephen, Cambridge.

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