Friday, 28 May 2010

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

I give up

The tax payer has been financing his gay lover lobbyist.

"the recommendations must be adopted swiftly and in full - and MPs must not tamper with it or undermine it." - David Laws MP, Chard & Ilminster News, 05/11/09

Nope. It seems we really are going to need a revolution.

UPDATE: My theory, for what it is worth is that David Laws has had a visit from MI5 who always do a background check on new ministers to see if they are open to blackmail or any other threat. Looks like they may have caught a live one. If Laws was using taxpayers money to buy a flat "for his friend" to keep his homosexuality a secret, was it a voluntary arangement?

He could of course have reported himself to IPSA last year, not last night. I have to wonder why.


John R said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....Laws, the return.

Old Holborn said...


Try robbing a bank and you'll do 8-10 years for that

The Chinese guy said...

Meh sometimes even though you are presumably anti totalitarian I just wish they'd go all China on some of these barstewards. In China being caught like this gets you shot!

Though granted I do not support the CCP of China.

YorkshireLad said...

Did he ever expect not to be caught? Stand above the parapet be sure you'll get your nut blown off.

redcliffe62 said...

Straight Red Card. Fraud. Lies. Deceit.
200k profit on the house the lover saold, which was paid by taxpayers. that should be paid back as well.

Intensely private is one thing, stealing is quite another.

He could have lived with the lad and NOT claimed if he wanted privacy, but being partners meant he would not be able to claim all that lovely money....

Ampers said...

That "no comments" didn't last long :-)

Kit said...

I was a bit surprised by how optimistic you were about the new government.

Well, it took longer than i expected before their true colours started to show through.

Electro-Kevin said...

When MPs were told to 'pack it in' I was concerned that our gay parliamentarians would get the wrong idea.

bofl said...

and these cunts make the laws and decisions that affect us daily.....

pathetic deluded shitbags....

i hope they all get cancer of the ring.......

Indyanhat said...

only they could continue doing these sort of things in the face of the British public, it is no less than treason against us the people!!
hang him out to dry!!!

banned said...

How come it took so long to come out (sorry) given the spotlights shone on them all over the past twelve months?

Anonymous said...

Laws is just another corrupt little pervert sucking on the teat of public money.

Par for the course.

La fete continue.

Happy voter said...

In September 2009 he changed the designation of his second home no doubt hoping to hide the facts. He probably thought that by now he'd got away with it. It was not an "error of judgement" or the other usual old bollocks they come out with, it was a deliberate and calculated fraud and cover up.
Why are our fellow countrymen so pussy whipped that they continue to back this charade? How much more piss taking evidence do they need before finding some spunk to run the fuckers out of town?

Simon said...

The people of this country voted in the same thieving cunts that were caught on the fiddle. They can hardly complain about this after having given the bastards a ringing endorsement by re-electing them. Looking at the HOC the other day you'd be hard pressed to spot any differences. Elect corrupt thieving cunts and you'll get more corruption.

Anonymous said...

Nothing changes only the date.

ranter said...

what is it with these fucking rear gunning chutney ferrets? And he's still there, why not sacked? I thing the 'coalition' hasn't got long, especially with that other back door merchant Simon Highes and Uncle Vince being little mischevious liberals.

S.B.S said...

I like shooting, but had my fun killed off by the governments of the day, semi-auto rifle shooting, pistol shooting, some people may think it an alternative life style. I did it all with my own money, saved up, did not go out, I enjoyed it.
I want to continue doing it, but I can not because of people like laws, who live an alternative life style, (being poofs) but will not me live the way I want to and like.
They have no conscience.
Do as I say, not as I do, I do not bother or upset people, but they do.

Guthrum said...

Whatever way you vote, the 'government' always gets in

Anonymous said...

As £40,000 was missed in the last investigation it would seem we need an in depth criminal investigation into MP's expenses.
Cameron and Clegg must fire this man.
No messing now prosecutions must follow.

Paul Weston said...

Even worse, he has been a multi-multi-millionaire for a long time.

Of course revolution is the only answer.

Our economy, culture and political class are all unsustainable in the cold light of reality.

Only a few can see this today, but within 5 years everything will be out in the open.

Then The Revolution will begin.

Anonymous said...

Iain dale is standing behind his man,making excuse on sky this morning.Surprised that cameroon hasn't made her a dame yet?

Up Uranus. said...

Perhaps Dale is in the queue for a turn in the Laws' chocolate starfish?

Joe Public said...

And in his election campaign, he insinuated he was whiter-than-white on expenses. Effin' HYPOCRITE.

Captain Haddock said...

FFS ... Someone fetch me another length of piano wire and a step ladder ..

Oh, and a pair of industrial strength rubber gloves too ..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "Iain dale is standing behind his man"


Anonymous said...

anyone who voted for the liblabcon party should hang their heads in shame. Better still,get off the electoral register,you don't deserve the vote,you deserve to be in a N. Korean gulag

Dick the Prick said...

This could have pretty serious ramifications. £40k is fuck all.

Be careful what you wish for. It ain't the same as the old boss. This guy's just a standard fudge packer who's been promoted by fluke but promoted none the less. If this cunt gets sacked or resigns then we're fucked.

I respect your Libertarianism and shit but I live in Toryland and if this cunt damages the co-alition and gives the BBC and Telegraph amunition simply because all Tories are up in arms about CGT then i'll go and find the knob jockeys and stick a fucking yellow flag up their arses but for the sake of pragmatism and realpolitic, this cunt better fucking get away with it.

Cunt yes, Labour cunt no.


Anonymous said...

Interesting in hearing his colleagues this morning on Radio4 speaking in his defense.

'He did not claim as much as others'.
Well, that's okay then.

'This Country is in a mess and we need him to sort it out'.
So its fine to wrongly claim as long as you are doing the job you are paid to do then.

'His partner does not have the same bank account as him so he wasn't his spouse'.
Fine, so you share the bed, and have intimate knowledge of him but you have different bank accounts and that's what counts.

Same old shite.

Dr Evadne said...

Come on you lot....he has said 'sorry'.

See that the BBC have got the ginger chipmunk to replace Diane Abbott on the sofa next to Portaloo. Can we expect to see Jackboot Smith as a judge on Strictlee Cum Dancing?

Gallimaufry said...

How very dare he!

Anonymous said...

Mathew Parris calling law Mr integrity,fuck off you shit stabbers,
your just a bunch of thieving cunts.

Mrs Doubtfart said...

Matthew Parris is beginning to sound like Polly Twaddle. All he needs is a shapeless dress and brogues and he's sorted.

Denham said...

Eh, fuck you.

jailhouselawyer said...

Have you been reading this...

"Following recent changes in the law and in public opinion towards homosexuals, which had lessened the risk of blackmail, the Civil Service decided it was timely to reconsider the general policy on the promotion of homosexual staff to senior positions. Previously this was prohibited, as there was a risk that the employee could be blackmailed about his or her sexuality and could expose government secrets. Officials acknowledged there was an equal risk of blackmail for a person who committed adultery and concealed the fact. It was put forward that each case should be looked at on its merits and that there would still be restrictions in certain departments, such as those where staff could be posted to countries that considered homosexuality illegal. This file also contains press coverage and public response on the issue including views that the Civil Service were being discriminatory".

A selection of recently released files - May 2010

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Laws is bent - in more ways than one.

Sack the chutney ferret, and move on.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that on top of him paying for his boyfriends flat/house with tax payers, he also claimed for maintenance charges etc,when receipts weren't required it was take the piss time, as soon as they were,for some reason the ammounts claimed dropped.

You really have to question the integrity of those who are defending Law, who is no better than a common benefit faudster.

woman on a raft said...

Why are our fellow countrymen so pussy whipped that they continue to back this charade?

Perhaps because like many people, I'm confused as to what is or is not allowed. I'm not even sure what is fair, which makes it doubly hard to decide if somebody has been fiddling.

If it is agreed that MPs can rent a place near parliament as a condition of the job, then it isn't clear to me why Jacqui Smith can't nominate her sister's bedroom as the place. The only difference I can see is that Jackie was with her sister whereas Laws was with a erm, close friend.

As is pointed out elsewhere, though, in all normal benefits calculations, the fact that they were long-term partners would have precluded exactly this kind of claiming.

I don't care that he's gay. I want consistent rules to apply about what they can and can't claim for, and I want the same rules to apply to MPs as applies in normal business practice.

How it all really works! said...

OK time to get real, it seems most of you still don't know how politics works.

First, sexual deviants, adulterers, crooks, hooker users, coke snorters and traitors are PROMOTED.

If you are none of the above you will go no where in the political class. minor minister with no power at best.

It is how the elites - the corporates, mainly a banking cartel, that own the politicians control them.

They ensure that only the above get promoted and at the drop of a hat their corporate media can destroy them or worse, it's a bit less suspect than assasination.

As for all those that worked with the communists during the cold war, they were also promoted in the EU to ensure that a fascist police state could be formed with the aid of the usefull idiots that think it will have something in common with Marx and past communist states, such sypaphisers have no qualms with the millions Stalin, Mao, pol pot etc killed and are perfect phycopaths for the corporate fascist state to impliment their insane and deadly sceme, which is on it's way to WW3 as we speak, but thats another story.

Think of every PM that got the top job and then sold us out to the corporates and their EU fascist state!

Let's start with Tory boy Heath, how many know the real background to Heath and why he betrayed the country over Europe which was an act of treason.

Also ask yourself why Brenda has backed all such treasonous attempts to undermine the country including her position? but again that is another part of the story, but let's just say she gets rich off your debt!

Why did Heath say in a discussion with a BBC correspondant that his biggest fear was that the UK would become a police state, at the time the thought would not have crossed anyones mind - he knew who was really in power and what their intentions were.

Rothchild who over saw Thatcher asset strip the country for corporate greed and control as well as undermining a nations independance from the corporates - they have done this in many countries, and did all he could to propagandise the global warming hoax, which would pay money directly into his private banks, the same usery international bloodsucking banks that made sure all nations would collapse in debt once deregulated and now all in debt to him and his royal investors and fellow bankers, the IMF, world bank and federal reserve etc are all private banks for profit, which control the money supply in all nations but the ones they like to attack!

BTW most of the royals and bankers including the PM are all closly inter related! keeps the wealth and power in the family!

Again take a close look at all those in any power position and you will see that they are all of the above.

Most of whom were visitors to their world leader selection commitee at the Bilderberg club, where they are told to be a good boy and follow orders and get rich rewards inclding more filth, or else!

Those that say no thanks are disposed off in one way or another, ex Labour leader Smith comes to mind.

and if someone should not fall into that catagory and manage to slip through the well gauded net, well they have a heart attack, like Cook who they tried to destroy first - probably tried to blackmail first over his adultery, yet he came clean and told them to shove it!

He didn't live much longer after that while still opposing the corporate empire wars(invasion) in the middle east.

well that was a bit of a ramble where i could go into far greater detail but hopefully you now get the picture of how the system really works and why you have no hope of a political breakthrough.

Largly due to the fact that they control the media and the sheeple follow the media hoax that they call democracy, it is a corporate fascist state with the political duopoly both owned by them!

woman on a raft said...

Compare and contrast:

A Norfolk mother who falsely claimed more than £76,000 in benefits after failing to declare she was living with a partner, was last night starting a 20-week jail sentence. Sarah Riley, 34, falsely claimed the benefits over a six year period from 2001 to 2007. Norwich Crown Court heard that she obtained a total of £64,433 in income support and £10,225 in housing benefit as well as £1,583 in council tax benefit.

Matthew Edwards prosecuting said that Riley's claim had not been fraudulent from the outset but she had failed to notify the Department of Work and Pensions when she had started living with her new partner in 2001.

....the relationship Riley had with her partner was not a traditional one where she received any financial support. Riley of Cremer Street, Sheringham, admitted 10 counts of benefit fraud. Jailing her for 20 weeks, judge Alasdair Darroch, told her he accepted that prison would be devastating for her but said: “This is a very large sum of public money and there was dishonesty going on for a long period of years.”

Norwich Evening News

the beast of clerkenwell said...

I bet that Laws is a Jew
He has the kind of name that those lice choose and his cock holster mate looks like one and also has a faux English name

Daed Parrot said...

Westminster gay couple convicted over £40,000 fraud.

Infamous "lovers' nest" fraudsters Dave Cameron and Nickers Clegg were jailed today at the Central Criminal Court at the Old Saimey for their "astounding" series of frauds and daylight robberies on taxpayers.

The senior detective from the investigation said "When you add up their long list of crimes such as letting Nobby Brown run his Downing St gang for 13 years unhindered, running a protection racket with the EU syndicate and, worst of all, letting that buffoon Prescott into the Lords, it could cost each taxpayer upto the tune of £40,000 a year."

The gay couple were unrepentant as they took many photo calls in their publicity stunts. It is suspected that they may be part of the sinister "Westminster ring" of crooks who detectives say could number upto 650 and are known to be lying, hypocritical bastards.

Democracy campaigner Robert Mugabe said this kind of thing is disgraceful and that they should learn lessons in good governance and accountability from beacons of integrity like Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

In the summing up, Lord Chief Justice Cherie Blair said "it is not clear which one of you was on top but it is quite clear: neither of you is above the Laws".

David Laws' boyfriend was unavailable for comment today.

caesars wife said...

Just when you think they get it , along comes secret love with a £40k bang not allowed expense claims by someone promoting themselves as clean trustworthy image !

You are not allowed to claim housing expenses on accomodation owned by partners , so how does not wanting to reveal he is gay means that he thought he could therefor do financial fraud with tax payers money .

The odd thing is why didnt he think , everyone else is getting caught I had better bury mine in with them and get it over and done with in the big swill of the stables.

My hopes for them comming to there senses have been dashed , system is becomming full of drones who rule the proles .

I think guido may lose his £500 bet although this weeks caption comp had some of the best lines yet if you need a bit of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

good stuff daed parrot

Reason said...

woman on a raft, 29 May 2010 14:20

"…If it is agreed that MPs can rent a place near parliament as a condition of the job, then it isn't clear to me why Jacqui Smith can't nominate her sister's bedroom as the place. The only difference I can see is that Jackie was with her sister whereas Laws was with a erm, close friend..."

No, with Jacqui Smith it is the other way round. Jacqui Smith nominated her sister's spare bedroom as her “main home” and then claimed expenses for the family in her constituency as this was nominated as her “second home”.

Anonymous said...

If you as a hetrosexual were having sex with your landlady it wouldn't necessarily mean you were "partners"? You would just be knocking off the landlady?

Caratacus said...

"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which"

I've been saying these last couple of weeks to the CamClegg apologists wait until Cameron has his first Ecclestone moment and then watch his reaction. It will be informative.

Well Dave - grown a pair yet?

Do not piss off the Russians said...

Russian navy deal with somali pirates while ours listens to their Ipods and our politicians fill their pockets as pirates capture our people.

footage of the russians blowing up pirate ship

Uranus, The Magician said...

Laws gone - CMD HAS balls!

charles linton said...

... MI5 who always do a background check on new ministers to see if they are open to blackmail ...

Assuming it ever did, the process of achieving significant office in this country - and probably most others - certainly doesn't work like that any more.

The contemporary selection process is almost the *exact* opposite of the one you describe. The NWO calls the shots.

Candidates are only allowed anywhere near the the top if the NWO has an easy hold over them.

All the better that some oily, grinning bastard has a hardened and very much undisclosed crust of another blokes' excrement under the hood of his bell end.

Ideal, in fact, and that's why they so often do.

Simon Hughes said...

Sadly there are still a few heterosexuals in the Lib Dems?

Julie Elected said...

What next I wonder. Vince Cable to reveal what he and Gordon Brown really discussed during their private fireside chats at number 10.

This comment was timed to coincide with the release of Michael Barrymore's new autobiography, entitled "To a Crescendo of Roaring Through Gritted Teeth" said...

At least the 'outed' ones can't be led by the nose on the threat of disclosure (save for the existence some even more unlikely fetish).

That being the case, one can quite see why Laws had to go: he's not much use to the NWO with a broken leash.

Not that it should matter whether he, or anyone else, is gay, or not, truth be told; it's just that habitual dishonesy rarely confines itself to one aspect of a person's demeanor.

It is, most often, habit forming.

Andy said...

Little are the public told who broke the back of this sordid little secret.

Was this once again the tireless ex-detective inspector Micheal Barnbrook of the BNP who took down so many before?

Anonymous said...

Paul Weston said...
Even worse, he has been a multi-multi-millionaire for a long time.

Of course revolution is the only answer.


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